"Flabby,  Soft and Weak. 

You cannot imagine how depressed saying those words makes me feel. I want it to stop. I'm bustin' my hump but not seeing the results I should." 


"I knew I had to get off the roller-coaster of restarting-getting stronger-reinjuring myself-quitting again. Honestly, I'd rather be out of shape than live in pain. Seriously, can you help?! At this point, I'm willing to do exactly what you recommend, whatever it takes!" 


"How am I supposed to 'make time' to exercise? 

Please tell me how to MAKE it. I work for a living, hard, every day. If exercise takes hours AND leaves me with no energy, what good is it? Isn't there a REALISTIC alternative?"


Expressed in one way or another, I've listened to these legitimate challenges from tens of thousands of my clients from around the world, regardless of nationality. They're all equally exasperated with the current options available to them. Believe me, I can relate. The busier you are, the harder you work, the more stressed you get, and the more travel you must do, the more difficult exercise becomes... but the more crucial for survival...

Although all of my clients weren't obese like I was as a kid, and many aren't coming off of serious injuries such as those I faced in competitive fighting. But they're fatigued by having to deal with the slippery slope of age, work, travel and physical decline.

It seemed to them, that they felt "normal" but one day (and it really only felt like a couple weeks had passed), they went from being slightly unfit from the teeter-totter of taking a break to SUDDENLY realizing they had fallen in a pit with no idea how to climb out.

The HARDEST PART OF ALL? Even those who work their butts off trying to course-correct their fitness, get hormonally-derailed by pop fat-loss schemes, and physiologically "insane" exercise programs. Don't get me started on "sketchy" supplements and media darling "guarantees..."

Combine these ill-routed efforts, and you create a hormonal-environment which feels worse than being "out of shape" - instead, stress chemistry makes them feel lethargic and incompetent; like they're making excuses, rationalizing their "failures" and frankly, beginning to feel that maybe everyone is right, and they're just getting "old."

Let's look at the legitimate statistics, and YOU connect the dots:­

According to a recent CDC Report, only 1 in 5 Americans get proper exercise.

~ 73% of Americans report working out at least 1/week; 27% of Americans report working out 20 minutes/day
~ 64% of Americans are either obese or very overweight; 36% of Americans get proper exercise
~ 3 out of 100 people feel that they're in great shape... 3%!

Let's translate this to a bottom-line: Those who workout for 20 minutes per day get proper exercise and aren't obese or very overweight. There is some spill-over (about 9% who have biochemical issues which must be understood better) but let's look at this 20 minute phenomenon more closely.

For the people who achieve the results they want,
it's not about genetics (I've trained the most crisis stressed vocations in human history, many of them as genetically disadvantaged as myself);
It's not the about the best gym (oh, you can sometimes find "it" there, but you can, with greater likelihood find it in your own home, hotel or workspace - where you ACTUALLY LIVE.)
It's not about money (I've trained billionaires with the same troubles as everyone else - and I've worked with homeless who reclaim their fitness, and their lives as a result.);
It's not even about motivational level (I've worked with best-selling self-help authors and renowned motivational speakers who are in abysmal physical shape; and I've trained people with depression and anxiety and aided in stabilizing their biochemistry.

Who is Scott Sonnon? Proclaimed by Men's Health magazine as the creator of the World's Smartest Workout The Flow Expert, whom Men's Fitness magazine named "one of the Top 25 Trainers in the World" His methodologies recognized by Men's Health magazine as "guaranteed to build muscle and burn fat anywhere, anytime" Claimed by Men's Journal to be "Absolutely Essential!" Ranked "#1 Best!" by Cleo Magazine  Named by Black Belt Magazine as "one of the 6 most influential instructors of this century"

Scott Sonnon was forced into a life of seeking alternative exercise options due to early childhood joint disease and motor challenges. Institutionalized for his learning difficulties in a psychiatric hospital, teachers and doctors advised that he set low-bar realistic expectations on his potential. Through tremendous persistence he rose to become an adjunct professor of physical education at Penn State University, a US National Team Coach and a 5 time world martial arts champion.

Suffering a broken neck, back, leg and arm, he sought out non-surgical options to healing, and became the first Westerner to formally intern with the former Soviet Union science researchers.

Healing his own injuries, he then became renowned among firefighting, military and law enforcement, for ELIMINATING injuries from the government agency who hired him to renovate the health and fitness programs at their academies.

