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  1. by Jordan

    I think increasing flow in my life is the ultimate goal, the ultimate ‘destination’ of my daily personal practice.
    and I think this ties in closely with functional fitness, making me ‘better at life’ and helping me become injury-proof, taller, stronger, more-able and overall just a better looking, feeling, and acting person.
    Losing fat and gaining muscle is just a nice by-product of those attributes, but it sure is nice to look good naked!

  2. by Anthony

    Hi Scott,

    I am recovering now from an eleven year period in which I have suffered from chronic fatigue. Over the last four years or so I have been investigating dietary changes and added this knowledge to my interest in exercise. I think I have the pieces of the puzzle. Now to arrange them. I need you to help me with that. I have put eleven years behind me. Those are my sick years. I have done my time. From now to my dying day I will experience nothing but optimum health. I am determined on that.

  3. by michael

    I want to learn to feel and move young again. Love your approach to movement.

  4. by Cooper See

    Been suffering lower back pain for the past two years. Hope ur program can help me.

  5. by Al

    Flow keeps my joints moving freely with full range of motion. Gaining lean muscle and reducing stored fat is both good for me and those I influence. The spiritual, mental and physical benefits of flow exercise will keep me young.
    Thanks Coach Sonnon

  6. by Doug Starr

    Would be a great option for a return to youth and vigor, even when approaching middle-age. Thanks Scott.

  7. by Brian Alexander

    I am 62 years of age!
    I am active at Yoga , dance , horseriding / polo.
    I am constantly looking for ways and means to improve my mobility , lean body mass , aerobic fitness besides mental strength.
    i intend to work continously to maintain my fitness so as to continue enjoying my activities and life.

  8. by Blaise Corsini

    A over 40 guy with visceral belly fat above 19% and tight muscles if health hazard waiting to explode. Gaining lean muscle mass while improving flexibility is equivalant to the holy grail of gaining muscle while losing weight and all on diminishing testosterone levels. Onset of “age” needs a revitalizing program that does not include lifting 300lb or trying to outrun the neighborhood dog all of which I can’t do anymore. Flow does this for me. Strengthening the core while increasing the elasticity of the aging muscles burns fat any which way you look at it. Yogis prove this by being very thin but not that strong. Flow address that weakness. You will gain functional strength without imitating Ronnie Coleman

  9. by Christopher Fields

    I just turned 40 last week and have been struggling with my gut for the last 5 or 6 years. While I am able to regain most of the strength that I had in my “glory” years, I have been unsuccessful in losing the extra fat around my core. I look forward to successfully achieving a strong core and the aesthetically pleasing look and feel of my abs from 15 years ago with Coach Sonnon’s 10 Abdominal Tightening Routine.

  10. by Andy

    Moving through my early 40s I noticed that my ‘Flow’ was definitely on the decline. I was resigned to not only gaining the face of an old man but also the body, the aches, the pains, the posture and health problems too.

    I am now approaching 56 and for the past three years, without missing a single day, I have been following two of Mr Sonnon’s programs. I am back at my target weight of 182 pounds, I have a body of lean useful muscle, free joints and I no longer have the gait and posture of an old orangutang (still got the face though!). Thanks to Mr Sonnon and will no longer be resigned to enter an early old age, but I will adopt, adapt and thrive into a new senior prime. The ‘Flow’ is back!

  11. by Jonathan

    As a martial arts enthusiast, I believe having “flow” is paramount for the way you view the world and the key to longevity. I strive daily to incorporate physical fitness daily to the benefit of my productivity daily and how it can make an impact to the world. If it wasn’t for having found the RMAX training methods several years ago, I would not be where and who I am today. Thank you Scott Sonnon for creating this amazing system I can look forward to practicing daily!

  12. by Carlo Romero

    I’ve been suffering from mid-upper back pain and myofascial pain for so long. Strengthening my core would probably help me cure my problem.

  13. by Gui Andres

    Movement is the key to life and health. Keeping the flow happening in my life is the best way to assure a longer and more productive life. Muscle strength and flexibility form the foundation for the flow to continue providing me with benefits into old age. Releasing the excess fat stores will help to improve my overall odds of success.

  14. by Brandon Martin

    I’m in my late thirties and about to start the adventure of my lifetime, a push towards a new demanding course in my career. But, it means really putting myself out there publicly and, like most people, I want to feel and look strong while doing that. I’ve achevied professional and relationship success after applying tools learned from Scott Sonnon and Steve Barnes at a workshop I attended with them called “The Path,” but I’ve let my physical goals take a backseat for too long and I’m starting to feel it. I’m looking forward to Six Degree Flow as a roadmap for preparing to look and feel my best, to finally achieve physical goals like Scott has so ably helped me achieve in other areas of my life.

  15. by Antti

    I’m working on recovering from PTSD. More flow in my life means not just rest and healing and health. It means connecting deeply with my body. Increasing flow also means hope and trust in the immense unused potential still inside me.

  16. by Ted

    I’m tired of waiting for my new life to begin, the one where I’m healthy and fit. I’m wasting time wishing, when I could be using that time doing. Time to take my first steps towards that new life.

  17. by Joseph

    Hey Scott,

    I was in the military and I must say after doing tacfit commando I feel better than I ever did while in. Because of this I feel being not only in shape but being able to flow is essential. Because just being in shape isn’t enough when mobility and functionality is needed.

  18. by Lorenzo

    The time is now, my time is now

  19. by George Iraia

    I have enjoyed using all of your products and my aim is to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. As I have aged I have noticed that I need to work more on joint mobility and flexibility.

  20. The flow methods and bio-mechanical exercises I’ve learned through Coach Sonnons programs have transformed the lives of both myself and my wife. Being a martial arts, acupuncturist and NLP/Hypnotherapist and trainer. I know full well that flow happens on multiple levels and they are all connected. A flowing body equals flowing mind. Through Scott’s work at age 48 I now move better, more fluidly and more strongly than guys half my age. I pick up complex physical movements very quickly and my ability to adapt both physically and mentally to changing situations has continued to expand and grow with each passing year. A process I attribute in no small part to What I’ve learned through Coach Sonnons programs.

    My wife, a chiropractor and acupuncturist as well also loves and swears by the bio-mechanical and flow training she learned through RMAX products as well.

    Please keep doing what you are doing. Your work makes a huge difference to those who do the drills and get the skills.

    David Snyder

  21. by dng

    prep for ZA.

  22. by Chris

    I was lucky enough to find Scott Sonnon when he released Tacfit Commandp, and I have implemented this and following systems in my daily routine. I´m 46, and honestly in my best shape ever…. that said, some stronger abs wouldn’t hurt

  23. by interested party

    Gotta get them abs.

  24. by Debbie

    I’m 52 and tired of how I treat my body. I want to be strong and healthy and not worry about getting older. I love reading about different workout programs, but haven’t found one that inspires me to stick with it. I’m hoping this one could be it.

  25. by Erin O'Brien

    I’m about to turn 37 and I’ve noticed over the last couple of years my range of movement, flexibility and strength has not been what it once was. I like to keep active outside of work but having a standard office job is taking its toll on my body and well being. I need more core strength and body connection / flow to improve my outlook as I move towards 40.

  26. by Rob DuBon

    I am currently making progress losing weight and getting back in shape. Of course my mid section is the most stubborn. I would like more focus in this are for my physique and for my Martial arts training!

  27. by Gius

    The genius of Scott Sonnon has made me possible to learn how to move my body with flow, my strength, stamina and overall conditioning soared to unexpected levels. Even after a total hip replacement due to a car accident, I am able to go through Scott’s programs. I am in the better shape of my life at 53. Thanks Scott!

  28. by Bodhi

    I’ve enjoyed learning from Scott’s videos and DVDs since he first came out with здорове. It’s rare to find someone as knowledgable and articulate in their expression of bio mechanical genus. Scott has the ability to break any movement or physical skill down to its core fundamentals in a manner that allows a person of any skill level to develop a thorough understanding and with practice, a lot of skill.

    Thank you!


  29. by frank

    Looking forward to the latest evolution of work that addresses creating the malleable form – a body that is free of training-related injuries and moves with graceful power.

  30. by Craig

    At aged 54 years and after having back surgery, I have to move. The heavy weights are long gone, it’s now kettlebells, rings and bodyweight. My workouts are not a workout to me, it’s a lifestyle change, something I must do everyday. All of Sonnon’s material I have found to be well thought out, his email advice, articles etc. are are “spot on” !

