Sonnon Flow of the Week (3rd Week of October 2014)

1. Seated Legs Extended: Slide arm in the direction you will be windmilling, exhale until ribs touch the ground.
2. Half Windmill: Exhale to bring the trailing leg over the near leg in a swoop – across, upward and around. This pivots your body on your shoulder blades. Allow the near leg to join in the swoop, exhale and bend the knee and land in the….
3. Hurdler Squat (Parighasana modified): With knee down on bent leg, and toe pulled toward shin on extended knee, exhale and begin lifting the bent knee skyward, rotating to flat foot, heel down to enter the…
4. Jumper Lunge (Scandasana): Use the extended arms to accompany the knee lift, exhale to bring your seat off the ground. Kick the heel away, and rotate the instep down. Exhale to rotate extended leg hip over, and rotate the bent leg foot, toes turning 90 degrees to face the front to move into the…
5. Low Lunge (Anjaneyasana): Maintain lock on the back knee, and keep kicking the heel away, with two hips in one line parallel to the ground. Exhale and keep hips low in the lunge with the front thigh as close to parallel with the ground as possible.
6. Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana): With tailbone tucking in the low lunge, and back perpendicular to the ground, ribs down, crown up, exhale to swoop both arms overhead, shoulders down, into Warrior 1. Exhale and lower both arms, and return back into the…
7. Low Lunge (Anjaneyasana): Exhale and rotate rear heel down, and then toe up, while rotating front foot 90 degrees to the inside to return to the…
8. Jumper Lunge (Scandasana): Exhale to lower your seat to the ground, with extended knee locked. Only lower the knee once your seat touches the ground, so use your hands to assist if needed until you’re sitting.
9. Hurdler Squat (Parighasana modified): Exhale to lower the knee to the ground, and extend your opposite arm to begin the slide into the….
10. Half Windmill in the opposite direction

Spend 1 minute in each of the following poses to prepare:

1. Hurdler Squat – both sides
2. Low Lunge – both sides
3. Warrior 1 – both sides
4. Jumper Lunge – both sides

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