Arthrokinetics... the study of how the bodily joints function and dysfunction during a fight. Drawing upon Scott Sonnon's experience as a Sambo and Catch-Wrestling background, he carefully breaks down how to "create submissions" in grappling styles and mixed martial arts competitions.

Demonstrating volumes of examples, this vintage encyclopedia teaches the science of submission fighting with Scottt Sonnon's signature attention to meticulous detail. You don't need to learn in this fashion, and could study Judo, Jiujitsu, Catch or Sambo over years and intuitively refine these nuances, but if you use an understanding of Arthrokinetics, you will accelerate your development and shorten the time required to become an innovator of your own personalized strategy of submission fighting.

Arthrokinetics- Biomechanical Joint Manipulation - The Science of Subject Control and The Anatomy of Submission Fighting.

"Scott Sonnon is the Coach's Coach and Arthrokinetics is the Master's video textbook."

Arthrokinetics enhances YOUR unique style regardless of venue, whether sport fighting, civilian self-defense, military close-quarters combat, law enforcement subject control.

"...this is THE most unique and revolutionary contribution to the martial
arts this century!"

PROBLEM? Grappling and ground-fighting styles indoctrinate you with a context-specific skill set, based upon the premise that Stimulus A will produce Reaction B. However, WHEN the subject does not react as "planned" one is forced to improvise and innovate - attributes not directly taught in grappling & ground-fighting, IF AT ALL. Why is it that instructors of styles tell you that you must "create a variation that meets your needs and abilities" and cannot tell you how to do so? What good are they to you without the vocabulary, understanding and systematic education of the CRUCIAL ATTRIBUTES OF ON-SITE IMPROVISATION AND INNOVATION?

SOLUTION? The ability to tactically improvise and innovate joint manipulations is PARAMOUNT to both effectiveness AND survivability in subject control. Through Arthrokinetics you reclaim autonomy over your own mastery, for the System is not some "master's" pre-fabricated style to be

"Arthrokinetics is the true map to orient conflict resolution, and YOU are the landscape.

It is the bridge between biomechanics and subject control,
creating scientific order out of combat's chaos.


Arthrokinetics is not for those who are looking to be served a platter of "simple,
easy to learn technique."


Arthrokinetics teaches YOU how to INNOVATE and IMPROVISE on-site tactical control applications... so that you not only maximize your survivability and effectiveness, but also your courtroom defensibility, for it actually provides you with a concrete, physiological Conflict Response Spectrum. As Scott Sonnon says, "becoming more Response-Able, necessarily increases the ability to respond to all situations."This new Western scientific vocabulary will foster within you a genuine understanding of HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN TECHNIQUES!!!

"No one who views it will ever be the same even after the first viewing, and will be tremendously empowered after diligent implementation."Arthrokinetics is only for those who are brave enough to stand alone "outside of the box" for this System will emancipate you from the slavery of stylistic training.

As Scott Sonnon says, "Free your mind and your efficiency follows."


Biomechanical Subject Control

Learn the biomechanics of joint manipulation and bodily control of hostile
subjects. In doing so, you will also learn how to biomechanically
neutralize any intent to cause you pain or trauma! Learn the science behind every Master's secrets and short-cut decades of trial-and-error. Learn the superiority of Control Flow over Positional Dominance.
Learn the superiority of Sinew Separation over Joint Locks
Learn to CREATE your own context-sensitive techniques.
Learn the Four Physiological Tactics of Joint Manipulation

Somatic Engineering of Combat

Learn the secrets of Combat Psycho-Physiology and gain the ability to disintegrate your opponent's breathing, alignment and movement against his will, using HIS energy to defeat him! This material alone shall be an earthquake to the conventional training. Decades of research, assessment, development, & experimentation this revolutionary system. There is NO WAY TO EVEN DESCRIBE THIS COMBAT INNOVATION IN TEXT!!!

Lower Limb Architecture

Learn the art and science of the internal architecture of the hip, knee and ankle, and as a result how to create an infinite number of joint
manipulation techniques to the leg. Take any "leg-lock" video series you've seen, add infinite combinations and nuances, and you have this set of amazing videos!

Upper Limb Architecture

Learn the art and science of the internal architecture of the shoulder,
elbow, wrist, and as a result how to create an infinite number of joint
manipulation techniques to the arm. Regardless of your background,
regardless of any "arm-lock" series you may have watched, this video set
will change your perspective through countless improvisations - technical
examples never seen!

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