Sonnon Flow of the Week (3rd Week of September 2014)

1. Low Lunge: enter flow from here.
2. Shooter Lunge: drop rear knee heel down.
3. Jumper Lunge: rotate over to test depth.
4. Inside Twist Jumper Lunge: anchor rear shoulder to knee, extend top arm in one line to prepare the bind.
5. Outside Bind Jumper Lunge: lean forward to wrap behind for outside bind to prepare shoulders.
6. Inside Twist Low Lunge: release and rotate to rear ball of foot, twisting inside to prepare torso for inside bind.
7. Inside Bind Side Lunge: swim top arm down and between legs, rotate heel down, and lock bind in side lunge.
8. Inside Bind Low Lunge: hold bind and rotate into low lunge to drop shoulder under knee and prepare hip for depth.
9. Inside Bind Jumper Lunge: rotate back again but all the way toes up into jumper lunge.
10. Pigeon: release and swim both arms across, setting knee to earth for pigeon, sink down to prepare thigh to chest.
11. Revolved Crescent Lunge: lift knee but keep torso twist; exhale and set outside of knee high on the upper arm.
12. Grasshopper: lean all mass forward like side crow, and then lock knees and extend toes.
13. Shooter Lunge: bend knees in grasshopper and press back to land softly in shooter lunge.
14. Cossack Lunge Switch: shift weight and exchange one cossack for the opposite.
15. Repeat Opposite Side

Spend 1 minute in each of the following poses to prepare:
1. Pigeon: one minute right side, one minute left side.
2. Revolved Crescent Lunge: one minute right side, one minute left side.
3. Jumper Lunge: one minute right side, one minute left side.
4. Low Lunge with both forearms on ground: one minute right side, one minute left side.

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