  31. by Christian

    Looking forward to it!

  32. by Eban Flow

    increasing physical flow in life, improving lean-muscle mass, releasing exercise-resistant stored fat

    Increasing physical flow in my life empowers me to influence our planet effectively, creatively, efficiently. As I improve lean-muscle mass, I enable my potential to tap into greater and greater amounts of inner-strength which supports my aims in life. Releasing exercise-resistant stored fat becomes more and more automatic as I tap into my earned reservoirs of physical strength and physical-motion elegance, supporting my consistent evolution in becoming the strongest and smartest version of myself. Scott Sonnons continually evolving toolbox offers the strongest and smartest components of ourselves pragmatic, intelligent, healthy opportunities and allies in the greatest quest of the known universe; becoming.

  33. by David

    Having strong abs stops lower back pain, keeps you standing tall. Strong muscles especially the leg muscles are a definite necessity for older to be mobile. Lean and fit by exercising gives you more self esteem.

  34. by Carey

    I am very interested in becoming more physically fit, improving my flexibility, and, most importantly, improving my health. I believe that learning of techniques to connect flexibility and strength and help to strengthen my body and mind is good and, potentially, capable of helping me to strengthen my body and mind. I’m looking forward to learn about this technique.

  35. by Lloyd De Jongh

    Being able to live with more vitality, sleep better and boost my confidence, these are all the things I have gained from having learned CST and practiced over the years. However, the additional benefits of relaxation, endurance, being physically active and unafraid to challenge myself physically – often more so than my much younger counterparts – these things led me to realise how valuable good exercise programing is. I suffered injuries from bad training programs, now I can just get on with training, learning, improving and having fun with my body in ways many others don’t. My body works smoother – as does my mind, and so does my life. The abundance of energy spills over into positives I never expected but don’t want to sacrifice, ever.

  36. by Floyd

    I’m 60 years old and suffer from diabetes. I recently changed my diet and have started exercising daily. It’s been two weeks and so far I have lost 2 lbs. I have a far way to go but I don’t believe in giving up. They say if you are going to dream, dream big. I want a toned stomach and I’m determined to get it.

  37. by kathryn sweas

    I love the concept of working the entire abdominal structure at once. Sounds intelligent and intuitively, I can feel how it is efficient and right for the integrity of my whole body. Looking forward to your exciting share about this. I am ready for a super strong and available abdomen! Yay!

  38. by Darrell Moore

    I’m a two time combat veteran of Vietnam who was exposed to agent orange. As a result of this exposure I have developed everything from cornary heart disease to type 2 diabetes. I have placed myself on an exercise program involving resistant exercise using free weights. I have seen some improvement however my lower abs don’t seem to be tightening. I hope that your program can achieve my goal of tightening up my lower abs as well as strengthening my upper abs.

  39. by Dom

    At forty I’m reasonably fit, but much of my training is is in similar plane of movement (endurance running, weights). I’m looking for improved ways to increase mobility and flexibility, build strength and sustain current endurance activities. Flow exercise looks ideal for training all these areas, building a strong core and connecting upper strength and lower body power.

  40. As a 52 yrold male i do believe that increasing the flow in my life will give me the following benefits;
    Improved work efficiency & effectiveness; Reduced negative habits and recurring patterns. Choices of new positive personality traits; Permanent Life-Change Results. Improved levels of vitality & aliveness; Strengthened WILL & clearer direction in life; Improved relationships with myself & others; Less need for sleep & reduced fatigue; Increased levels of commitment with happiness and more energy & fun in my life

  41. by Najib Ninaba

    No matter what stage of life I am in, I can always tap into one of Coach Scott programs enable me to recover, rehab and restore back to health and beyond.

    From joint mobility to compensation and yoga to moderate and high intensity movements, I can access the 100% of the benefits regardless of where I am.

    I may be down and out or from the top looking beyond, it is critical to me to increase physical flow, improve my lean-muscle mass and releasing energy-resistant stored fat to that I can build more energy capacity, tolerate the forms of stress in my life and also teach the body to recover more efficiently.

  42. by Peter

    As a 52 year lod over-weight person, I am keen to get back into shape. Even though, I go to my local gym 2 to 3 times a week, I am still having some problem with my weight control. My son in law recently suggested to me that I should be spending more time in the garden, not in the gym.

    Look forward to the new program.

  43. by Fiona

    I’m always looking for ways to improve myself in mind, body and spirit, as I believe there is a connection between all three. While I’m relatively strong and fit, I know that my core strength is lacking, and I still suffer from back pain and other twinges that I believe could be alleviated with the right system.

  44. Hi Scott,
    Be in the flow is (for me) key to fullfiled life. Its not only meditation but also way how to be totally involved in the world and serve others. Its a waynto give my best without mindf***ing. To be able to get into flow during excercising is great practise how to be able to contain stress without being overvelmed and use it as a fuel instead. Its a great practise how to be present not only with my mind but with my body as well. Mobility, flexibility is a great way how to ‘lubricate’ the body machine so it can perform smoothly.
    Thanks for your ou-of-box thinking☺
    With respect

  45. by Dawood

    In the words of Lorenz (above…LOL@Lorenzo):

    “The time is now, my time is now”

    I believe RMAX’s products are one of many products that can make people somewhat healthier in a sense

    Thank you.

  46. by Linda B.

    Hi Scott,
    I have been practicing CST flows for several years. They have provided a platform to keep a balanced life and fluidity in my joints which are now needing even more synovial flow. I also have some degeneration in L 4 & 5 where a SMART and healthy ab program would be ideal addition to my routine. THANKS so much for continuing to ‘give’. You are the Men’s Health Ultimate Guy Search Winner in my books!!

  47. by Benjamin

    Having strength and releasing fat all flow together not just physically but mentally and spiritually. For myself that is why having constant movement, flow, is an important aspect of myself living a balanced life.

  48. by Alejandro Martinez Espinosa

    For me the importance increase my physical flow is to be in a continuous state of harmony.

    Improving my lean muscle means to improve in my activity: triathlons

    Being able to have a lean machine produces peak performance

    All of the above lead to balance, harmony and a state of wellness.

  49. by Nazier


    I began my fitness and self improvement quest as a high school student, but living in small town South Africa as a non white I did not have any exposure to or any way of learning proper training techniques, or of the importance of proper equipment, like the need for the right running shoes. As a result I have a bad back and at 47, though fit I still have difficulty with joint pain, tendinitis of the feet and lower back problems. I would like to be able to learn a program that includes proper yoga and joint mobility along with flow, so that I can put these problems to bed. that way I can improve on my quality time with my two young children, and alleviate the stress of being unemployed.


  50. by Matt F

    Been a follower of Coach for some years now. Love the routines.

    Alas, about 6/7 months ago I just fell out. Actually it was supposed to be kind of an experiment on such to fall out a bit further then get back into great shape at the beginning of the year, then “kickass” shape right now. Well, I’m typing this comment so you know how that went….

    Alas, my work/life schedule got insane and there went that idea. (I work for myself, but I only get paid based on work, so it’s a Catch-22 trying to grow that side of the business, while keeping up with life and also wanting to grow something else outside of all of this to ultimately go that-a-way instead). I will say that I am grateful for what I do; it’s much better then the office job, pays a lot more, and does at least allow me the opportunity to pursue higher goals and aspirations with the after-expense money I can save up. As well as go out/do things more than most, or things that many in a 9-5 cannot afford or be able to do.

    That being said, I am trying to work on getting myself going again. Preferably without the gym. Did get a basic, but free workstation (legs/upper body) as well as some light dumbbells. Just need to free up that room as I have other things in storage there I need to clear out first that’s blocking it all (or sell). Getting there….(tough when it’s on the to-do list and sits there despite that you’re chopping off stuff above it that’s essentially more important right now. Yes, priorities I know…)

    However, I am intrigued enough on the breathing exercises to start. I used to know/do a couple that allegedly would help. While I saw some results at the time, I wasn’t totally sold on if it was indeed a good technique in general to do or a bunch of bunk in the end. I get the whole breathing thing having done yoga for the past couple of years (Bikram namely which was probably one of the best things I ever found) which that has helped me a lot in general, but wanted to try these exercises and see if for me they had some effect or not (some meaning that you need more not hey do these only and you’ll get a 6-pack. Not!)

