was cultivated from centuries of ancient Slavic folkdance and folklore as a means of disease prevention and health improvement. Covertly researched during the USSR, scientists devised and investigated the realm of Psychophysiology: The discipline of body-mind interconnectivity. Only National and Olympic trainers, along with Special Military Operations Unit trainers were permitted to utilize this system for the performance enhancement of their athletes and personnel.

In the early 90’s, Scott Sonnon, USA National Team Coach and International Champion in the ethnic Russian sport called Sambo, was admitted as the first non-Russian permitted to learn these powerful health methods. Leading a team of American researchers, Sonnon spent years traveling throughout Russia learning the indigenous Slavic traditions (called ROSS or “Russian Native Martial Art”). After becoming the first foreigner licensed in ROSS by the Russian Government agencies, he and his cadre of researchers returned to the USA and developed Zdorovye into a system of physical culture comprehensible to the Western scientific market.


Dan Rutz, former Senior Health Correspondent for CNN :

“Informative, easy to understand, and the demonstrations skillfully made.”

Dr. Steven Graf, Psychology Professor, Youngstown University:

“Basic enough to be helpful to anyone interested in bodily fitness, yet challenging enough for even the elite athlete.”

Pavel Tsatsouline, M.S., Renowned Strength and Conditioning Expert and Author:

"Comrades, get Scott's tapes! Or else. Not just for yourself or for martial arts; your nine year old will play a lot better baseball once he gets to know his body through Dvizheniye™and your cranky elders will enjoy their youthful grace again."

Stress, trauma, fear, and anxiety daily conditions in Civilization, undermine health and promote disease by disintegrating breathing, alignment, and movement. The misuse of the human organism causes your health to atrophy: analogous to driving an off-road vehicle on the freeway in bumper-to-bumper 90MPH traffic, in low gear, with damaged shocks, faulty brakes, no lubrication, and poor wheel alignment. You may get to your destination, but at what cost?
Breathing, Structure, and Movement are interdependent virtues of your health.
Breathing + Structure creates Movement;
Movement+ Breating creates Structure;
Structure + Movement creates Breathing.
If interrupted anywhere in the cycle, dis-ease results.

Most in the health field appreciate the health cycle:

Zdorovye defines health as the Quality and Synergy of your breathing, alignment, and movement, so the essence of health is not in doing more, but in re-accessing your natural, maximal resources to perform with ease in all things (efficiency= useful work/total work). Though Stress and trauma conceal and diminish it, Nature gives you efficiency as your birthright. Zdorovye teaches you how to reclaim your natural energy, poise, grace, and vitality (Your Natural Abundant Health), through a unique system of Somatic Engineering Exercise, which reintegrates your respiratory, structural, and biomechanical efficiency.

Marc Bryan, USA Martial Artist:

"... I am impressed ... I have noticed an increase in my endurance both on the mat as well as in other endeavors. I believe that this is because of learning to breathe properly during bouts of extreme activity. Unlike running or aerobic exercise to increase my endurance, the exercises teach you to tap the amazing amount of endurance that you already have. It is like having a fast car, with the emergency brake on. You don't know the brake is on, because the light is broken. Once you learn to release the brake you can experience the power that was there all along.... No amount of written text from anyone can even come close to explaining the benefits that the Zdorovye System can have on the lives of you and your friends and family. You must experience them for yourself. I hope that maybe something I have shared will inspire you to discover these things for yourself."

Gordon J. Wallis, L.M.T.:

"I've been a massage therapist for 18 years now. I've worked in medical clinics and spas in Hawaii, NewZealand, and Alaska. Lots of people come to me with stiff painfull backs and joints. Other people choose to see a chiropractor, their family doctor, or perhaps a doctor of chinese medicine, rolfer or any number of
different health practitioners for the same problems. If they are lucky and there health care practitioner is skilled, they will begin to feel better and perhaps feel that they are cured of their particular problem (soar shoulder,back, or whatever). Even the practioner will feel as if he cured the patient. However most
problems, are a result of life style. Only a change in life style will bring about true healing. Ok, here is an example. Say you went to the dentist and they fixed and cleaned your teeth. Every thing is perfect when u leave..And after you get home, you never brush or floss your teeth. Thats the way people are.  They see me
with a soar shoulder, they can't lift their arm. I work my skill and when they leave they can move their arm.
But when they get back home nothing changes. The perpetuating factors for a soar arm are still in place. I know I will see them again for the same or similar problem.  If you have a bad bed, or have to be in an incorrect ergonomic position all day to make your money, that's not the problem. You need to floss
your joints. And the way to do that is with the Zdorovye system. Tight constricted movement means pain, poor circulation , poor cellular nutrition, and weakend immune system (poor health). Normal fee joint movement means health. Some people are very supple but weak, easyly injured. Again this Zdorovye system
strengthens join tissue,greatly bringing health and vitallity to this body type. I myself use to suffer from low back pain so bad that at times I couldnt even walk. Sure massage and chiropractic kept me going for years. It's great stuff. But now I'm pain free. All I do is 15 to 20 min. of the Zdorovye exercises every
morning. Even if you do them wrong it works.  I highly recomend this system."


