The Clubbell Transformed Fitness as the World's Oldest and Original Strength and Conditioning Modality!

As the "Go-to" equipment for thousands around the world to create functional, vascular muscle development in three dimensions, and having invaded 68 countries, trainers and members have demanded comprehensive Clubbell workouts to implement this revolutionary approach to exercise.

How Does The Clubbell Athlete Solve the 3 Greatest Problems People Face in Fitness?

Problem #1. Despite exercise, people are losing range of motion, and are experiencing pain and injury in those lost ranges.

The Clubbell Athlete Solution? Tri-Planar Movement! 

The Clubbell Athlete develops Three-Dimensional Strength. No other tools can be trained with safely and functionally though all three planes of human movement. The Clubbell Athlete reclaims and refines lost range in a signature "Progressive Movement" technique developed by Clubbell inventor, and Circular Strength Training System creator, Scott Sonnon. No matter where you are, the Clubbell Athlete provides incremental steps to get you to where you are going, without injury, and with steady results. And no range of motion will remain or become lost ever again!

Problem #2. Due to accelerated aging, insufficient joint and connective tissue health, compression (weight "lifting") causes pain and injuries.

The Clubbell Athlete Solution? Traction! 

From an early childhood joint disease, Scott Sonnon had to create a way of exercising that didn't cause him greater pain and injury, so using cutting-edge research, he developed a revolutionary "Tractional Strength Adaptation" technique which pulls on bone and muscle to increase their strength. Not only does this provide identical benefits to conventional compression exercise, but it also develops the connective tissue strength to then "lift" weight as well. The Clubbell Athlete provides a systematic method of using traction to build pain and injury free muscle.

Problem #3. Though people need heavy resistance for performance and longevity, heavy weight is problematically dangerous for those who may be underdeveloped, under-restored, injured and aging.

The Clubbell Athlete Solution? Torque! 

"Swinging" weight has remained unavailable to people, because the fitness industry wrongly associated any swing with decreased effect, since velocity and tension sit on opposite ends of the spectrum. Swinging weight to move from point A to point B in a "lift" does decrease the benefit; but this is for lifts. Lifting weight using geometrical increases to cause adaptation: adding one small plate of weight at a time, until the body adapts; then adding another. Swinging weight isn't designed to move from point A to B, but rather to resist the torque generated from the swing: to pull the clubbell back from its outward projection. The Clubbell Athlete swings weight with exponential increase in adaptation: swinging twice as fast produces four times the force production!

The Clubbell Athlete is a stand-alone, turn-key solution to the 3 Greatest Problems in Fitness.

Clubbell Athlete Start-Up Guide

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidebook will give you all of the essentials to immediately get started as a Clubbell Athlete, and will provide you with the necessary modifications to customize your Clubbell Athlete workouts to your changing recovery levels.

Clubbell Athlete Exercise Manual

The 55 page, fully-illustrated encyclopedia of the 50 fundamental Clubbell Athlete exercises will provide you a visual and written resource to explore the nuances of your technique, movement, breathing and alignment.

Clubbell Athlete Calendar

The 35 page Clubbell Athlete Calendar provides you with both a pop-up chart of the entire 35 day cycle, as well as a day by day tear sheet of exactly what you need to do, how you need to do it, and where you can record your progress.

Clubbell Athlete Video Folder (14 videos)

Each of the 14 fundamental Clubbell Athlete Workout Videos have been optimized for efficiency of storage across all of your devices, quality of visual clarity and easy of understanding in follow-along cues for the exercise duration and the recovery periods.

Strain Prevention video. Comprehensive Mobility Recovery Routine

This 18 minute compensation program will unlock any padlocks which may accumulate due to occupational, lifestyle or training adaptations.

Stress Conversion video. Complete Compensation Recovery Routine

This optimized 12 minute mobility recovery workout efficiently organizes your no intensity day so that your joints are ready to perform the work.

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