  51. by Chris Greenhill

    Fitness training and martial arts have always been a huge part of my life although not just for their practical benefits but because I enjoy learning more about how our amazing body works and is able to adapt to face new challenges. RMAX programs have been instrumental in my own educational growth and physical transformation by helping me train more efficiently, safely and promote greater overall health. As I grow older and hopefully wiser the importance of this knowledge becomes less about how I can simply improve my own life but the lives of those around me. This can be through teaching others in my day job, providing inspiration for those wanting to take their first steps or simply being physically able to look after and spend quality time with my family and loved ones.

  52. by Zubayr Bhyat

    I was introduced a couple of years ago to Tacfit. Due to injuries at the time I was unable to complete the workouts but have since healed. This change happened gradually from me changing the way I eat, workout and live. Eating clean gave my body the chance to recover from debilitating sinus attacks which led to insistent chest infections. Working out gave my body the chance to strengthen itself. My back now feels stronger and posture is improved. Living guilt-free (both food-wise and failure-wise) has let me grow myself in work, family and life itself. Flow is key.

  53. by Cindy Poteet-Shook

    Increasing the flow in my life is important to me because I know it will help me to live longer and stronger, enabling me to be more active with my young son. Losing the stubborn excess weight and flab will improve my health and boost my energy level to help me keep up with and be here for him as he grows. I can be his example instead of his warning.

  54. by Gus Garcia

    I want to be able to play with my kids the same way I am doing now when I am 80.

  55. by John Ford

    Hello Coach Sonnon,

    I have been enjoying your works since the Grapplers Tool Box came out… It was a big help in my grappling/Judo.
    I do not have a frozen shoulder today thanks to Clubbells & CST! They (Doctor/Surgeon) wanted to remove my clavicle… Thanks to you, Clubbells & CST that was never done, surprised the doctor on my six month follow up visit…
    I cannot recommend enough you and all of your efforts! A million thanks!

    John Ford

  56. by Paul Jones

    Increasing flow is important to me because I think it’s the answer to release accumulative stress associated with modern lifestyle.
    I believe lean muscle mass is the key towards unrestricted and powerful movement.
    I think cutting down stored fat is the indicator of health metabolism.

  57. by Nadine Newton

    Love learning and growing through all that Scott offers. Very appreciative of your generosity sir.

  58. by James Aulinger

    I am tired all the time, and my back isn’t the greatest. I want to be able to play with my boy and not watch from the sidelines. I am interested in body movement and I enjoy working out. Want to balance out my body and increase my flexibility.

  59. by Aaron

    Having become a father for the first time at 40, I want my daughter to know her dad for the next 50 years, not the next twenty. In a job that entails high levels of pressure and a lot of travel, I have allowed my health to deteriorate to the point that I am obese, depressed, and borderline diabetic, but I am determined to change and be the father my little girl needs. This is what increasing flow means to me.

  60. by Daniel

    Cause the more I get into flow, the more alive I feel.

  61. by Paula Haupt

    The effectiveness and inclusiveness of the flow is what has me hooked. Many exercises hurt, but your stuff heals, and as a person with a desk job I need something that puts the vitality back in to my body and joints.

  62. by John Morgan

    I feel exercise over the years has been a contributing factor in helping me achieve my goals. Long ago I started as many do with weight training but injuries were quite common. I discovered TACFIT and it has had a huge impact on my fitness and most importantly I have not had a training related injury in so long now I can’t remember. This had meant steady progress over the years. I don’t necessarily want to win this competition I am just really excited about anything new by Scott Sonnon.

  63. by Jason Weil

    Increasing physical flow in my life will allow me to be of better service to others. Improving my lean-muscles mass will give me strength in life to flow through life ready to help those in need. Releasing exercise-resistant stored fat will allow the energy hidden within me to flow back into the world.

  64. by Sasha Djelic

    Getting the body and mind into shape today to enjoy life tomorrow is what is important to me. Out bodies may slow down as we get older, however if we give it a good foundation and strengthen our core, we will enjoy our life that much more. Any additional discipline or recommendation that will get my body on a journey of sustained vitality and strength is received with open arms.

  65. by Jens Niggemann

    Hi Scott,
    - to help to discover and release old traumata and conditioning.
    - to support people who want to get rid of their traumata and old conditioning
    - to move pain free and gain more flexibility
    - to see the roots of my fear
    - to support people to be happy and fearless


  66. by John

    At almost 67 years of age, I recently had a “two-fer” : a surgical repair of a belly button hernia and an emergency laparoscopic appendectomy. Prior to this, I have been unable, despite getting my Resting HR into the high 40′s to middle 50′s, to exercise my abs or even work out like I would like to or need to. For that reason, restoring flow, improving lean muscle mass and releasing exercise-resistant stored stored fat in my body would be both Incredible and Fantastic. Thank you for this opportunity.

  67. by Mike

    To improve my daily life

  68. by Murray

    I have flat discs with no liquid in my lower back from years of training and sports without the correct rest. I am now trying to improve my sleep pattern and get my core strong to help with my back. Getting my body flowing and easing the pain of the joints in everyday use is my goal. Time to see if this will help me achieve that . Fat loss to get rid off the unwanted weight and lean mass to strengthen up the core.

  69. by Rudi Prenzlin

    I believe flow is the one of the most relevant phases in not only physical exercise but also in our normal daily lives. It makes achieving ones goals seem effortless. And that is what I am looking for in an exercise routine.

  70. by Mark Gearhart

    Increasing physical flow everyday has given me graceful awareness about daily life and has shown me how to live incorporating a toolbox so I can take charge of my health, vitality, wellness, longevity, keeping daily existence enjoyable while exploring my own depth in body, mind, individuality, intuition. Keeping my core activated and strong is so vitally important because that’s where all the food and inflammation presents itself – without lean muscle mass, I look bloated and I have not been eating right or exercising. Thank you Coach Sonnon especially for Intu-Flow, a gem that’s helped immensely in feeling well and understanding my health.

  71. Hi Scott
    Integral to my line of work is maintaining alignment of mind and body. Your new course I see is a way to improve and challenge myself to greater strength and conditioining using innovative approaches. I’ve dedicated my life to help those people who have anxiety issues in my own Harley Street Hypnotherapy practice and always advocate we can achieve
    and be anything if we truly apply ourselves.

    Best wishes
    Shaan White

  72. I´m doing several of your training routines since nearly about 3 years. Because of an severe heart issue I was forced to slow everything down, but I´m still doing the Flow-Fit and Joint-Mobility-Routines. So for me it´ll be my come back to a normal state of live and training. Every training programm has it´s own quality and direction and I love them all – so I hope your new programm will be a kickstarter for me again.
    Thanks for all of your support and gifts. :-)

  73. by Susan

    As a teacher in my mid forties, I spend a lot of time either at a desk or standing up. I find that I often hurt my knee, ankle, or back when doing things around the house, because I don’t incorporate all of the degrees of movement every day. When I feel achy or am hurting it affects how I can do my job in the classroom and, frankly, I just feel lousy. I’d like to be able to move my body freely and not worry about pain or weakness. In addition, I know Scott Sonnon’s programs all have activities that a true beginner can do, unlike other supposed “all-level” fitness programs, so I know I could get right into the program and progress from there. And, I like that the program helps you do your daily activities so you can use your gains in the real world, not just in the gym.

  74. by Nick S

    If you don’t flow, you coagulate. An increase in lean muscle mass holds me together. After a few years of Tacfit Commando and Survival training, I haven’t much fat left to loose.

  75. by Alan Hobbs

    I have had many injuries over the years and started using Tacfit about 5 years ago. I believe this has helped me to regain my strength and flexibility and taught me to work around my problems. I now coach Tacfit and would love to be able to share this program with my athletes and family ( almost have my whole family doing Tacfit now).
    I am constantly in awe of the detailed information Scott supplies and how gracious he is to share it with us.

  76. by Andrew Cattermole

    Always follow your program and find that they work well translateing into any movement based activity. I always come back to the hips to torso a the primary “actor” in learning and being more efficient at movement so keen to experience a new flow

  77. by Clinton Slabber

    Dear Coach Sonnon,

    I’ve been somewhat of a exercise enthusiast for many years now, training in what can only be described as a two dimensional plane.
    Having stumbled across your works (FlowFit), I now find myself totally hooked on all elements and aspects surrounding “flow”. I have never felt better. Training in two dimensional plane now no longer interests me and I doubt I will ever look back .
    Thank you for changing my outlook on fitness.

