My name is Marco Gambogi, a security operator. I served in the army for several years at the 9 th Parachute Regiment Commandos Col Moschin with the rank of saboteur airborne Physical preparation for me was and is one of the most important aspects of my working life..

Since 1 year thanks to Alberto Gallazzi, I discover Tacfit, instrument with which I work out constantly. The improvements in efficiency are psychophysical amazing .I had various accidents in the past but thanks to Tacfit I was able to regain new strength, mobility and agility.
I feel I am leaving a second operational and personal life ..
Thanks Alberto!

Marco Gambogi

Twenty years ago, I received a phone call from an Italian bodyguard who was moving to USA. Ironically, I had just launched a start-up company with my business partner, Nikolay Travkin, that same year. The bodyguard and I discussed many issues, but in particular, how to provide a fitness platform which would give people the “fighterʼs shape” without the physical hardships of actual combat.

The discussion brought a concept to light, which to my knowledge, hadnʼt been addressed before. Twenty years later, the “primal movement” has erupted across the fitness industry, and many disciplines espouse the belief that how we were evolved to move gives us optimal fitness. But few experts actually present a rational theory as to how our movement evolved.

Neuroscientist and TED keynote speaker Daniel Wolpert, Ph.D. asserts, “our brains evolved for one reason, and one reason only: to produce adaptable and complex movement.” All activities, from feelings to thoughts to communication are physical actions designed to drive or suppress future movements.

Therefore, exercising with “adaptable and complex movements” becomes a compelling, rational argument for an evolutionary approach to fitness. As we were genetically designed for our Paleo hunting and gathering, our brains evolved specifically to enable the adaptable and complex movements which we find in our ancient and modern martial arts, as well as through tribal dance expressions such as b-boy breakdance and urban “locomotive” disciplines like Parkour.

Allow me to state this concept simply as this: how we were designed to survive is precisely how we have evolved to thrive. If you want to excel in your fitness, you must tap deep into your genetic makeup, into the “symbols” as Joseph Campbell describes, or the “archetypes” of Jungian psychology.

“Tactical” fitness, or “movement which derives from and supports our primal heritage” allows you to: Move to Survive so you become Fit to Thrive.

The bodyguard, Alberto Gallazzi, and I continued this discussion for all those years, and eventually came to work together on the distillation of that early conversation in TACFIT®.
You see, this is a very long project development arriving here, today, with TACFIT Survival.

Along these 20 years, weʼve focused on one key ingredient which had been missing from most fitness approaches: incremental progression [of adaptable and complex movement. How do you begin with the simple and move to the complex in such a way that it never frustrates, confuses or halts progress? The TACFIT suite of programs has shown the public my formula for breaking down movements into their simplest components, and building them step-by-step in an errorless process.

TACFIT Survival is Alberto Gallazziʼs expression of this work, and this 20 year friendship he and I have had. I can speak about Alberto in a way that he cannot, so I want to share with you why I believe you should consider listening to his insights into peak human performance.

Besides his incredible pedigree of practical application training special operations teams around the world, as well as his service as an airborne commando in the Italian special forces, he has protected some of the worldʼs most targeted individuals such as the Italian Prime Ministerʼs family, George Clooney, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Victoria Beckham.

When you have very limited time, standing very long hours at post protecting high profile clientele, you cannot afford superfluous training. Your training must be laser precise, time-efficient, and involve accelerated recovery. If youʼre beaten up, riddled with aches and pains, and unable to move with grace and power, then you're by definition practicing “un-fitness". Most approaches, Alberto found, are unfit exercise.

Due to his background, Alberto found himself traveling around the world training TACFIT: throughout the Middle East, across the European Union, into Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia, as well as highly metropolitan cities in North, Central and South America. He has introduced this to other units and personnel more than any other individual in the world, even myself.

One country in particular, Israel, has adopted TACFIT into their secret training facilities, where Alberto became one of the few outsiders in the world to teach. Having studied various forms of Krav Maga for many years, Alberto won the world championships in Hisardut, also known as “Survival” Jiujitsu, under the original founder Dr. Dennis Hanover.

To support his training of this powerful, practical martial art, Alberto asked me if he could create a TACFIT protocol to prepare him for the techniques and tactics in Hisardut. Naming it “TACFIT Survival” - he has created one of the most consolidated, time- efficient, and practical exercise approaches I have ever had the honor of awarding the TACFIT chevron.

