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Clubbell Athletics Foundations – Product Reviews

29 Mar , 2017,
The Fisher Sisters
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It’s been just over a month since the launch of Clubbell Athletics Foundations. This product demarcates over 4 years of technique refinement since the launch of the Clubbell Athletics system. We are so grateful & encouraged by the feedback we’ve received from clients who’ve found value in the product.  Here is a snapshot of some of the comments people have offered:

Just picked this new Clubbell Athletics Foundations program and cannot wait to dig in. The Fisher sisters have a wealth of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom of Clubbells that is second to none. I have personally experienced their coaching first hand and am humbled each time I get the gift of training with them. Grab this program if you’re looking to take your training to a new dimension.  -Brandyn Wicklund

For anyone looking to get into the Tacfit/CST arena, check this program out, it’s a great foundational program to help safely bring you up and prepare you for the full system. If you never get into the full program it’s also great by itself, plus my three favorite Fishers are featured!!!  -Joe Foltz

Just Grabbed this; VERY NICE! Incredibly well organized program! Can’t wait to test drive it with my lovely bride, and then torture the department!  -Mike Lasnier

I’m only partway through CBA Foundations, but I love it, and just wanted to complement your efforts. The application of the device, and these disciplines, can and will expand, and what you made is a big step in that direction. I appreciate what you gals have done, and am dedicated to helping promote the modalities and ideals that y’all have helped create.  -Jarrett Klein

Informative and presents a good challenge to those who are already contemplating a change to greater fitness.  -Rand Gholson

Here is what North American Director Gwint Fisher had to say about the all new Clubbell Athletics Foundations program:

Angela and Emily have spent the last three years traveling the country, teaching coaches and athletes alike in the art of Clubbell training. I am truly grateful for their experience, for it has culminated in this incredibly innovative program! I have had the honor of witnessing the development of CBA Foundations and can testify that each and every component has been strategically selected to ensure the techniques stick. The Clubbell is a tool that requires a very high level of skill to be used properly. That being the case, it can be challenging for new students to receive proper instruction on Basic Clubbell Mechanics simply because there are so few coaches willing to invest the time and money to receive such instruction themselves. This program truly changes the game by allowing those students access to highly trained coaches for Basic Skills at the push of a button. These skills are invaluable, and I truly believe that Clubbell Athletics Foundations will make a lasting impression in the fitness industry

If you haven’t grabbed your digital copy yet, please be sure to do so over at .

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