    Kind regards

  78. by Ken

    I’ve always considered my “discovery” of your body of work to be a turning point. However I’ve got a long way to go. How many weeks did it take me to become halfway proficient at FlowFit Level 2? Don’t ask! My weakest “link in the chain”? Core strength. Note: If we had people designated as Living National Treasures (as in Japan), Coach Sonnon would surely be one of them.

  79. by Gray

    Pain is like quicksand stalling your progress both physically and mentally, when you cannot move at all you lose the ability to survive and be free.
    The ability to move and flow is what makes life great, it allows us to express ourselves both physically (exercise and sport/hobbies) and emotionally (love in the form of physical contact… lets go with hugs).
    Without the ability to have flow and express ourselves physically in anyway we desire, without having to have extended periods of specialised training we lose the ability to be free from the bonds of conformity and
    go where we please and do what we please, whether it be a game of football in the park, a hike up a mountain, surfing, or martial arts or playing with loved ones. That is why Pain free flow is important for everyone to possess. as to having 6 pack abs….. well the chicks love it ;)

  80. by Rob

    I’m 38 and after twelve years in the Army, multiple deployments, and two years as a Drill Sergeant my body is beat up. I am now trying to undue all the damage I’ve done to myself. While I can still out PT a lot of the guys out there, I think this would be a great tool to help put me on a path to living with less pain.

  81. by khai

    I’ve been doing tacfit programs for years now and loving it.. I’m always up for new challenges..

  82. by ramiro

    Working with flow fit first and following with tacfit i have been able to pick me up from my injuries, living my life trough the martial arts i relly on movement, to enjoy my work my family and my life i relly on my ability to flow

  83. by Dean Jones

    Im 47 years young! My greatest inspiration is to access that mysterious state we call flow and expand it it every area in my life. This allows me to forge my fitness and health into a powerful state in order to have the grace, fortitude, stamina and presence to offer my gifts to the world. For me this is the truth and beauty I seek daily, and a program such as this will give me extra insight into the expansion of both my potential and those whom I coach

  84. by Richard Sanders

    Flow is the key to life – in movement in breathing and in daily activities. It helps to centre you and allows you to be efficient and effective. It helps to calm the body and allow for either concentration or relaxation depending on state of mind at the time.

    Thank you Scott for your kindness

  85. by Mihai

    The more i learn, i see flow everywhere, you just have to recognize it! Training with no injuries, and recovering from old ones is maybe the most important message that people need to understand when practicing any form of martial arts of fitness. Great teacher, great system! Thank you!

  86. by Andrew

    All of my adult life I have been unable to enjoy fun activities like kayaking, paddleboarding and more because I lacked the abdominal strength to do so.

    Following the conventional wisdom of ab training never helped and I know understand, from you Scott, that it is training the core as a whole with flow that develops the strength required to participate in these activities.

    For the first time in my life I am ready for, and determined to build, an amazing strong functional core.

    I have already this year lost 30+ lbs of fat, can now see my mid-section and am ready to go all the way and desperately need help with the final 10-15lb of stubborn belly fat.

  87. by Adam Loyd

    In my own quest to discover my own potential I have found myself fascinated by flow type movements as they remind me of my teenage years in martial arts. I love how this unique approach to training hits all aspects of fitness, including strength, endurance, range of motion, and flexibility. I also love working the whole body as a functional unit, rather than just individual parts, as typical bodybuilding programs tend to do.

  88. by Michael Hjerth

    I am 53 years old, and have kids age 3, 10, 17 and 23. No grandchildren yet. But my hope is that there will be toddlers around for the rest of my life, and I plan on being able to roll around the floor and toss the little ones in the air for all of that time. Flow and abs are needed for this:)

  89. by Mark Hatfield

    I’m 60 and have done some type of workouts most of my life but seem to keep falling further behind in the last 10 years. TacFit Warrior showed me my weaknesses and how to work on them. Plus it allowed me high intensity anerobic training without ‘impacts(ground pounding) which I can’t handle anymore, meaning that this is ‘low impact’. The movements also work me into the ground movements of the Russian martial art Systema which I recently discovered. My stiffness impedes my progress but the TacFit Warrior program is improving that and overall improves my quality of life.

  90. by Betina Bengtsen

    As as single mom to a child with ADHD challenges, working three jobs, suffering from arthritis in my hips – I don’t have a lot of time or a lot of choices when it comes to excercise. Scott’s TacFit exercises I can do at home at any time. I can keep strong, lean and fit without having to invest hours each day. Yes, I sometimes get frustrated that I am not yet strong enough to do all the routines. And no, it’s not all the routines that are possible because of the reduced mobility in my hips. But I try, I struggle and it keeps me able.

  91. by Timothy James

    Flow Fit fascinates me. I’ve done all sorts of calisthenics training before but never in such graceful flow. It fascinates me so much that I opt to pursue for my CST certification in 2011 and became the first CST certified instructor in my country, Malaysia. I’m not a personal trainer or certified physiotherapist or coach of any sort. I’m a normal ‘office guy’ who work the normal 8-working-hours in the bank; and probably the only one in the entire bank that I’m working in who knows what physical flow is all about..hahaha… Physical flow is part and parcel of my life now. No workouts ever feel complete without flow. I’ve never been physically better and mentally focused in my life than now. Flow is the way to go.


  92. by B Cole

    Looking to gain better core strength and stability to improve tacfit movements and posture

  93. by bill

    Big believer in movement= health. Would love to learn more about your approach.

  94. by Marianne

    Scott, you inspire me! Thanks for what you portray!

  95. I am a fan of your work in that it structures a workout that supports a reflective transformation to witness the edges of our own nervous system. These edges are both the place of our human break downs and the potential of our human growth. I work with trauma and your work outs have taught me tremendously about the edges of trauma and the regressive break down of being in survival states for too long. Your work outs have the capacity to help others recover their agency from histories in which it was lost. In gratitude and thanks

  96. by Amaury

    From Ageless Mobility to Clubbells, Coach Sonnon’s teachings have been a tremendous help providing a solid, yet adaptable and fluid foundation to which I could reliably reset, no matter the type of situation I find myself in, whether in life or training. I continue to gain invaluable health benefits as I evolve, thanks to Scott Sonnon.

  97. by Peter

    As a fitness enthusiast I crave every drop of knowledge. Lately I became obsessed with the system of Scott and Alberto and the more I study the RMAX systems the the better I can be in my everyday fitness routines and my studets’. I think there is a great encompassing scheme or plan behind all of their programes be it clubbell, tacfit, bodyweight or abs workout. Can’t wait to get it one!

  98. Bring it on Coach Sonnon! Always excited to partake in your lastest and greatest. Many Blessing!

  99. Latest and greatest!

  100. I have been following Scott’s unique insights into exercise and mobility for a number of years. And at my age, I am 51, it has become more important to look after myself, heal old injuries and remain as healthy as I can be. In some ways I am feeling that I am slowly getting stronger than I ever have been. Flow has been a familiar concept for me through my Aikido practise, to be able to take it into mobility and strength training is great. Scott’s way of working and his understanding makes the most sense to me. Truly inspiring.

  101. by Stuart

    All the knocks and injuries from playing sports when younger are now (at 54) coming back to visit.
    These are being magnified by over 20 years of sedentary roles involving lots of travel making regular exercise routines a challenge- until now.
    Last month I started down my old ” pumping iron” approach which has been useful for strength but realise that flexibility and joint movements are more important now.
    I look forward to understanding more about your program.

  102. by josh

    After an injury a couple years ago, I pretty much stopped most activity. Just got out of the habit of it, but I’m slowing working back towards my goals now. Having an office job doesn’t help things, but I think core training and flow training could be major ways to counter those long days of sitting at a computer. Love all of your programs that I’ve been able to see so far.

  103. by aril joe

    Really interested to get 6 packs abs :)

  104. by Matt Elam

    When I was 4 years old, the doctors told my parents that I would need to use a walking cane for the rest of my life…I went on to play both collegiate and professional football. At 14, my high school counselor told me to forget about college because I wouldn’t be able to “function” in that type of environment…I received my master’s degree in Exercise Science in 2007.
    I am legally blind. I have been my whole life. But do our disabilities define us or does our CHARACTER define us?
    Flow has saved my life! I was forced to develop a heightened state of kinesthetic awareness due to my visual impairment – all sensory and motor qualities had to be enhanced to be on equal ground with my sighted brethren. Being lean and healthy gives me confidence in everything I do.
    I would like to share my story with people and let them know that only YOU decide your worth in this world, no one else should decide that for you.