I feel quite privileged to call Alberto my brother. And he and I have traveled the world together training different outfits of every imaginable kind using TACFIT. I trusted him to distill the essence of Survival into this course, and that confidence was well-earned.

This course began 20 years ago, when two martial artists began discussing a concept so controversial that the science didnʼt release until a couple years ago. But we believed so strongly in it, that we invested our individual careers developing together. And now, we have teamed up to share with you the end result of those many years...

Please allow me to introduce you to TACFIT Survival bodyweight conditioning!

Scott Sonnon

"I had the chance to meet Albert and be followed by him in the last two years. As bouncer I need reactivity, strength and stamina. The protocol Tacfit Survival suits my needs perfectly, and has become the cornerstone of my training. Thanks Alberto."
Fabio FOGATO, Tacfit field instructor, owner of Fox Agency.

"Survival is the new standard for tactical fitness training. It makes one stronger, faster and - most important - better prepared for hazard situations without putting ones long-term health at risk. Alberto Gallazzi is the real deal when is comes to self-defense, hostile- control and tactical training. He has vast experience in training special units, police and martial artist all around the globe and it's my true honor to call him coach!
Years of training this units and teams distills in Tacfit Survival - take your chance and grab to as fast as you can - you won't regret!"

Raimar Mohrdieck
TENSHO - Martial Arts & Fitness
CST Head Coach
TACFIT Team Leader
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

"Coaches Sonnon and Alberto Gallazzi really have a winner on their hands with Tacfit Survival. The level of sophistication this program offers is hard to come by. The movements not only challenged me physically, but I could literally feel my neurons venturing into uncharted territory, forging new pathways as they merged brain and body while I completed the seminar. Now a day it is commonplace to find a workout that leaves one beat-down and broken on the floor with little or no benefits to anything besides ones ego. Tacfit Survival kicks the entire system into high gear as it fine-tunes the mind and body for optimum performance. With Tacfit Survival, I truly feel we now have a workout that not only makes one stronger, but also makes one smarter. Now that’s what I call efficient!"
Emily Larson, CST Head Coach

"I had the honour to host Aberto Gallazzi at our facility and was able to appreciate, besides his incredible mastery of tecnique, his knowledge and capacity to transfer "movement" to everybody. We are integrating the TACFIT SURVIVAL protocols as costant part of our multilevel training and can be an honest testimonial of its effectiveness. SURVIVAL TACFIT is not only perfect for specific adaptations but it's good damned hard work and most of all FUN for everybody. Go Get It!"
Max Belpulsi, Head Coach Guerrilla Fitness - CrossFit Padova


“TACFIT Survivor delivers the best of both worlds: brains & bronze! These are by far the most sophisticated, stimulating, & energizing exercises rolled into 1 program I’ve experienced to date. There’s not much I can’t tackle after challenging myself to this program. A true mind-body fusion of unprecedented potential, leave your egos at the door, there will be no room! This brings a whole new meaning to “mindful movement.” In today’s KISS (keep it simple stupid) mentality, it’s often hard to stay mentally focused & in tune with exercises due to their lack of complexity your nervous system craves. Not the case with Survivor, talk about brain sweat! The exercises are designed in ways that safely & progressively require the most efficient breathing & movement patterns you can muster. As both a coach & athlete, I highly recommend TACFIT Survivor for anyone who seeks substantial improvements in motor development, core power, performance breathing, & confidence.”

Angela Fisher, TACFIT Team leader, CST Head Coach

"Because I’m always pressed for time as a coach, mom and wife, I prefer training programs that are as efficient as they are unique – I want to get stronger, faster, more flexible and build greater endurance all at the same time. If you want to be fast, train with speed. If you want to be mobile, integrate every muscle group in every movement. If you want to be flexible, challenge your range of motion in unique ways. If you want to be strong, it’s time under tension. If you want to be intelligent, and efficient you need to do all of this in one complete package that you can perform anywhere, anytime. And if you want the package to be beautiful, have an Italian design it. I had the privilege to be part of a group that tested Alberto Gallazzi’s TACFIT SURVIVOR. It’s a physically demanding program, but I survived to tell the tale, and recommend it for all of us who train TACFIT, CST - because the foundation will really help. Can't wait to add it to my arsenal."

Jolie Kobrinsky, CST Coach, Tacfit Instructor

The 43 page Survival manual along with the downloading videos will guide you to use appropriately the protocols.!
With photos and techinique ’s description you’ll be able to perform and improve your skills, breathing, endurance and strength .
Elaborate reports for all 3 workout missions and 2 specific month program chart along with 4 days wave will help you to create and Include Survival in your training programs.!