His breakthrough programs help people transform their bodies from painful low performance to painless peak performance using his flow routines.

Through the very down-to-earth authenticity of his presentation, and the heart wrenching stories of triumph he shares from his youth have put him in great demand of nearly a half million miles of flying a year, his heart has always returned to his birthplace, working with families and helping men, women and children prevent pain and injuries and restore job functionality, physical vitality and expand quality of life in 65 countries!!

He's been featured as a keynote speaker for TED Talks, Mensa, Arnold Classic (the world's largest athletic event), and as a global master instructor for the Nike Training Center; and featured in Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Black Belt and other magazines.



...It's about finding the right rhythm... There's the "secret sauce" there - a science hidden in plain sight - appearing in nature at both the cellular and the celestial level - and those who get and keep their results stumble upon what makes these 3% successful:

After logging a half million miles per year flying around the globe training tens of thousands, I have seen the statistics in FIRST PERSON EXPERIENCE and have heard their objections, seen their challenges and felt their hurdles. 

I have also encountered those individuals in the 3%, and documented what made them "tick" - concentrating as much energy in understanding the tactics of success the three-percenters all used, as I did in helping those 97% - like myself - through the systematic distillation of their success tactics. These over-looked tactics are ignored by most people, because media, marketeers and salesmen deafen us to the simple truths of the three-percenters. 

97% of people skip these secrets BECAUSE they're thought of as too basic to work. Even good genes won't help you, if you don't follow them with the right formula, for in a race between tactics and talent, tactics always win. And I CAN help you win, even if you apply only some of what I teach you, you are going to succeed (and if you apply all of what I teach you, you'll so far surpass your goals that you'll feel shocked you set the bar as low as you had for yourself)...

Even if you believe that you're so far gone, and so genetically disadvantaged that you have no chance at accomplishing your goals.

... even if you embrace only one of the tactics...

The secret, as Einstein advised, is "simple, but no simpler."

 You can't find it in the fad industry magazines, because they've cluttered their own head-space with gimmicks, gadgets and fads. They've deafened you with "quick and easy" so you don't expect that you can take your time, and feel safe that you can feel the raw pleasure of your body working hard again.

Only 3% of people actually follow this one tactic... time under technique.

TUT is often used to describe - time under tension. But in the applied biomechanics I learned, it was taught that you can be tense in a way that causes you pain and injury, but with technique, you will only ever create better function, without pain and injury, without great soreness, without energy fatigue, over-training and boredom.
Stop being hooked by long workouts that aren't giving you the results you want, and only leave you so hurting the next day that you can't move

Surpassing your goals will require that you move in the right way to instruct your nervous system how you want your body to perform. The better you hold your technique over time, the more your body becomes shaped to continue moving in the precise way you've asked it to move.

Think of a martial artist. It's not how quick the fighter moves which gives the shape of a fighter, but how perfectly practiced the technique. If you want to be shaped like a fighter, perfect the skills of the style. To be shaped like you, practice your techniques.

How you move is mirrored by your body. Move strong = look strong. Move well = be well. 
Have you ever seen a beast of a man grunting out heavy tonnage with dangerous lack of good exercise form? Did he get big and strong? Sure. And what happens within a very short time? Big, strong guy with bad technique starts to look like his technique: like he's about to break. And he does. And he ends up finding me to put the pieces back together.

I'm TOTALLY FINE helping anyone, but I'd rather help people BEFORE their destroy themselves... because you can get the results without destroying yourself.

Do I have anything against being a beast of a man? Nope. I'm not too small myself. But I would rather, and tens of thousands of my students would rather look like we can move powerfully without pain or injury.
How do you want to look? No matter what you do, you're going to look like what you do. But HOW you do it determines how 
YOU LOOK doing it - your time under technique creates your shape.

For lean muscle, regardless of aging, traveling, working and stressing, it's about taking short periods of time to perform clean technique. (This also means that you need proper techniques as your foundation.)

But can you apply it in your actual life? What will it require of you to be able to apply this principle in your exercise - so your body has NO CHOICE but to become the movement you perform?

The most welcomed discovery comes in realizing these results come in only 20 minutes...

I named this new addition to the TACFIT fleet - the "Bodyweight and Dumbbell 45" - or BAD45 to be succinct, because it takes the most fundamental, full-body, functional bodyweight and dumbbell movements and organizes them in the most succinct manner to optimize your results, while minimizing time investment.