    Strong Regards,

  105. by Jonas Askwall

    Hi Scott.

    I am training geek and really like your programs.

    53 year old skiinstructor from Sweden

  106. by Paul Carr

    It’s all about how free I feel with flow, how my mobility & flexibility is like when I was an 8 year old child again. It’s about my body staying injury free and is now looking in better shape than guys half my age. It’s about my body’s lightness and agility with sheer power to back it up. It’s all about taking control over the body and mastering my body movement. It’s all about the flow.

  107. by Andrew

    Scott, I’ve been using your programs for several years, and at age 49 I’ve never been in better shape – both physically and mentally! Your programs do exactly that: improve both mental and physical powers in a synergistic manner. The resulting confidence that I have developed was recently proven in Kyiv, Ukraine last winter where I could march the Maidan with no fear, indeed with an unyielding courage that added to the overall cause! Thanks!

  108. by Kane Strous

    After becoming an example of the stressed-out, out-of-shape desk-jockey, it’s (past) time to take control.
    I’ve had all the usual excuses with the biggest being time and knowledge.
    Using Coach Sonnon’s teachings, it feels like I’m about to start small and get big results.
    Scott, your generosity in attitude and guidance is always appreciated.

  109. by Brian P

    As a climber, I know all about the need for a strong core combine this with lean muscle mass and your well on the way to that next grade.

  110. by David Greenwood

    Smooth effortless movement and flow is simply joyful living. Anything that impedes freedom of flow is destructive to our well-being and psyche. This programme by removing the impediments to freedom of flow (such as exercise resistant stored fat and weakness to core muscles) enables any one to gain mastery of their body and unlock simple joyful living.

    Thank you Scott for sharing your knowledge so generously and helping build a stronger, more resilient and joyful me.

    Kind Regards, David Greenwood

  111. by Sue Arkley

    I would like spontaneous flow in my life.
    I would love to develop & become stronger… to be graceful like you in your posts :)
    A family history of heart disease and cancer… important to release fat stores.
    Maintain good mental health for my family.
    Take care of myself for my family & it would be nice to feel confident in a bikini at 40 :D.
    Thanks Scott – Sue

  112. by Seb Jura

    A true inspiration to everyone, young, old, male or female

  113. by Cecil Thomas

    I’m 32 year old guy who happens to be a physical therapist, I will be honest and say that I have “let myself go” over the past few years. So getting back into shape has been a bit of a slow process, and this being pretty active from my teens till about my mid twenties. Also I have had shoulder surgery on the left and chronic dislocation on the right shoulder. I recently started with a bit of tacfit and intuflow and I must say its even though it is very difficult(being about 20kg overweight) it is still a lot more fun than the conventional gym “weightlifting” workout. I know the motivation levels will increase as I progress with mobility/flexibility/strength/endurance. I plan to enter an obstacle race later in the year and this method of training is definitely the way to go. Thank you Mr Sonnon that you are other-orientated and so willing to share so much of what you have learnt over the years. (South Africa)

  114. by Daniel C

    A strong core, lean muscle mass and reducing fat are all linked to quality of life and movement.

  115. by Satnam Singh

    For me, fitness is all about movement and longevity. I want to be able to move like a 20 year old well into my 80s. The programs offered by Scott allow me to do so like never before on any other program. I want to be an inspiration to others around me like Scott that life doesn’t end with old age and that we do not have to follow others to believe that with old age comes immobility, diseases, obesity etc. The programs provide the tools for a better life!

  116. by Christian

    Hi Scott,

    I have learnt so much in terms of health and conditioning following your methods and advice, and my conditioning is steadily improving! To many (my former-self included) simply ‘accept’ the limitations that pain, obesity, lack of energy etc. have on their flow in life. For me, the key points in getting to where you want are self-education, determination, and self-confidence. Through these, I hope to continue improving my physical flow in life and inspire the people around me to do the same.

  117. by Jade

    At this moment, it’s almost like I have no option. Now in my 40′s I feel like I am paying the price of years of overexercising and dealing with injuries and the long hours spent in front of the computer in a knot with deadline stress. Now is the time to work for flow. So far I have been complementing my strength and conditioning workouts with mobility and I am loving refinding the range of motion and freedom.

  118. by Carol

    I want six pack!

  119. by Duncan Arkley

    After succumbing to injury- the sum total of stress which has directly impacted my career as a firefighter and personal well being.
    I have utilized your teachings to turn around my approach to health and fitness which were self destructive and left me riddled with pain and injury.
    I move and feel better at 40 than at any time i can remember- thank you for returning my ‘status’ to ‘Fit for Duty!’

  120. by Magnus

    Learning some of your approach to personal physical and mental strength, starting with a focus on releasing stress, mobilising joints, building up health and well being, starting from the exact level of each individual has been absolutely essential to me. Not only for my own personal development, but also as personal coach for my clients. I want more ! Thank you

  121. by selena

    I’m an avid climber in my late 30′s. Constantly in pursuit of quality of movement and the ability to flow. Your programs have been amazing for that. Getting a little leaner wouldn’t hurt either :)

  122. by Matt

    Hey Scott,

    Matt here – I know my comment might not necessarily stick out over the others, and quite frankly, I know I don’t have any more right or place over another who may or may not be more of in need of losing extra exercise-resistant fat or increasing physical flow. However, I will try in spite of the odds of so many different people with different stories and backgrounds and troubles and challenges, all just (if not more so) as enthusiastic and ready to make a change; after all, without the courage to at least give things a shot no matter the odds, who would truly manage to see their goals through right to the end?

    I, personally, am open to new approaches to finding out more about myself and what it is I can do and how to forge the person that I am today into someone better for tomorrow, and while I’ll never know just how much or how little I inspire those around me to do the same, all that I can do is try, in the end – try my hardest, as every human being should, ought to, and does, to make the world that they came into a little bit more of a better place when they leave it. I believe that through self-mastery, through understanding how one works to an intricate level and understanding how one can improve what it is that they have, one can not only begin to find inner peace within themselves, but as well inspire others around them to find it also; this is something that I aspire to become, something I hope I can inspire others to aspire to – after all, as the saying goes, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

    Anyhow, whatever happens, I hope good luck and fortune follows you and whoever could use it the most here in these comments, whether it be the people who win the package, or the unrecognized heroes who, in spite of disappointments and setbacks, still manage to muster the courage to keep on trying to make themselves and the world a better place.


  123. by Irene Smyth

    I can never learn enough about how to truly care and nurture my amazing physical and emotional self. Even though I am not a fan of social media I truly look forward and am so grateful for all of your posts, emails and any digital resources that you provide to give me access to the information that caters to my needs. I have learnt so much from you and love sharing what you have taught me with my family and others around me. Thank you for opening up an exciting world of life long learning. I am so excited for your upcoming release.

  124. Hi Scott

    Being physically fit is great asset. As a bonus it gives a fine mental boost. Double great & double confidence.


  125. by Darren

    At 49 years old and having two bum knees that makes anything physical or transitioning from standing to kneeling miserable. I’m always looking for ways to decrease pain and improve my mobility, strength, and personal best for 1.5 mile run. I was doing well until the holidays came around or the weather temperatures changed. Maybe that’s what I need to do is revisit past programs I’ve ordered.

  126. by Jacob Botha

    I wish to be in good health and maintain that. I also want to be able to move and experience the joy that comes from utilizing the potential your body has instead of letting it go to waste.

  127. by Stian Antonsen

    I have been practising some of your methods for a while, and my body and mind is much more flexible and playful than before. My only real problem areas (at least that I know of) is my belly, wich is the only place on my body where I have a bit to much fat, and my lower back, wich is tense and painful. I am starting to understand that there is a connection between those problems, and I am looking forward to a sixpack and a painfree back. :)

  128. by naresh

    Hi Scott,
    Thanks for all your posts and great work you are doing. The weakest point of my body is my core and I am really keen on trying out your programme to strengthen my weakness.

