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CBA Instructor Spotlight – Robert Miller (TACFIT Los Angeles)

26 Jul , 2017,
The Fisher Sisters
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Find out why Clubbell training is such a good fit for TACFIT instructors in this installment of the Clubbell Athletics Instructor Spotlight.  Meet Robert Miller, CBA Instructor at TACFIT Los Angeles .

Question:  How long have you been coaching with clubbells?
Robert:  I have been teaching with clubbells for over a year, thanks to professor Alberto Crane who introduced me to the TACFIT26 system designed by Scott Sonnon.

Question:  What attracted you to clubbells in the first place…why did you want to become a CBA instructor?
Robert:  I was attracted to clubbells after my introduction to TACFIT system and became a CBA to gain a more deeper understanding for the tool.


Question:  What do you feel is the biggest benefit clubbells have to offer your clients?
Robert:  The biggest benefit clubbells offer my clients is a unique training experience where our minds can connect to the movement, gaining greater range of motion and stabilizing the entire body.


Question:  What piece of advice would you offer newcomers to clubbells (or other fitness professionals interested in pursuing clubbells)?
Robert:  My advice to new comers would be to concentrate on the technique and breathing before adding speed/weight/complex movements and to master that before going forward.


Question:  What classes are you currently teaching?
Robert:  I am currently teaching TACFIT classes which encompass building blocks for better control, more strength, and improved mobility at TACFIT Los Angeles in Burbank. Full class schedule at .