In a moment, I will tell you exactly how this works - and the reason that I have 100% faith that it repeats its results for EVERYONE who embraces it - but hold on for one moment, and let yourself ask the question:

"Why DID you research this? How do you KNOW for certain that this is the truth, and not just a theory?"
Believe me, my friends - I truly wish that this was just a theory that I devised sitting in my office one day. Unfortunately, for me, it was quite the long, difficult road of first-hand experience and then rigorous study and experimentation...

My name is Scott Sonnon, for those of you who do not know me. I've spent 25 years traveling the globe, searching for the best kept secrets of the "successful 3%" so that I could bring their tactics to those, like myself, who need a simplified format for repeating successes.

As a coach, I've created award-winning systems, books and videos. I've taught my approaches behind the secure doors of the most elite government facilities, as well as publicly to tens of thousands of students worldwide. My approaches have been time-tested and proven effective over decades; my company itself has been producing my ideas since 1996!

But a terrible accident...forced me to create this new body of work.... Teaching Jiujitsu to federal law enforcement, we slipped on the sweat-pooled mats, and a "perfect collision" caused the vertebrae in my neck to go off like popcorn at the site of an injury from the 1994 Grand National Sambo Championships where I had been suplexed on the top of my head. I couldn't lift my arm overhead even without weight.

You can imagine my fear. I was just at the beginning of a long travel season taking me to Vegas, NYC, Australia, Central America and Europe, all in two months... This was how I made a living for my family!

The perpetual pain, pins and needles and strength loss, wrought havoc on my ability to stay in shape. I tightened my diet as laser-sharp as possible, but without the ability to exercise, I fell out of shape badly. 

Perhaps, it doesn't look as badly as an observer might see, but as a professional, to be flabby and lose so much muscle tone in those months, I grimaced through the pain and put my game face on to get the job done.

But by Australia, I couldn't perform even 1 pushup on my knees without careening face first into the mat. Landing in Costa Rica, I exploited all of the tactics I had to get my body back online, with all of the muscles activated. I knew that upon arrival in Sweden, I would a lead "master trainer" presenters class for the Nike Academy's annual "Blast" with a class of 800 instructors from around the world. The pressure had been enormous.

As I kept with my time-table of BAD45, more and more strength returned, and with it, muscle growth, and fat loss. You probably would assume I'd just get back into my former shape and be happy I could do my job, but something else was going on...

Not only had I gotten back into top shape, more time-efficient than ever before, but I was... stronger, more muscular and holding less body fat than ever in my life... And I'm now 45 years old, doing better than most half my age... So, I tested it... I did something I hadn't done in twenty years since I broken my lower back: I tested my strength, and IT WAS GETTING STRONGER! 

Being stuck in Eastern Europe in the 90s in searing hot pain, being threatened to be scalpeled open to fix my broken back compelled me to flee home and - not having health insurance at the time - heal myself. But this BAD45 System was causing old injuries to no longer be spasmodic, not even sensitive. When I met with my doctor and saw his shock, he told me to keep going, so I did.

There are 8 tactics used by the "Successful 3%" which when used in a systematic way, give everyone access to the same level of success. So, what "Great 8" do all of the three-percenters use?

 The system must be:

1. Variable: not over-training any movement, yet refining skill to increase benefits.
Comprehensive: addressing all of the body's needs for movement.
Simple: accessible by anyone regardless of state of condition.
Durable: not breaking down under stress, and increasing resistance to stress.
Functional: training the whole body systemically, not segmentally.
Progressive: improving over time to avoid backslide.
Recoverable: programming to increase energy, not deplete it.
Technical: based on proper form, not extreme effort... My "Time Under Technique!" Principle...

I told you that the guiding principle Time Under Technique (TUT) was the single, most important take-away that you'll get from practicing BAD45... Okay, I'll share a bit of the geek-science behind this...

There are two types of forces in exercise science: driving forces (the accelerator) and restrictive forces (the emergency brake). No matter how fast you try and go with the emergency brake engaged, you'll spin your wheels and burn out your engine.

The goal is to release the e-brake so that you can press on the accelerator "just enough" to take you where you want to go.

 That means that I had to layer into this system, methods which give you the ability to enter, hold and exit your technique. Remember, Time Under Technique. The better your technique, the better your results. If your program is so hard that you can't enter, hold and exit the technique, it's like driving with the e-brake engaged. You go nowhere fast, heat up and blow out.

