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Begin with the End in Mind

31 Mar , 2016,
The Fisher Sisters
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Motivations for embarking on a fitness program vary greatly from individual to individual. Whether the aim is to be healthier, loose weight, tone up, move better, feel better, or to train for a specific sport or fitness accomplishment, having a goal is essential to attaining long-term results. Training without a purpose is like sort of like walking somewhere without a destination. Sure, it’s still good for you, but wouldn’t getting where you need to go be simpler if you knew where that was?

Goals are achieved with the highest success rate when they contain the following three elements. One, they must be identifiable: be specific and write down what your goal is in clear terms. Two, measurable: document and then reflect upon the progress you are making. Three, attainable: divide your goal up into small, incremental, time-specific chunks and keep chipping away.  Begin with the end in mind; envision where you want to go, and employ the proper road map to get you there.

Working with a coach is one of the best ways to ensure goals are met. A coach will help keep you accountable, motivated, and offer the support you need to keep you on track every step of the way. The right coach will be able tailor a program that’s specific to you by assessing your current situation and putting a plan into effect to help you to overcome the challenges currently standing in your way.

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