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  • Scott,

    We are honored to have been the recipients of your infectious, uplifting presentation last night! Watching my son, and collectively, the group of boys in the front row, be so amenable and gratified through your presentation was priceless. Their relaxed form and proud smiles spoke volumes. They felt spoken to directly which is something kids don’t often feel and you made them feel proud of their neurodiversity.

    Your presentation has helped solidify Anthony’s envelopment of his own learning difference in a way that a mother’s talks cannot–you live in his world and speaking to kids about how to embrace their learning differences and strengths is so impactful– THANK YOU for speaking to kids all over the country!! I’ve given thanks to God for giving you the courage to get up on stage, share your stories and find the right words to talk with audiences and answer their questions with grace and humility.

    You are one of the wisest and most insightful people I’ve ever come across.

    Lisa B
  • This presentation should be on TV for everyone to see because it is so inspiring! I liked learning about how my brain works! It was cool meeting ‘Allie’ . His accent is so cool! It’s important to find people who work well together. I’m happy that other people understand the way my brain works now. I liked the interaction with the audience that Scott did.

    Anthony (12 year old)
  • Mom,

    I was kind of afraid to ask a question but Scott made the night so fun he understands!!

    I wasn’t so afraid.

    Owen W. (12 year old)
  • Scott did a very good job on interacting with the audience

    Chelsea (14 year old)
  • Scott Sonnon did a wonderful job. He helped me understand what dyslexics go through every day and he helped my brother, who is dyslexic, understand himself more.

    Ally (17 year old)
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