I use a specific protocol - a way that you exercise - which allows you to fully recover before your next set. And I use a specific type of yoga that I've created - called Progressive Yoga - which allows you to compensate for the exercise, so that you GAIN energy from exercising rather than lose it. Both of these two recovery methods are applied to "disengage the e-brakes" - within the workout, and across the week.

I'll tell you all about it in the manual, so I don't want to spill out all of the secrets to my competitors who are desperately trying to extract my approaches from my websites. They won't get it, because the secrets are hidden in plain sight. They're looking for complication, when instead they should be looking for elegance.

So, here's the crazy promise I make to all of my clients: what you're about to do will feel like it's getting easier, while it's actually programmed with harder challenges over time. How can I do this? The secrets are in the 4s and the 5s. Yes, I know, everyone thinks BAD45 stands for me thinking I'm still a badass at 45, but it's really about the neuroscience I've woven into the tapestry of the system.

EVERY SINGLE OTHER PROGRAM OUT THERE focuses on stomping on the accelerator, and neglects disengaging the emergency brake. The way I have organized the step-by-step calendars disengages the e-brake each time you step on the accelerator, so to YOU it seems as if you're using the same effort as the day before...
But to your BODY, you're pushing down on the accelerator farther and farther, until you end up with the "pedal to the metal" but feeling awesome! (I'll tell you more about this inside the manual... or you can just jump in and start, because I've organized this so elegantly, that you don't even need to understand my crazy science I've embedded into it!)

The hidden Method behind this madness lies in the programming. BAD45 doesn't have an expiration date on its benefits. I've laid out a design for ANY level of fitness, whether you are broken like I was, or already the badass that you are and every person can become... if they follow these carefully-placed bread crumbs through the labyrinth.

I questioned 87,000 of my clients for the most significant challenges they faced in order to get back in shape, and the #1 answer was that they didn't have a program to meet all of their needs over time: either it was too easy, too hard, or didn't take them too far.

 Because of my neck injury causing me to go back to the chalkboard and start over, my tragic accident gave me the perfect opportunity to apply what I have learned over 25 years as an industry leader, and create a step-by-step guide for everyone, regardless of where they started, and for as long as they wanted to continue improving...

BAD45, therefore, has five different schedules:


For those who're coming off a long break, or having just recovered from an injury. (84 days)


For those who've taken a short break and need to get back on the horse. (84 days)


For those who've been exercising sporadically, but nothing serious. (84 days)

4. MASS:

For those who regularly exercise, and are looking to break through long-held plateaus. (49 days)


For those who are disciplined exercise enthusiasts, and are ready for the next level. (35 days)





Here's a shot of me after just finishing my "Refinement" stage.

Imagine what your changes will look like! Besides my own transformation, here are a couple that I've been given permission to share....

29 Days of BAD45, including a week flying half way around the world and back. No major change in diet, ....eating 4 times day, 2 right after training.

   a. Started at 193lbs and about 24% BF, ended at 198lbs, 21%BF.

   b. Waist measurement stayed the same at 37”.

   c. Shoulder circumference changed from 50” to 51”. Visibly noticeable.

   d. Strength Improvements

  • Bridge Press: First: 2x16kg for 16 reps; Last: 2x16kg for 23 reps 
  • Rear Lunge: First 2x32kg for 5 reps; Last: 2x32kg for 8 reps 
  • Bent Row: First: 1x16kg for 10 reps; Last: 1x20kg for 12 reps 
  • Dead Lift: First: 2x32kg for 10 reps; Last: 2x32kg for 11 reps 
  • Squat: First: 2x32kg for 13 reps; Last 2x32kg for 17 reps 
  • Clean & Press: First: 1x16kg for 14 reps; Last: 1x24kg for 8 reps

I very much appreciate the simplicity of execution and the ease of following a strength and mass program to complement the tactical conditioning of the flagship TACFIT 26, Commando, and Primal Stress. I started with TACFIT Commando, Mass Assault, Rope, Kettlebell Spetsnaz, in the first year, and then TACFIT 26 in the next year, followed by King of Clubs and Primal Stress... BAD45 has a much easier starting point for those less conditioned or coming off of injury and/or a break in training.

The calendar is simpler to follow as the mobility, compensation and intensity waving are all embedded. Just follow the program calendar. The dumbbell exercises are relatively simple and common. BAD45 is a path to restored mobility, balanced strength and lean mass development. It is an excellent starting point to prepare for the neuro-endocrine conditioning and movement sophistication inherent in TACFIT 26, TACFIT Commando and the rest.

