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Own Your Breath

1 Jan , 2017,
The Fisher Sisters
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2017 is now upon us and as we’ve reflected on 2016, we noticed the term “stress” came up for a lot of people. Stress is the #1 killer these days, but is it really the stress itself that kills? Or is it how we choose to react or respond to the stress? When we react out of emotion (positive or negative) our heart rate spikes and stress becomes distress; harmful stress. When we consciously respond with breathing techniques, stress transforms into eustress; healing stress. We can train ourselves to side with eustress by mastering our breath. Breathing deeply goes beyond oxygen delivery to the cells. It pumps the diaphragm which stimulates the internal organs and stabilizes the heart rate. These factors impact our ability to move better and make conscious, clear decisions. Primitive tools like clubbells can be used to introduce stressors that challenge breath mastery, movement, and structure. This is one of the key elements we focus on in our new product coming soon.