Sonnon Flow of the Week (2nd Week of September 2014)
1. Flat Foot Squat (malasana)
2. Quad Press
3. Seated Spinal Twist – Left (ardha matsyendrasana)
4. Reverse Grasshopper – Left (parsva bhuja dandasana)
5. Quad Press
6. Seated Spinal Twist – Right (ardha matsyendrasana)
7. Reverse Grasshopper – Right (parsva bhuja dandasana)
8. Base Switch
9. Table (ardha purvottabasana)
10. Dying Warrior – Left (trikonasana – ground variation)
11.Table (ardha purvottabasana)
12. Dying Warrior – Right (trikonasana – ground variation)
13. Table (ardha purvottabasana)
14. Base Switch
15. Quad Press

Each full sequence requires approximately 45 seconds to two minutes. Perform continuously for 10 repetitions over 20 minutes.
Synchronize breath as cued in the video for optimal core activation.
If Seated Spinal Twist is too challenging with knee flexed, extend bottom leg straight.
If Reverse Grasshopper is too challenging, uncross legs and practice Crow pose, or extend legs and work on the top of Plank pose.
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