I would also cycle back to strength and mass programs after a TACFIT 26 or Primal Stress cycle. The supplemental plug in workouts also ensure longevity through variety in later training cycles. BAD45 is a great 7th training protocol for TACFIT.

 Daniel Markert 

Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry, Army National Guard.

Time between photos - 5 weeks apart.


R- 14 L- 14 1/4
Chest - 38 1/4
Waist - 33 1/2
Weight: 171

R-14 1/2 L- 14 3/4
Chest- 39
Waist - 32
Weight: 177

"I enjoyed the simplicity of the program. The mass program is very user friendly and easy to follow. It takes the "old school" movements and equipment, and applies new age knowledge to it. This would be great for people who do not want to change from traditional weight lifting, but are seeking something new.

I have used this program for conditioning with my football players with great success. This is because of how the program is built with being able to gain strength, while keeping a cardio aspect. That is key for in season athletes.

This program differs from the other TACFIT programs because of how basic, yet challenging it is. It is basic because of the equipment being used, but the feeling of a solid workout after only 20 minutes!" 

Matthew Wiswesser

LAT, ATC TACFIT Field Instructor Head Athletic Trainer Dunellen High School

1. Started program at 128 lbs, now at 120 half way through. Lost all pregnancy fat/ extra weight; 5 lbs less than before my pregnancy. Much more visible tone in arms, legs, core. Lost 3-4” in waist. So far, 40% increase in output (reps) with 20 lb dumbbells, and 28% increase in output in bodyweight exercises. And I’m only about half way through the program! Moving up to 25 lb dumbbells this mini-cycle.

2. The vortex programming, dumbbell exercises, built-in recovery, and condensed 20 min routines were new for me. I appreciate anything and everything based on vortex math since it’s something I’ve studied and explored in great depth. I also appreciate the opportunity to improve my dumbbell skills; this was my first official training with dumbbells. I’ve enjoyed the short, efficient workouts of TACFIT for years, but this brought it to a whole new level, and as a new mom, the timing couldn’t have been more appropriate. I also enjoyed the 30/30 rounds; found the time sufficient to challenge me and provide enough time to recover and record heart rate.

3. Each workout requires less time than TACFIT since recover is built in. The first and only RMAX program based on the vortex math model. New 30/30 timing in 4x5 or 5x4 structure made the time fly by and kept me engaged compared to some of the other TACFIT timing protocols. 

Angela Fisher  

RMAX International Head Coach

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I choose BAD45? 

Many people arrive at the "world's smartest workout" program after having exhausted themselves in frustration with the inability to lose fat, increase muscle mass, and increase their vital energy throughout the day; or, if a program manages to achieve results, the results are more quickly lost, plateaued, or result in injuries and pains.

Other programs result in inevitable fat gain, muscle loss and energy decrease, because they do not understand and honor the rhythm of your hormonal wave throughout the day. Your biochemistry cycles once a day - your circadian rhythm - and several times within that day - your ultradian rhythm. If a program is not based upon these rhythms, no matter how hard you work and regardless of how clean your diet is, you will not get the results, or you will not keep them for very long. 

BAD45 exploits cutting edge discoveries in exercise endocrinology, which gives you entrance into three critical windows for your optimal performance: the catabolic, or fat burning window, the anabolic, or muscle building window, and the metabolic, or energy enhancing window.

Typically, the units and agencies I train, must move quickly between forced, prolonged, sedentary inactivity while suffering high stress levels anticipating conflict, into rapid action requiring their entire bodies to mobilize suddenly. Not only does this cause high level of injuries and pains - the external environment of your musculo-skeletal system, it wreaks havoc on their normal balance - your internal environment of your endocrine, immune and neurological systems.

Even people who are not in the tactical community can benefit from the research done to support their injury free, pain-free fitness results, by following the recommended steps in the BAD45 system of optimizing hormones for fat burn, muscle gain, and energy enhancement.

To make this as accessible as possible to the widest range of people, I have used the most basic resistance training tools currently available around the world: the humble dumbbell, and your own bodyweight. No matter where you are, you have these inexpensive (the dumbbells) and free (your bodyweight) tools.

 To save you enormous fees on gym memberships, to prevent you from facing months and years of frustration not gaining your results or temporarily getting results and then losing them due to regress, pains and injuries, I offer you this revolutionary approach to burning fat, building muscle, and enhancing your balanced energy throughout the day with BAD45!