  129. by John Bedosky

    Scott, I have been a “student” of yours since 2005 or so and have experienced more freedom and ease of movement, a more centered presence, than from any other training I’ve done, whether in martial arts, dance, gymnastics or so-called “movement drills.” The mind, brain and body are separate, but connected and not independent. The next breakthroughs in training the brain and nervous system to retain and increase functionality for those of us who are passing 50 will be in the area of embodied cognition. You are WAY ahead of the curve and I want to ride it with you!

  130. by Fabian Michalow Hansen

    Dear Scott

    Your programs is absolutely amazing in the way they/you take highly efficient and complex movement knowledge and make it absolutely understandable and useful for all kinds of people around the globe!
    I’m a circus artist and were ever I go in the circus and dance community, I see a need for your work to spread out to every corner of the movement/fitness society! To show people that you CAN be incredible fit and feel good for the rest of your life, with the right type of mentality and work, FLOW!

    - Fabian

  131. by Steve

    Scott, I’ve been fat pretty much my whole life and it affects my self-esteem. I’ve been doing your free beginner Intu-flow routines and never felt great. But if I could just lose my belly fat, I’ll be able to move much, much better and be able to remove a big source of insecurity.

  132. by Lily

    I like Scott Sonnon’s programs and his total approach to fitness and quality of life.
    One and only pitfall? My own laziness. :-)

  133. by Ron

    I enjoy using some of your other programs (TACFIT, joint mobility, IntuFlow and FlowFit) and am now very curious about this new program. I would love to try it out and see where it can get me! Thank you. :-)

  134. by Anne

    At 53 I’m seeing signs of hormonal changes and “aging” – but in the depth of my being I don’t believe that the human body must inevitably hurtle into decrepitude. I see many ways that my movement is limited, rigid, mechanical, but I long for a natural fluidity and grace that expresses out from the core and will support me for many more years in my physically demanding bodywork career. I’m strong, but need more strength not just for my work, but also to be able to safely lift my very old 100# dog should her weakening back end fail. And I feel like I’m ready to face the stubborn belly fat that makes me unattractive and unrecognizable to whoever might be the beloved of my heart. My life only gets better, and I want the body to be able to live it fully and serve optimally.

  135. by Rex

    Scott is a magician in how he combines his knowledge from martial art and yoga into core and flexibility exercises that we all need to have a better quality in life.

  136. by Andrew

    I really resonate with the effects of stress on belly fat… I’m a reasonably fit 54 years old. I have good mental/spiritual flow and trust in my life.
    But I’m aware that my body is tighter and my middle thicker/stiffer than I’d like.
    I’ve used several of Scott’s programs over the last few years and have learned/improved my fitness a lot (especially considering how little I
    actually do.)

  137. by Cagri

    Hi Scott,

    CST has been the best exercise routine I have ever enrolled in. With the diversity of exercises, scaling and reverting to easier form of the exercise anyone can complete the routine with a satisfaction of working out fully. The complexity of the multi muscle group exercises enhances improvements in the technique which makes it possible to increase the intensity with better technique.
    Great work many thanks for all your studies and programmes you developed.

  138. by Roberto

    In flow we grow

  139. by Boon

    use to be a lift weight for look, stumble upon pasara yoga, tried it and i learn that form is nothing without funciton, better mobility, better movement, better life

  140. by surech

    Coach, I believe that every human is entitled to experience moving freely with flow and pain free. There are 1001 ways on how not to do things
    right and live a ‘handicapped’ life with reduced mobility. Finding the right way and method however defies most people. Having the right knowledge from the trusted source is much needed ! I hope that everyone that used tacfit be a living testimonial and motivation to others

  141. by Dave Firth

    I am 65 years old, and have recently had surgery for Hernia problems. A few months ago I started creaking my way through the Flowfit program and the improvement to my health is beyond words. The difference between my mobility and fitness now, compared to a year ago, is amazing. It has also shown me that the core is the most important area of the body.
    This new program is an exciting development that I would love to explore.

  142. by Roberto Codato

    I practice Scott Sonnen’s 5Classics, FlowFit, Clubell Yoga & classic book Body-Flow: Freedom from Fear-Reactivity to gain greater flow in my life. For 25 years I negotiated w/ Lyme disease & several car accidents which resulted in shattered bones, smashed tissues & a compromised nervous system. Before discovering Rmax I tried a myriad of different alternative healing systems to help me to become pain-free & rebuild lost lean-muscle mass. I can honestly share that though challenging – using Scott’s different tested products I have regained a proximity to the body I had as a twenty something. Difficult to change has been the fat still stored around my middle which has proven very resistant to most exercise. Thank u Scott & Rmax for truly helping me on the road to recovery. I’ve gained better posture, flexibility, agility; in my health & strength!

  143. by Ricardo E Allies

    I have been following Coach Sonnon’s Flow and many other programs s part of my wellness pursuit. Using flow movements, training with Tacfit progressions and more have given me the ability to rise from a great restful night into a beautiful energised day – almost daily for more than 5 years. It changed, enhanced and improved me and my family and my training group positively. I expect more from this new development of breathing.

  144. by Louise

    I have always carried fat around my waist, even in my early 20 when I was doing 8 classes of aerobics a day, running and gym work. Now I’m 43, I still workout but not nearly as much as I did in my younger years. I’m getting married for the first time in August 2014, I would LOVE to be at my peak of fitness and looks for this day.

  145. by Reinaldo Rosario

    I began running 3 years ago. Went from someone that walk one in a while to finishing a marathon. I have seen how important is the core training , and at the same time how “difficult ” it can be. As a mid aged man it becomes very important to look good and more important to feel good. Core is everything, and we are going to archive this by training in a proper way.

  146. by Michael

    Hi Scott,
    In my childhood (at 15 years old) I suffered from rheumatism and was not allowed to participate in any sport for the next 10 years. Afterwards every sportive endeavour was connected with pain and injures. Until I discovered Intu-Flow 2 years ago. This program helped me more than everything I experienced before in my life. I can’t thank you enough for this. I’m now in my mid 40 and feel better, be more mobile that ever and exploring more physical activities like TACFIT etc.

  147. by James

    As a martial artist/combat athlete, i’ve have had host of little (and not so little) injuries. Your products (especially prasara yoga) have helped me immensely in the past. Looking forward to this your newest release! Thanks!

  148. I want to increase my capacity for physical flow to bring greater harmony to my personal body-mind-spirit experience as a whole.
    I want to build lean muscle mass in order to increase my stamina and be able to improve both my physical fitness and mental wellbeing
    I want to get rid of exercise resistant fat to look after my health and increase my capacity to be of service in the work I do for others into my middle and old age!!
    Thanks for this offer, appreciate it ;-)

  149. by David

    Increasing my flow and improving my movement patterns has reported many positive physical effects but it has caused more effectiveness in my awareness and self-confidence. It has allowed me to think in a much more positive way and it has a strong effect in my relationships. A life without pain and moving with grace being able to afford almost any sport challenge can also provide contagious hapiness and enthusiasm. In fact, it saved my relationship with my soulmate. Thanks.

  150. by Claude

    After years of repetitive atrength training, I found Scott Sonnon’s primal stress and mobility programs. Training without flow now just doesn’t feel right anymore, just like strength without grace of movement looks and feels awkward . Flow has become something I strive for in most aspects of life, from exercise to making music. It just makes instinctive sense.

  151. Hi Scott,

    We are a team of manual therapists and we use you’re programs a lot with our different types of rehabilitations. It’s easy to work with the execises because it all feel’s like the movements are natural and de patiënts don’t need to think, they just do the movements…
    I think this work out will be challening for us and the patiënts…

  152. by Simona

    Cause training has sense only if guided by you Scott….you are such an inspiration model for me and my family

  153. by Mark

    I have two sports mad kids over 40 years younger than me. following flow and TACFIT programs means that i might be the oldest father on the block, but i’m also the one that’s chasing the kids around the park, cycling the events with them… they love it and i love it!

  154. by Matt Gregory

    A few years ago, at 44 years old, I started to practice Ashtanga yoga. At the same time I found mindfulness meditation and between the two have been exploring how to find flow both physically and mentally. A little later I came across your work Scott and incorporated that into my practice. At first this was a personal journey very much focused on feeling good. Now, at 47, I have a herniated disc in my neck. As a result my focus has shifted dramatically. Now, I want powerful and beautiful flow for its healing potential. I want to understand and embody the ability to overcome injury. I want the mastery and confidence to stand up and share what I am learning. Regardless of the result of this competition I imagine I will devour your new program anyway, but thanks for giving us the opportunity.

