Requirements & Benefits

Clubbell Athletics Certification is offered for:


  • Personal Trainers
  • Group Fitness Trainers
  • Sports Performance Coaches
  • Strength & Conditioning Coaches
  • Fitness Enthusiasts


Criteria for Certification


  • Desire to lead & teach others to train with Clubbells
  • Own a pair of Clubbells (10 lbs for women, 15 lbs for men)
  • Some experience in fitness coaching or personal training strongly recommended
  • Experience and interest in Circular Strength Training® (CST), TACFIT, or Clubbells is a plus


What you will learn at the certification:


  • An extensive toolbox of exercises, and how to modify each to fit your needs
  • How to select & implement relevant joint mobility exercises and compensatory poses for Clubbell training
  • How to use components to build and break down complex exercises into simple exercises so clients can progress incrementally at their pace
  • How to train yourself and others with clubbells safely and efficiently
  • Relevant cues and coaching strategies for effective Clubbell training of groups and individuals
  • How to market Clubbell Athletics and introduce them to your demographic


Other benefits of certification:


  • One-on-one coaching with the Fisher sisters
  • Meet and work with other Clubbell enthusiasts and trainers
  • Hands-on practice teaching Clubbell Athletics to groups
  • 15% discount on all RMAX products (books, DVDs, and equipment, including Clubbells!)
  • Free Clubbell Athletics t-shirt


What Clubbell Athletics certification offers:


  • Ability to safely and confidently train others with Clubbells
  • An emerging, unconventional approach to athletic weight training that is sure to make you stand out as a fitness professional
  • A fun way to train with weights that leaves clients feeling energized and empowered
  • A community of like-minded fitness professionals who advocate and train with Clubbells
  • An entry into other forms of CST training, such as TACFIT®, FlowFit®, Intu-Flow®, and Prasara Yoga
  • Official Clubbell Athletics  Instructor Certificate authorizing you to teach
  • Listing in the International Clubbell Athletics Instructor Locator
  • National Referral Network of Clients generated by RMAX International
Please note:
Once you’re registered for the Clubbell Athletics Certification Course, you will receive the Prep Package, which includes Prep Videos, and 12 Week Prep Training Schedule, and Track your data – Maximize Your Progress Instructions.


Preparatory Requirements:


  • Purchase a set of Clubbells (10s for women, 15s for men) if you don’t already have some
  • Practice Clubbell Athletics training as laid out in our preparatory cycles for a minimum of 1 month (3-4 months preferred)
  • Read and be familiar with The Big Book of Clubbell Training
  • We also recommend reading through Free to Move & Prasara Yoga books, and implementing Intu-Flow and  Prasara Yoga exercises as a regular recovery practice prior to the certification

Before certification you must be able to:


1. Perform 90 continuous seconds of all swipe component exercises with technique of 8 or higher (on scale 1-10):

  • Double front rock-it
  • Double front swing
  • Double front pendulum
  • Double shoulder cast
  • Technical swipe

2. Perform 90 continuous seconds of all mill component exercises with technique of 8 or higher (on scale 1-10):

  • Side rock-it
  • Side swing
  • Side pendulum
  • Side swipe
  • Technical mill

3. Perform 90 continuous seconds of all hammer component exercises with technique of 8 or higher (on scale 1-10):

  • Double-hand side rock-it
  • Double-hand side swing
  • Double-hand side semi
  • Order to torch position
  • Technical hammer

Clubbell Certification Test

Demonstrate proficiency in all component exercises of the Swipe, Mill, & Hammer.
Demonstrate an ability to safely and efficiently coach all component exercises with both groups & individuals, using relevant warm-ups and cool-downs.

Test: Perform a Trial By Fire of the technical exercise versions in under 30 min (10 lb Clubbells for women, 15 lb Clubbells for men)

  • 100 technical swipes
  • 100/100 technical mills
  • 50/50 technical hammers