 Q:  Is BAD45 an acceptable program for someone considerably older than their 20's or 30's?

 Actually, the reason that BAD45 is perfect for people in their 20s and 30s is because it was designed to work for people 45 and older! When you're young, you can get 80% of your results by doing virtually any type of exercise on nearly any indiscreet diet. However, you can't get that last stubborn 20% unless you have the right timing. 

When you pass middle age, timing is everything, because your genetics were designed to get you to the point that you procreate, but weren't designed to let you live a long time in optimal vibrant fitness. BUT, if you understand the science behind your hormones (called exercise endocrinology), you can bring a scalpel to surgery instead of the pickaxe of our 20s and 30s. BAD45 uses cutting edge discoveries in exercise endocrinology to surgically strike at the optimal moment in the perfect rhythm. 

So, although BAD45 is the ideal approach for those 45 and older, if you want to have access to 100% of your fitness potential, in your 20s and 30s and beyond, this is the system for you!

 Q: I am new to exercise. Can I still use this program?

If you're new to exercise, this is the IDEAL PROGRAM for beginners! BAD45 uses simple movements cycled to maximize variety and skill mastery. By following BAD45's unique design, not only will you feel quickly confident even as a beginner, but you will find that you're mastering your own movement more rapidly than you could have hoped.

Q. What makes BAD45 different from other fitness programs available on the market?

 Nothing on the market was designed for PORTABILITY, EFFICIENCY, SIMPLICITY and EFFECTIVENESS. Imagine that you had access to the Coach of a USA National Team, or the Trainer of a Special Operations Unit, or the Instructor of a Federal Agent Academy. What would those three experts have in common? They all need to be able to provide time and space efficient solutions that anyone could simply perform without in-person supervision in any conditions or environment, and achieve and surpass all of the targeted results. That is precisely what you get in BAD45. 

Furthermore, there is NO other program on the market which considers the hormonal impact of your training. Exercise is a biochemical event. Your muscles are merely doing the work, but it's your biochemistry which gives you the results. If your exercise and nutrition are not optimized to your INTERNAL environment, then even if you perform the hardest workout in the world, and have the best nutrition money could buy, it's not going to help you.

This next comment will be highly controversial, but it is biochemically irrefutable: even a less intense workout, with even a less than optimal diet, performed at the right time in your recovery cycle, will be MORE results-producing than the hardest workout on the best diet

There's simply no other system which has been designed with optimizing your hormones for fat-burn, muscle-growth and energy-increase like BAD45. By hitting the three critical windows in your cycle of recovery - the catabolic, the anabolic and the metabolic - you only need to follow the turn-key daily calendar to achieve results you haven't been able to access before, even when working your hardest and spending an enormous amount of money on the "perfect diet."

 Optimizing your nutrition IS important, but again, it's like a very intense workout: even if it's the best, if the timing is wrong, you're not going to get the results you want. BAD45 tells you exactly which workout to do on a particular day to have the OPTIMAL TIMING to surpass your goals!

 Q: Can I do this program when I am away from home or the gym?

 You are never without your own bodyweight, and a dumbbell is the most common tool in the world, and often the least expensive! Since you don't need more than one pair of dumbbells, you can do this program anywhere, even from the office, in a hotel, in the field, on vacation or out of your car.

 This system was created to address the challenges of a busy schedule, so that no matter where you are and what you're doing, you have access to these scientific breakthrough discoveries in fat loss, muscle gain and energy increase.

 Q: I want to get in shape right away! How long will I have to wait until I can begin using this program?

 As soon as your doctor says you're cleared to do this type of exercise, you can start immediately, because you can adjust it to your fitness or recovery level.

 Q: What equipment do I need to successfully use this program?

 Just your own bodyweight and a pair of dumbbells!

Q: What dumbbell weights do I need to start this program?

It is difficult to say with so many differences in strength. One pair of dumbbells of the same weight will be needed for this program. For beginning women: a pair of 6 to 12 pound dumbbells as a starting weight; for beginning men: 15 to 35 pounds for starting weight. This is only a general guideline for beginners. There will be exceptions and variations to this guideline based upon strength, size and experience.

 Q: How long until BAD45 begins to work for me?