  155. by Samatha

    Excited to receive this interesting article.

  156. by Chad Straza

    6 months ago I was in the lowest time in my whole life. I worked a job I hated. Had a nasty injury were for me dropped me even lower into a depression. So low that I sat at home for todays thinking about taking my own life. I started reading Live Boldly and doing TACFIT 26 Level 1! I Worked out my mind to believe something different can happen and it did!. Melting off the “bad fat” in my own thoughts! I have a new job I like! and a new injury free body that his stronger then before my injury. Increased physical flow is important to my life, because it saved me from taking it.

  157. by Rishabh Pandey

    Dear Scott,

    Before I got introduced to the concept of flow , exercise and movement as articulated by you, I was trapped in a cycle of negativity,self defeating ideas about how my repeated failures in my struggle for more optimal movement and health were due to my failings of not pushing hard enough etc.

    The knowledge you have imparted has not only helped me place exercise , nutrition and fitness ( “fit for what ” :D ) in perspective, it has taught me to stop viewing my body as some out -of -tune mechanical engine that just needs to be put through the paces.

    I remember you once said that you don’t fear others stealing your program because to be able to teach it, they will have to internalize it and it will change them as people.

    That’s how it has helped me and this is why I will continue to deepen my learning.

    Many thanks,

  158. by Kohler Dom

    I’m 51 years old, working in Human Ressources, systema martial art practionner, father of 2 children; my daughter is a dancer, my son is an ice hockey player. My girlfriend is yoga practionner and massage therapist. Sooner in my life i’ve trained very bad with a lot of crunches. After a huge back surgery I start ton train differently. I love the work of Scott Sonnon. Beeing strong and fit allow us to be better people, more confident, more resilient. Our body , mind and energy are the instrument that we can use to help ourself and other people to bring our contribution to help the world become better, safer and a more lovin’ place. Thank you Scott for sharing your knowledge. Best wishes to all of You ! Dom (sorry for my english)

  159. by Gonçalo Santos

    I always have been fat, sometimes more, sometimes less. Having Flow in my life despite I lose fat or not, makes feel healthier, I move better, have more resistence and can perform better. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Scott! I’m a fan and a “student” from Portugal, hope to see you some day in my country!

  160. by angus

    Really like your intu-flow and tacfit programs. Effective and enjoyable

  161. by Osvaldo Brandariz

    I think that movement is the key to live and health. I’m 63 years old. Since 3 years ago I had radiation treatment in the prostate because I had cancer and I put 7 kilos of fat. I need to recover my weight and my health back. I trust your methods of exercising. Thanks for giving this opportunity. Regards

  162. by sagie

    Want to try and experience the training!!!

  163. by :Leela Middleton

    I would welcome to opportunity to have the deep changes I have made internally manifest in my body. I have done an amazing amount of work to recover from trauma and chronic illness. I have reached a plateau recently in terms of integrating this healing somatically. I want to engage my body to reflect my inner transformation and release any deep levels of trauma that still remain.


  164. by Roberto

    Il mio più grande desiderio è di riuscire ad essere un buon padre per mia figlia.
    Voglio l’abilità di restarle accanto in qualsiasi momento, di buttarmi a terra per fare le capriole se ha voglia di giocare e di portarla in braccio fino a casa se è stanca o si è fatta male.
    If I want to stand I need flow

  165. by Michael Howard

    I am into the early stage of my middle age and have been on a slow and steady endeavour to get fit, lean and strong for life. I found Scott Sonnon’s through an old internet forum article about neck strengthening but I was immediately intrigued by his unique philosophy on training.

    Aesthetics is important to me but is not the main reason I train, building lean muscle mass and burning off excess fat is as much about looking good as it is about being healthy and vibrant, I feel the best I ever have at 35 and there is still so much room for improvement. Increasing my flow and mobility through Intu-Flow and Yang Yoga feels like it is boosting my longevity, giving me the feeling of getting younger as I age, particularly my joints but also my whole body buzzes with energy. I have a really positive outlook as I feel my body and mind will continue to strengthen and develop for the rest of my life rather than deteriorate as I age as I had always in the past imagined.

  166. I love the Flowfit for its uniqueness and originality
    improves strength, endurance and joint mobility
    and in addition has no limit of age
    is great for everyone

    i love it

  167. by Ian

    Flow is the gateway to Grace. Effortless action in movement teaches effortless action in life…Everyday a little less is a little more.

  168. by Glynis Kearney

    I finally faced my true self this Monday – I am a single mother of 4 children – 18 year old twins, a 10 year old and an 8 year old. I am 48, weigh 101kgs and have a body fat percentage of 42. I suffer from high anxiety and depression and am an insomniac. Safe to say my health outlook is the worst it has ever been. I have been through 2 divorces and have been brought to my knees financially but I am standing up and finally taking charge of me, for me. I want to be healthy (more importantly I NEED to be healthy) and I have to find the time to invest in myself now. I used to be a professional dancer when I was younger and ran 10km fun runs – now I do nothing in the form of exercise and I feel like I have lost control of my wellbeing. I need a big kick in the butt and I finally am taking my own life into my own hands. Thanks to people like you on the web, I can draw daily inspiration and reach my goals.

  169. by Louis Luna

    Flow is natural. It prevents injuries where other exercises failed. This is the true form of wellbeing for the body.

  170. by steve rogers

    When in flow with life it just happens. Movement and and your thought patterns go hand in hand to create and recreate your life patterns. Instead of just going through life you are going through life with little resistance. Ive had physical pain for years due to an injury and that also created mental pain. When I quit fighting myself and trying to force myself life changed and so did my mind. Plus my Birthday is June 2 and I will be 42.

  171. by James Garvan

    I believe that a lot of spiritual power comes from the core and although the physical benefits are a happy byproduct spiritual energy is the goal for me and right now I’m spiritually flabby .

  172. Flow is important, because, flow is what we are. We are movement, not exercise. Life is movement. As long as we flow, life will be nice to us. We are meant to flow, like water. As long as we flow, we create movement, and movement is a key of life. Flow is what keep us young. Be a kid for life … flow all the time

  173. by Nomen Levis

    I simply aspire to achieve the physique of my wife’s dreams.

  174. by Teodoru Stefan

    Dear Scott,
    All your methods of improving our physical, mental and spiritual status simply make sense. Whether they are inspired from ancient,traditional martial arts all around the world, or whether they are based on intense study and research on your behalf with the help of modern science, they bring quality in our lives,making us fit on all aspects,so that we each can pursue our dreams in harmony with our bodies. Imagine a world in which children would be taught in schools this kind of programs, a world with less chronical diseases and with people sharing your philosophy of life. Every man should have the opportunity to reach his true potential,and i think that by listening to your advices, everyone has at least several steps of the journey completed. I thank you,sir

  175. by Jon Taylor

    As I firefighter I place great demands on my body and mind. A recent round of shoulder surgery (to repair a torn labrum) and a fight with renal cancer (most likely due to carcinogens from smoke encountered on the job) resulting in the loss of one kidney only highlight the need for balance and flow in my life. Increasing lean muscle mass – and the concommital improvement in hormonal balance – are just the prescription as I attempt to rehabilitate and return to the job.

  176. by Thomas Sullivan

    Scott always provides a clear, implementable and impactful program. I find his programs to be challenging but doable and help to increase my overall health and vitality.

  177. by Dave Clark

    Movement is strength, movement is flexibility, movement is health, movement is flow, movement is life.

  178. by Aaron

    So that I can help people live their lives with strength, grace, and precision.

  179. At 40 I was struck by a car while mountain biking home from the gym. I was left immobilized with agonizing hip lower back and knee pain. My Chiropractors told me I would require a back brace for the rest of my life and not to expect to continue an Active lifestyle which included wake boarding, mountian hiiking and athletic training) My Orthopedic Surgeons suggested back surgery to relief my chronic Sciatic . I simply asked my Dr. “what if I strengthen and re balanced my body” ? – They offered no response just a look of disbelief. I discovered Scott Sonnon while doing research on line. Scott’s body of work was INSTRUMENTAL in restoring my structural and core Integrity as well as range of movement. Scott taught me that If I did not address my dysfunction that my function would decrease ( I now get it!! ) . If I had not discovered Scott Sonnon’s body of work I am 100% sure I would be dependent on the health care system versus HEALTHY and STRONG.

