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Top 10 Reasons for the Superior Design of the Clubbell®

13 Oct , 2014,
The Fisher Sisters
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  1. Displaced Center: Due to the center of mass being far away from the hand, the Clubbell® can be very light and yet produce superior force. Other tools must weigh much more because the center is in your grasp.
  2. Swung not Lifted: Due to the design, the Clubbell® can be swung in three dimensions rather than lifted in one or two dimensions to give you true whole-body functional strength.
  3. Neck not Handle: Since the Clubbell® pulls through the grip rather than against it, the Clubbell® can be much lighter and still produce superior force; with the added benifit of developing superior grip strength (recently cited as one of the 7 key factors determining health as indicated by longevity)
  4. Leverage vs. Weight: Since leverage must be applied against the center of mass must in order to move it, the Clubbell® can be significantly lighter than other tools, for which actual weight must increase out of all proportion to that of the Clubbell® in order to achieve a remotely approximate effect.
  5. Portable: All of these factors make the Clubbell® much more portable than any other tool since it can be so light and yet produce superior force. For example, a 15lbs Clubbell® is basically the equivalent of a 54lbs kettle bell or a 75lbs. dumbbell in its force production.
  6. Stress not Strain: due to moving around the Clubbell® rather than pulling or pushing weight, the Clubbell® places positive, adaptive stress not only on the muscle tissue but also on the fascia and tendons as well. Other weights, since they need to be so heavy, cause strain to your joints and connective tissue.
  7. Decompression not Compression: since the Clubbell® is swung rather than lifted, it releases the connective tissue, frees “sticking point” adhesions, and helps reabsorb joint salts which lead to calcifications. Other weights are actually designed to compress your joints!
  8. Incremental not Fixed: Unlike traditional kettlebells and dumbbells, the existence of the neck in the Clubbell®’s design allows one to make micro-adjustments, which vary the displacement of the center of mass, directly resulting in a variance of the work required to control it. It is impossible to create such a broad range of options – by merely adjusting your grip – on other tools.
  9. Solid not Shifting: adjustable plates, shot, water and sand shift the center of mass in surprising and unexpected ways when moving them. Those sudden shifts can cause traumatic tears and bracing. The Clubbell® has a fixed center of mass to ensure a steady and constant center of gravity.
  10. Engineered not Fabricated: other tools were created in order to get out the door as fast as possible, not to last forever. The Clubbell® was engineered by a firm whose main contracts were aerospace and performance racing automobiles.

Okay, here’s one more for the road:

  • Fun Factor: Aging and weakness are a process of losing complexity. Our nervous system craves increasing sophistication. The greater the variety, and the greater the depth of skill potentially available, the more versatility and greater satisfaction you get out of it. No other piece of equipment can be used in so many ways, with such variety as the Clubbell®, which is why we say: one tool – infinite possibilities.