Immediately. There are three primary results gained through BAD45. The first you'll experience immediately: energy increase. Through the re-balancing of your internal environment, your metabolism will increase, but also you won't be experiencing lulls in your daily cycle of energy. This has to do with a unique "Pulsating Effect" of your hormone release. Increased dopamine levels from this type of exercise make you feel better all day long, and the increased serotonin levels from the type of exercise included in the system will make you sleep better, setting up a chain reaction leading to greater fitness results. The fat-burn will be noticeable within the first 1-2 weeks and the muscle gain not long after, but these are magnified due to the scientific approach to "Waving Intensity" across the hormonal spectrum of exercise.

 Q: Can you explain how these workouts  burn calories?

Calories burned DURING the workout is only one part of the whole picture. EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) is a process of increased oxygen intake to address the debt you create with this type of exercise. The greater the intensity of the exercise, the more debt you incur; and your body responds by increasing oxygen use to restore your resting state of hormonal balance.

Performing these biochemical operations requires energy, and it extracts most of this energy from fatty acids, where your body breaks down stored fat to release fatty acids into general circulation, and carry them to your cells where they provide the energy you need to return to a resting state. The more effective that an exercise approach is in activating your intensity, the more energy that it takes from fat stores.

Typical cardio over long periods of time may burn calories, but it has a limited EPOC yield, so basically you burn calories with cardio, but you don't optimize your hormones to burn fat and build muscle.

Studies have shown that after the type of workouts found in BAD45, the EPOC effect can still be found up to 38 hours after the workout. Your hormones are causing fat-burn to fuel the restorative process for 38 hours after your workout. Furthermore, with the type of intensity of exercise in BAD45, you have an increase in the muscle-building hormone sites - called androgen receptors - not just post-workout, but also for up to 48 hours afterward.

Due to the unique timing technology based upon cutting edge discoveries, we now know that when the hormones start to slow down, we can accelerate their return again, through a precise "Intensity Wave" found in this system. This is why you will find a unique combination of metabolic (energy lifting), catabolic (fat burning) and anabolic (muscle building) windows in BAD45.

 Q: Is it possible that BAD45 can be too hard for me?

 BAD45 was designed with 5 different levels of access:

 1. RESTART - for those who've been away from exercise for a long time.

 2. REBUILD - for those who've taken a short break from exercise.

 3. STRENGTH - for those who've been exercising, yet are not getting the results they want, and are ready for the next step.

 4. MASS - for those who had been getting results but have plateaued and can't continue to grow.

 5. REFINE - for those who've had a consistent exercise program, but who are really looking for the next step in hormonal optimization for that last 20% of results they've never been able to (re)gain.

 Q: What if BAD45 does not work for me?

 Having trained tens of thousands of people from around the world, no one has ever said this approach of hormonal balance through exercise waved timing did not work for them. However, if for some reason you become the first in history, there's a 100% money back guarantee for sixty days. But don't worry, you will be so surprised by how fast and complete and permanent these results come, that you'll only wonder how you got the program for such a steal!

 Q: Can I use other RMAX International products (such as Tactical Gymnastics and Powerformance Kettlebell) in conjunction with the new BAD45 program?

 Yes, you can integrate any program, especially Tactical Gymnastics and Powerformance Kettlebell, into your BAD45 training, due to the nature of the format. When you read the BAD45 Guidebook, you will learn how you can incorporate any other fitness approaches in a manner which will hit the 3 critical windows in your internal environment so you burn fat, build muscle and increase energy.

 Please start by training with BAD45 as it is recommended. Let the easy-to-use, simple-to-follow steps guide you through the formula, and then, once mastered, incorporate other hormonally balancing programs in the RMAX fleet of high-performance longevity, like Tactical Gymnastics and Powerformance Kettlebell.

Start Up Guide

Within this 17 page guidebook, you will learn exactly how to perform the system, find the right level for you, and how to simply, quickly and easily customize the system to meet your individual needs, challenges and goals, as they change from day to day. Carefully distilled science is written in a way that everyone can benefit, yet decades of agency-level research, experience and refinement are interwoven into the system by the "World's Smartest Workout" Coach, Scott Sonnon.

BAD45 Dumbbell Expansion Manual 

Fully-illustrated high-resolution photography of the core dumbbell exercises in the BAD45 system, with detailed with exercise descriptions makes this manual an invaluable asset in your fitness arsenal.

Dumbbell Video Folder (32 videos)

These 32 Ultimate Dumbbell Workouts form the staple of the BAD45 System. By arranging the sequence of exercises in such a way that you constantly experience variety while simultaneously refine your skill in the core competencies of your primary physical performance, Coach Sonnon has created an exercise approach which builds muscle, burns fat, and increases your energy without exacerbating any prior painful or former injuries.