In the Basic Level of Zdorovye you develop in three phases:


  1. Dykahniye: Natural Energy, Respiratory Enhancement
  2. Polozheniye: Natural Poise, Structural Alignment
  3. Dvizheniye: Natural Grace, Biomechanical Efficiency.

The RE-integration of these three health virtues reclaims Your Natural Abundant Health, through the Zdorovye Developmental Process.


You will develop through three levels:

  1. Recovery Period: Training during this period will reclaim your natural capacities of breathing, alignment, and movement.
  2. Coordination Period: Training during this period will coordinate your breathing with movement, your aligment with breathing, and your movement with alignment.
  3. Refinement Period: Training during this period will synergize your breathing, movement, and alignment.


Zdorovye - Nature’s Legacy is an integrated health philosophy: it has soul in that it is a tradition where you receive lifestyle enhancement, through a complete system of daily health improvement. It does not merely teach breathing methods, nor merely postural methods, nor merely movement methods, but it teaches you an integrated health philosophy allowing you to explore your health to any depth. Zdorovye improves your condition by reintegrating fragmented health: movement, alignment, and breathing.

Zdorovye - Nature's Legacy is the synergy of body, mind, and spirit, and begins with the premise that your natural abundant health is your birthright, which can be re-coordinated through direct training, personal experience, and self exploration.
The process of high performance health: the human organism is an awe-inspiring health generator, a perfect healer. Disease and illness are products of interfering with the organism’s natural healing process. Zdorovye-Nature’s Legacy will help you, through a unique system, that can be done everywhere and always, to “get out of our own way” to natural healing.



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Dr. Brian. T. Carlin, MD, Lufkin State School, Texas USA:

"...again exceeding my expectations... the great thing about you guys is that you're not just good, but getting better... I'm most appreciative of the outline you sent with the tapes... this is a definite plus...."

Kon Hui Quek, Singapore:

"... Zdorovye is that it not only takes a methodical approach to enhancing ones health and potential, but also allows almost infinite variations to suit an individuals goals and lifestyle. The exercises are of a progressive nature so anyone, whatever their age, skill level or condition will be able to use them immediately... Too many health programs/systems throw you in without a clear road map and often spout too much “new age” ramblings to beginner questions. Scott Sonnon and crew are extremely lucid about the their integrative philosophy of combining movement, alignment and breathing. Allowing you to dictate the exercises and pace that will benefit you the most... intelligent application and exploration of the exercises is encouraged. I find it immensely refreshing that here is a system that does not treat individuals as mere “dumb” health consumers... I have been working on a daily program for just over a week and finding my energy levels higher than usual also feeling more relaxed and fluid, whether I’m engaged in an activity or not.... Over time and with some exploration, you will likely develop a program specific to your needs. The sample programs supplied with the package should provide you with an idea of where to start. However, the beauty of it is that no program is viewed as static but a flexible system of enhancement by re-educating our bodies. The system is very much ALIVE and in you. Even professional athletes or individuals practicing the system for some time will be able to benefit from working the simple joint circles exercises. There is no regression only continuous improvement... I cannot recommend the videos enough... a must for anyone seriously wanting to improve their health and unlock potential."

Justin Schoen, USA:

"This series is truly amazing and hopefully many more people will benefit from its teachings."

Andreh Anderson, USA Martial Artist:

