The Origin of the Clubbell

The club is the one of the most ancient tools, which developed over millennia into a worldwide martial art. Ancient civilizations needed highly effective tools, so they revered the club for its ability to enhance grip strength and translate force.


Over time, the use of clubs as a fitness tool dwindled as more sophisticated and convenient machines and pulleys took over. The aim was to increase the amount of weight “lifted”, often at the expense of soft tissue and overall health. Today, the ancient club has been redesigned by world-renowned coach and Martial Artist Scott Sonnon as the Clubbell, with a new focus on restoring what’s been lost: the balance of strength and surrender.

Because the club itself has had so many uses throughout human history, it is important to understand the intention behind the Clubbell. Although it is a weighted object used for strength training, it should not be misconstrued as only a strengthening device. Clubbells innately incorporate so many aspects of health and longevity that are not usually a focus of conventional weight training. Mobility, movement chain development and core stability are just a few. What’s most exciting about Clubbells is that they are changing our perception of strength training altogether; reminding us that true strength is resilient, effortless, and should complement, not compete with our health.


Clubbell training can be used to build strength AND mobility simultaneously…which is why they are gaining the attention of top athletes, elite fitness professionals and movement specials all over the world.

All too often we see those with great strength suffering from muscle-bound stiffness and inability to move freely. The unique design of the Clubbell enables you to build resilient muscle; muscle that thrives in movement. The displaced center of mass requires core muscles to stabilize and fire in order to maneuver the weight. Rather than lifting weight, Clubbells are swung. This increases torque, which increases force production exponentially.Conventional weight lifting is limited to linear increases of weight by adding additional weight. With Clubbells, you get four times the force by swinging them twice as fast. This enables superior strength conditioning in less time, with less weight, and therefore less risk of injury. Clubbells are the only weight training tool on the market with a handle that extends through, rather than opposing the grip. It is quite literally an extension of your arm, pulling through your grip, which requires it to be held with muscular strength as opposed to traditional weights that rest on your skeletal structure alone. And finally, Clubbells are made to move in all 3 planes. Seeing as we are living on this planet as 3-dimensional beings, it makes sense to train that way too!