TACFIT Survival has 3 levels, from basic to advanced, each of the 3 levels is describe in key mechanics, body position and specific breathing techniques. Specific cues are provide to you from the coach in order to get the best out of your workout and your level!

Follow along are easy to follow. These training simulations have been created for the easiest, simplest format to follow-along with me, as you go through each protocol. It allows you to maximize your time actually performing the workout mission without concern as to the next step. They were filmed in real workout time and rest.. so to have you mastering the protocols while training with me.

According to all the Tacfit protocol , there is a specific warm up also for Survival, this to help you remove your restrictions and prepare your body to work safely and with maximum benefit ! I break down each exercise for an easy learning. I will take you step by step in to each position with appropriated breathing.!

The Flow!
A warm up need to open the space between your joint capsule, wash away toxins and salt deposit so to feed your joint with appropriated nutrition in order to be ready to absorb shock and loads of your workout. One appropriated warm up also need to fire your nervous system in order to switch your body from warm to READY position. Based on the prior learned exercise I design an easy to follow flow that will make your warm up FUN and dynamic!!

An easy to fallow specific cool down routine to help you recover from training and also to be used on no intensity days! You can also incorporate this program as a tool to improve your posture, release myo fascial and tight tissue for your recreational activity and sport specific. All posture have progression and regression to help you in order to achive the position and get the best out of it!

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"About Head Coach Alberto GALLAZZI:
Professional at the highest level worldwide, as a teacher and as an athlete. Giant level of experience regarding both physical preparation as well as real self defense and military combat. A real privilege to act in collaboration with him.
The new program survival is "amazing" hard, besides being enormously useful and efficient for people like me who is engaged in a job where we need a multitude of skills and preparation at 360 °! A real challenge to our limits
A.I. Spec Op Officer

"My name is Marco Montesi, I work in a financial company and I’m a not professional motocross rider. I started training with Alberto Gallazzi one year and a half ago. Thanks to his method and motivation that he is able to infuse I ‘ve shaped my body (14 kg less) and my mind and I've found significant benefits in both personal and sport life. Training sessions with the Tacfit Survival method always impose me to give my own best, teaching me, at the same time, that my limits can be overcome with determination and perseverance in training.
Thanks Alberto!"
Marco Montesi

"Thanks to Alberto I knew TACFIT five years ago. From that day, my revolution in training started! Day after day Alberto sustained me with his knowledge, determination and motivation. I trained myself from Tacfit Commando up to Tacfit Survival: always Alberto stayed by my side and gave me the best technical support and the strongest personal motivation. If today I'm a Tacfit field instructor and everyday I'm trying to improve my power, stamina and recovery abilities is only thanks to my preferred coach! To train with the best is the hardest way to become better."
Decimo Alcatraz

"TACFIT Survival is another amazing program in the TACFIT toolbox. Created by Alberto Gallazzi European Director of CST and TACFIT. Survival is a must for all fighters, grapplers, and athletes of all skill levels. This will increase not only your athleticism but ranges of motion and ability to create power from all angles. This is a must have program for anyone looking for that extra edge."
Robert "Woody" Brister, CST Coach, TACFIT Field Instructor

It is difficult to find a person like Head Coach Alberto Gallazzi. His humility and sense of honor reflect his way of life! Not too many professionals out there can count on those qualities. He.'s an athlete and a master with huge experience in both civil combat and military tactics applications. I think his new program Tacfit Survival it's what an operator need in order to goes under tests physically and mentally's hard but very efficient with huge results. I used to test and train my soldier and the value of this program has not equal. Giacomo 1Regg. Paracadutisti cc Tuscania

"Tacfit Survival with Coach Alberto Gallazzi was amazing. The drills were so brutal in just the physical acts alone, not to mention having to maintain an unreal amount of mind-body awareness during the movements, taxing your mental and emotional capacities as well. The benefits are countless and ideal for any type of busy combat athlete, soldier, or law enforcement offical. Routines can be completed from warm up to cool down in short order and will challenge and benefit the most one could be in that amount of time. The drills are just so damn fun to do also! World class coaching and an unparrallelled whole body (and mind, and emotion) exercise routine... couldn't ask for more."
Jim Roming, CST Coach, TACFIT Field Instructor


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