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A Formula For Success!

29 Jan , 2016,
The Fisher Sisters
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At RMAX International, we believe in working smarter, not harder. Let’s face it, time is our most precious commodity, and if you’re going to dedicate time to your physical fitness, why not maximize that investment? When it comes to working out, most people think more is better. But what if I told you better is better, and that there is a formula for structuring the time you spend training that will facilitate optimal development and accelerated results?

The Golden Mean or Fibonacci sequence is a pattern we see all throughout nature and the universe. It carries the mathematics behind expansion, growth and perpetual motion. It should come as no surprise then that this formula also carries over exceptionally well into physical fitness. By applying the Fibonacci sequence to the way we train, we can ensure the investment of time and energy we put into our fitness is protected and enhanced.

The four-day wave is a training model that uses the Fibonacci sequence to ratchet the level of output. This ensures the system is not subjected to a state of shock or stagnancy and is hugely beneficial in preventing injury. The result is maximum development with minimal setbacks.

The four-day wave begins with a No-Intensity day. On a No-intensity day, the level of effort expended is minimal. If you were to quantify this on a scale of 1-10, a No-Intensity day would be a 1 or 2. Essentially this day is reserved for implementing restorative mobility with little or no impact to the cardiovascular system.

The second day is referred to as the Low-Intensity day. A Low-Intensity day should push the system twice a hard as the No-day (3-4 on a scale of 1-10) and is used for rehabilitating the joints, muscles and connective tissues. Yoga and body rolling are excellent choices for a Low-Intensity day.

On the third day, the Moderate-Intensity day, the level of effort should be as much as the No & Low day combined, essentially a 5-7 on a 1-10 scale. The focus on the Moderate-Intensity day is practicing technique and building good structure.

The four-day wave culminates on the High-Intensity day. The High-Intensity day should pack as much punch as the Low & Moderate-Intensity days combined with a level of exertion approximating 8-10 on a scale of 1-10. It is the opportunity to build upon the good structure and technique developed during the previous day’s session and to finally push the system to the max.

If you are serious about making the most out of your fitness regime, try riding the four-day wave and see for yourself what the formula for success can do for you.