BAD45 Bodyweight Expansion Manual

Fully-illustrated high-resolution photography of the core bodyweight exercises in the BAD45 system, with detailed with exercise descriptions makes this manual an invaluable asset in your fitness arsenal.

Bodyweight Video Folder (11 videos)

The 11 Ultimate Bodyweight Workouts in the BAD45 System. These bodyweight workouts will balance both conditioning and mobility so that you both increase fitness, as you increase function. Coach Sonnon organized the system with such deliberate design, that these bodyweight workouts actually manage to improve your fitness while simultaneously allowing you to recover from your prior dumbbell workouts.

BAD45 RESTART Calendar

The RESTART Program is for those who have been away from exercise for a long time. RESTART involves one very light to moderately light workout per day. The time under technique waves throughout 6 days, with 2 recovery days per cycle; plus one full day of rest. This bodyweight-only, 84 day program is optimal for you, if you're coming off a long hiatus from exercise, or after having completed your rehabilitation from a prior injury. This may seem like a light program, but "little by little becomes a lot," so if you follow this program, you'll find yourself suddenly un-stuck after months or years of frustration.

 BAD45 REBUILD Calendar

The REBUILD Program is for those who have taken a short break from exercise, and are ready to start anew with an intelligent approach to progressive results. REBUILD involves one very light workout to moderate intensity workout per day. The time under technique waves across 7 days, with two recovery days per cycle. This 84 day program incorporates your first external resistance training, scheduled to maximize your recovery as you rebuild your work capacity. Typically, the missing link in exercise, this program is the segue between starting over and getting stronger. Re-build the base first, and with this solid foundation, only the sky is the limit.


The STRENGTH Program was designed for those who have been exercising, but have not been getting the results they want, or are ready for a change to a laser-targetted program to optimize their results. STRENGTH involves one very light to one heavy workout per day. The time under technique waves across 7 days, with one recovery day per cycle. This 84 day program showcases the lightening-quick process of results-producing "waves" of progressive resistance. By taking your week and meticulously upshifting and downshifting your intensity, you continue to progress.

BAD45 MASS Calendar

The MASS Program is for those who have been getting results, but have been stuck on a plateau and cannot seem to grow no matter how hard they work, or how clean your nutrition. MASS involves two very light to heavy workouts per day, once in the AM and once in the PM. The time under technique waves across four days, with two recovery days per cycle. This 42 day program is an accelerated muscle development course which will catapult your hormonal delivery of anabolism: your "muscle growth window" - for men, this means finally putting on some size again, and for women, this means solidly lean density.

BAD45 REFINED Calendar

The REFINE Program is for those who have had a consistent exercise program, but are looking for the next step in hormonal optimization to gain that last 15% of results they have never been able to tap, no matter how hard they work or how clean they eat. REFINE involves three workouts per day, twice in the AM (performed at one time) and once in the PM. The time under technique waves across 3 days, with two recovery sessions per three day cycle. This compressed 28 day program is the crowning achievement of your long dedication to the BAD45 System, or your jet-fuel, high-octane accelerant to take you from good to great.


Progressive Yoga manual

In this 55 page manual of fully-illustrated, high-definition photography, Scott Sonnon takes you to the new fusion of Western and Eastern Science. Applying his unique and hard-won knowledge on motor development, biomechanics and stress physiology, his "Progressive" approach to yoga, is about stopping stretching and starting strengthening. He not only provides you with the know-how supporting his powerful approach, but he shows you page by page how to do it, with exercise descriptions succinctly crafted to focus on the key coaching cues, rather than overly-ornate physiological and anatomical explanations. 

2 (two) Progressive Yoga videos

Rx4 Progressive Yoga Series A

Rx4 Progressive Yoga Series B

In two revolutionary 20 minute yoga programs, you will experience increased mobility, through Coach Sonnon's signature formula for incremental myofascial release. Each step has been meticulously crafted isolate and restore function to lost ranges of motion, not only through the tension generated in exercise workouts, but also through your recreational, occupational and behavioral choices which reduce your full range of motion. No other yoga approach in history was specifically designed for athletically and chronologically "tight" people, while gradually re-balancing the "internal environment" of the hormonal system, turning off the exercise-induced alarm of the sympathetic nervous system and restoring the "rest and digest reflex" of the parasympathetic tone.

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