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Clubbell® Athletics is a collective effort between the Fisher Sisters and Scott Sonnon, creator of TACFIT and Circular Strength Training®.

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Club swinging is an ancient martial art. It's re-emergence as Scott Sonnon's Clubbell® is paving the road in health-first fitness culture.


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CBA Instructor Spotlight – Robert Miller (TACFIT Los Angeles)

Find out why Clubbell training is such a good fit for TACFIT instructors in this installment of the Clubbell Athletics Instructor Spotlight.  Meet Robert Miller, CBA Instructor at TACFIT Los Angeles . Question:  How long have you been coaching with clubbells? Robert:  I have been teaching with clubbells for over a year, thanks to professor […]

26 Jul, 2017 The Fisher Sisters

The 7-Key Components of Clubbell Structure

If you’ve been to a Clubbell Athletics workshop or certification, you know the formula for solid Clubbell mechanics. The 7-Key Components of Clubbell Structure are the primary focus of our work. Every now and again, it’s important to return to the basics, re-fortify foundational elements, and capture deeper learning along the way. In that spirit, […]

30 May, 2017 The Fisher Sisters

Clubbell Athletics Foundations – Product Reviews

    It’s been just over a month since the launch of Clubbell Athletics Foundations. This product demarcates over 4 years of technique refinement since the launch of the Clubbell Athletics system. We are so grateful & encouraged by the feedback we’ve received from clients who’ve found value in the product.  Here is a snapshot […]

29 Mar, 2017 The Fisher Sisters