"I have been training in some form of martial art since I was a child. Training and competition are huge components of my life. I don’t know if there is anything I value more than the chance to train and grow in the martial arts. In April of 1999, I injured my rib during practice. The injury caused an infection in the lining of my lungs. Soon, I was having difficulty breathing even while at rest. Nine months of hell followed. I had trouble walking up stairs, so training was out of the question. I would be brimming with envy as I'd sit on the sidelines and watch my classmates train and compete. When the infection healed, it left a scar on my lungs. I took a forced air volume test with a lung specialist, and found that I could only force out 66% of the expected volume of air for someone of my age and build. I quickly became very depressed. I envisioned a future without training. When I posted about my predicament on one of the martial arts forums, Scott Sonnon was quick to help. The advice he gave me was put to immediate use as I made my baby steps back on the mat. I still had a hard time breathing, but at least I was able to get out there! Then I ordered his tapes. The hardest part about his program was getting over the weird exercises and positions you find yourself in. At times I felt silly performing the strange breath work, but I stuck with it. I breathe differently now. I don’t know to what extent the scarring on my lungs physically impairs me, but frankly, I don’t care. I am able to train hard now for longer than most of my classmates, and every day I see further improvement. I know this sounds like a pitch. I feel awkward writing it because it smacks of all those late night infomercials on cable, but I really owe Scott a lot for what he’s done for my training and, as a result, my life. Hell, TRAINING IS MY LIFE."



The Zdorovye Health System is a natural movement education system, or a type of somatic engineering.  Movement Education in Zdorovye is more than working to increase range of motion (flexibility) and strength.  The goals of Zdorovye are to integrate/coordinate breathing, movement and structural alignment, as well as increase the pliability, coordination and strength of any individual.  These goals are accomplished in a gradual fashion using an errorless learning module of training working gradually from recovery to coordination to refinement in all aspects of health, fitness and awareness.  This process is also followed with each exercise – first recovering the necessary pliability, coordination and strength, and then coordinating and refining those aspects.  The exercises in Zdorovye are designed to enhance the efficiency of every movement by causing the individual to move in three dimensions simultaneously as well as understanding the use of the center of gravity (of the entire body as well as each individual segment) as a mobility tool.

The Zdorovye Health System is broken down into three levels: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.  

The Novice level seeks to fully integrate Dvizheniye (movement), Polozheniye (structural alignment) and Dykhaniye (breathing).  The main focus of this level is to recover our natural child-like pliability (flexibility) as well as restore our natural coordination (awareness) and strength (stamina). 

The Intermediate level seeks to fully develop the coordination aspect of the exercises.  In order to gain any development from the intermediate exercises one must have FULLY integrated his/her breathing, alignment and movement.

The Advanced level seeks to refine these fully coordinated and integrated exercises into truly efficient movements. 

‘Recover – Coordinate – Refine’ is one of the overall principles for the Zdorovye Health System.  It is applied to the entire system (Novice – Intermediate – Advanced) as well as to each individual exercise.  It is a gradual process that, when followed through to the end has a more profound effect on the individual than something that is gained instantly.

Whether you are an Olympic athlete or a senior citizen, Zdorovye can help improve your performance and health. 

The following is a general list of the benefits that anyone can gain from the Zdorovye Health System:

  • Increase Energy:
    • Breathing exercises integrated with movement and alignment will increase the energy levels, and help you maintain and balance them throughout the day.
  • Increase Mobility
    • Movement exercises integrated with breathing and alignment will increase the range-of-motion of your joints – keeping them mobile, supple and strong.
  • Increase Power
    • Structural Alignment exercises integrated with breathing and movement will increase the power that is inherent in the structure of your body.
  • Increase Efficiency
    • Specialized applications of breathing, alignment & movement will teach your body how to move efficiently (doing more with less). 
  • Decrease Injuries
    • If your keep your body energized, mobile and powerful you decrease the risk of injury.  Through the specialized applications of breathing, alignment & movement the connective tissues around your joints become stronger and more pliable. 
  • Decrease Fear
    • If you have never jumped out of an airplane you will most likely be terrified the first time you do so.  The Zdorovye Health System teaches kinesthetic awareness – awareness of where your body is – which allows you to let go of the fear of such things as falling. 
  • Decrease Anxiety/Stress
    • There are two reactions that we have towards stress – mental & physical.  The physical reaction – tension – is something that we can easily reduce through specialized applications of movement, breathing & posture. 


Zdorovye - Nature’s Legacy™:  it is an overview of the novice level of the Zdorovye Health System.

  • Phase 1: Dvizheniye (Movement) ::: More Info
  • Phase 2: Polozheniye (Posture/Alignment) ::: More Info
  • Phase 3: Dykhaniye (Breathing) ::: More Info

These videos cover the three elements of the Zdorovye Health System with detailed instruction.  They are designed for the viewer to watch and then interact with the numerous exercises.  These tapes would benefit anyone who is interested in improving his/her health and/or performance level in any sport.

If you are active or inactive, fit or not fit, professional or amateur and are looking to gain a greater knowledge of the human body and its full potential, or you are just looking for more new exercises we recommend the Zdorovye – Nature’s Legacy™ video series.


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