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The Tug-of-War Dance

29 Feb , 2016,
The Fisher Sisters
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Any master of weight swinging knows what it feels like to balance out the opposing forces in their body. The imbalanced weight displacement of Clubbells amplify this sense to the nth degree. The Clubbell is pulling you in one direction, and you must counter that pull at just the right moment to maintain balance between the equal and opposite opposing forces. A good rule of thumb is to lock in the opposing activation at the top of a swing; at that fleeting moment when the weight becomes weightless. This helps to activate the appropriate muscles and restore alignment.

The basic front swing is a great way to feel this beautiful tug-of-war at play. You can practice a 2-handed or double front swing (we recommend starting with the 2-handed version). Resist the urge to let the clubbell pull you forward. Instead, retract your shoulders back at the top of the swing by quickly flaring your lats. You know, those muscles that live under your armpits? If you don’t think you have them, try packing your shoulders down off your neck actively. There’s no way to do it without turning the lats on, and you’ll feel that area tighten up. The lats are super important for stabilizing the shoulders and transferring energy to and from your core.


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