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The Angle of Strength

18 Mar , 2016,
The Fisher Sisters
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Here’s a little gem you might find useful, and probably already know on some level: There’s something magical about 45 degree angles. It splits that perfect 90° in half, and has a unique way of channeling alignment into increased strength and stability in the body. This is no secret. In sports 45° angles are often trained specifically. Pro tennis players always hit the ball at 45°. Soccer players typically turn their toe out to 45 degrees to kick the ball. Even if you aren’t consciously aware of the power behind 45°, most of us know this intuitively already…because our bodies are built to lock in at this angle. Training with clubbells also exposes the prevalence of this great angle. Take the lever press for example: arms extended up at 45°, clubbell tilted back at 45°. There’s two 45° angles stacked on top of one another. The more aware you become of 45° in your own life, the more you’ll see it popping up all around you. 45° is a powerful angle in geometry. It’s root number is 9 (4+5), which represents the paradox of all and nothing simultaneously and literally depicts the Fibonacci spiral we see all throughout nature, the universe, and our own bodies. (Check out “Number 9 Code” if you want to learn more about the magic of 9: Aligning at 45° will lead to greater returns with less risk of injury and misalignment. It isn’t the only angle that matters, but it teaches us that through balanced alignment we can experience greater strength and stability.