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Where does Clubbell Athletics fit in with the other RMAX fitness systems?

31 Aug , 2016,
The Fisher Sisters
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So many are drawn to Scott Sonnon’s work and the different fitness systems offered by RMAX. Wherever we travel, we always seem to get asked some variation of the following question: Where should I start, and where should I go next? In this post, we’ll attempt to address that question specifically from the perspective of Clubbell training: how do these awesome systems fit together, and what path makes the most sense to take?

First…a little background. Clubbell training, along with Prasara Yoga (Flow-Fit) and Intu-Flow (restorative mobility), make up the tri-ring integration of CST (Circular Strength Training) disciplines. Similarly to the Flow-Fit seminar, Clubbell Athletics was designed to be both a stand-alone certification as well as a preparatory & supplementary certification for those seeking their CST Instructor. This breakdown of the CST content allows for participants to receive a much broader understanding of Clubbell mechanics over the course of a 2-day seminar. As a result, they are in a far better position to be successful should they choose to seek out a CST Instructor certification down the road. Makes sense right? Study the three rings in depth + independently = better integration of the rings subsequently.

Now, in addition to CST hopefuls, there is another population within the RMAX community that also benefits greatly from first attending a Clubbell Athletics seminar. For many TACFIT Instructors, their introduction to Clubbell training was a direct result of their exposure to TACFIT. Unlike many of the more common tools used in TACFIT (kettlebells, rings, med balls, etc.), some individuals attempt a TACFIT certification without receiving any prior coaching specific to Clubbells. And seeing as there is so much ground to be covered at a TACFIT cert, and the mechanisms and nuances unique to Clubbell training are so vast, it becomes impossible to achieve the level of proficiency needed to conquer the Clubbell in just one weekend.

When it comes to RMAX’s most popular certifications, CST & TACFIT, it is no wonder why so many who are drawn to one system, eventually end up wanting to certify in the other. They are both symbiotic and complimentary; CST is the methodology, and TACFIT the application of that methodology. So which one should you do first? Well, in our opinion, either, so long as you’ve trained clubbells first.

While there are many paths to success in these systems, we can speak from personal experience as two individuals who have gone through the CST & TACFIT systems together. Our journey started by first certifying as CST Instructor, and then CST Coach before attempting TACFIT Instructor. This gave us the experience and confidence working with Clubbells to be successful TACFIT Instructors. Both of us eventually went on to study the tool in great depth and earn our CST Head Coach & TACFIT Team Leader certifications. We tell our story not to say that is the only way to integrate and progress within the systems, but rather to point our that much of our success came from first respecting the need to understand the tool that sets both of these systems apart. As a result, we created the Clubbell Athletics system to bridge this gap and give newcomers to Clubbells the opportunity for safe initiation of the the tool, and as an obvious and responsible entry point into both systems (with hopes of inspiring the next generation of CST & TACFIT Instructors towards greater proficiency and expertise).

So, if you’re considering attending a CST or TACFIT certification in the future…don’t cut corner in a rush to the finish line. Enjoy the journey. Give yourself a leg-up by first attending a Clubbell Athletics seminar. Let’s do it safe, let’s do it right, from the start.