    At 48 I am now stronger and can move in ranges that I never thought was possible.

    Thank you Mr. Scott Sonnon ( Coach)

    I look forward to MORE of your incredible work….


    David Johnson
    Atlanta Ga

  180. by Hayley Goodsman

    For many years I have struggled with my weight. As a female I found it was very hard to find good weight loss advice that did not tell me to do lots of cardio and don’t lift weights as you’ll get big. I discovered the gym at 25 years old and just used the cardio room, I had results but they were up and down. I decided to do my own research and ended up finding people that could help me, once I started to lift weights and then lift my own body weight I saw results rapidly, I am also teaching myself about nutrition which has improved my health and changed my way of thinking. I am still discovering and learning so any extra help would be great. I also benefit from my added strength gain and leanness for my job as a Fire-fighter, I am able to move better and lift and keep going longer then most of the men, being only 5ft 6in weighing 57kg, still shocks them!!! As I said I am still on this journey and I need to know how I can further improve as sometimes finding help locally is hard.

  181. by Riccardo Vulpiani

    Getting in the mid 40s and wanting to go back to my first love, Judo, I need all the help i can to bring my battered body to a functional level, as i am still recovering from an elbow operation.
    I suspect flow would be the perfect tool for the job. I had good success with your intu-flow and bringing body, mind and breathing together with the new Flow would be ideal for my health and hobbies.

    Thanks for the free gifts, by the way.

  182. by Andy

    I would like to inspire my wife to believe she can pursue fitness in a healthy way even as a busy 40+ mom of 3 ( a belief she has abandoned )

  183. by john watson

    All I wish is for me to ‘be’ and ‘function’ on all levels as Nature intended.

  184. by Kenneth Peers

    I am now close to 70 years old and been quite active, an old soldier of 30 years service and that has taken its tole had to have a hip replaced got knee and shoulder problems, but also got young grandchildren i want to enjoy so something that gets me moving is welcome

  185. by Josh

    As a martial artist, being confident in my skills and abilities to defend myself allows me to feel safe and concentrate my energy on helping others feel the same. By improving my core and the element of flow, it will exponentially improve my ability to perform my martial arts skills, further grounding my confidence, which will allow even more of my energy to flow onto others.

  186. by Alejandro

    I think you say train smarter not harder, and only better is better.
    So with these ideas in mind I want to learn how to do it and what is a better way than learning from the master who does it?!

  187. by Jesse Rupp

    When I can unbind my mind and my movement and begin to tap into that flow state, I feel like I’m beginning to live, like I’m touching my heart-self. It is there I can began to let go of all my egos crap and see my body become a reflection to that. Thank you for all the work you do.

  188. by Robby Beauchamp

    Scott Sonnon’s Flow training has given me everything I’ve ever needed in my physical training. I travel a lot, so I am confined to a sitting position for many hours at a time and I never know if I’ll have access to a gym while on the road. Using Scott’s Flows I am able to maintain my mobility, functional strength, and physique all while on the road and facing the stresses of traveling.

  189. by Craig

    I use intu-flow and flow fit as part of my regular training routine, and have had very good results. I am looking forward to seeing this new package you are offering. Thanks for the free gifts.

  190. by Jason

    All my life I have struggled for ‘flow’. Recklessly moving weights and doing exercises without mastering the basics has left me with many injuries and reduced my ability to ‘flow’.
    Now I come to the conclusion I have to take several massive steps backwards to start moving forward into ‘flow’ again.
    Start with the core, radiate the generated ‘flow’ out, all things serve the core
    my body is legion

  191. I am 62 years old, have exercised all my life and used the TACFIT programs for five years. But, age and gravity are gradually winning. I need to exercise and live smarter in order to live better, longer and more productively. It is clear to me that health is in the spirit and permeates our bodies and in the core and radiates outward.

  192. by Jack

    I am a single parent with a 9 year old daughter. Next week I will celebrate my 59th birthday. Obviously, longetivy is a major concern in my life right now. Good health and fitness are the pathway to that longevity. I have gotten off track in those areas of my life and think I need a little push to get moving in the right direcrion again.

  193. by Harold

    I’m 41 years old just retired from the military and now I am having medical issues. I believe that this program will help me to be able to function normally again and recover from my medical issues easier. This would be a great blessing, so I could be able to keep up and play with my children.

  194. by barbara

    Increasing physical flow will improve my mobility, therefore improving my attitude and relationships with those around me. The flow on effect to my improved muscle mass will ensure that I continue into my next phase of life (retirement from work) with my independent and active lifestyle. to not burden my children with the need to look after me. after a lifetime of exercise and clean eating to lose the exercise resistant (belly) stored fat would be the icing on the cake and give me the freedom to finally wear the lycra on my cycle rides & sportives.

  195. by Rob

    I am 57 years young, basically means among the vast experience and knowledge there are still broken links that for whatever reason one has yet to correct. With so much information out there Scott Sonnon’s concept’s seam masterfully conceived. Increasing a physical Flow will undoubtedly improve this 57 yr changing body, this is not a typical 20 year, 39 year or 45 year old body. This is a military trained, martial arts and sports driven body that has had it body beaten by a process that never had all the correct links. So!… Yes!! will increasing a physical “Flow”, improving “lean muscle mass” and releasing mid section “Fat” to this baby boomer generation improve my life! … Just Imagen what this will say about Scot Sonnon’s concepts!

  196. by Mark

    These things are important because they bring a level of health and vitality to life that cannot be understood unless they are experienced. Maybe even more important than that, the process of getting there is important because it demands discipline and since this process demand many disciplines it enhances everything we are to become in life in every area of living. And personally, I like your methods and processes because though they are demanding, which is valuable within itself, they do not demand that I spend so much of this short time of existence learning and relearning “fitness”. All in all it is a nice part of the whole package of Wellness.

  197. by Nick

    As I get older the more I realise that any success you have, will be undermined by poor health. Active participation in both exercise and diet is vital.

  198. by jorge alves

    Ever since the (late) day in my life when I discovered the “grappler’s toolbox” my physical and mental health improved substantially. An almost daily religious practice of different programs created by Scott Sonnon was the key to this wonderful change. I owe him in great extent the ability to overcome better – and help others do so – the troubled days.
    From Portugal, with gratitude.

  199. by adam stevenson

    I’m 37 years old, I have been using your teachings, for the last 5 years in same shape or form and now i have a hard time believing that i’m not 20, I still get a buzz from how quiet both body and my mind become after doing daily into-flow, or the way the nerves fire after sweating out a club bell routine. why i need the flow? with 3 kids, long hours of work to support them and house payments, the need to have a quiet mind and body with all systems firing in order to follow to archive my families and my own goals. regardless of the outcome I thank you for all you have helped me achieve .

  200. by Sue

    I know my weak core is affecting many other aspects of my health – for example poor posture and grounding, lower back issues and pirriformis. I am in constant pain at night. Although I do some core exercise, and Intuflow, its not enough, I need to really strengthen my whole core and lose bellly fat so that my skeleton can take its proper shape and do its proper work. I know your material is structured and scientific and extremely well tested, and this ab programme sounds like just what I’ve been needing.

  201. by Roman

    I was considered and called a cripple when in my youth: In early childhood received psychological treatment for my “unwillingness” to walk and run. Between the age of 6 and 9 suffered severe knee issues, ran into a car, had several other accidents and had my first surgery on my knees. A shorter left leg had me limping and my back was crooked. Doctors wanted to surgically alter it when grown-up. I trained in Judo however and was unfortunate enough to experience a severe neck injury aged 13. The prediction was I would move around in a wheelchair at age 21. I prooved them wrong: I found Scott by chance when I looked up Sonnen in Bavaria. I trained Intu-Flow, Flowfit and many others and now am fitter than ever. I do Hiking, Skiing, became a Martial Arts teacher, joined a Military Special Unit and now still proof I am up to my way younger comrades and subordinates. That is how important Movement in Flow is (to me anyway)

  202. by bobo

    It is all about the core

  203. by Dwayne Desloges

    Hey Scott,
    A couple of years ago I hurt my back and was bed ridden for days, I product of learning lifting technique from a magazine. The incident inspired me to learn more about the human body and started me on my journey to becoming a personal trainer, and MovNat instructor.
    I came across your name mentioned in a video with Vic Verdier, which has changed my life.
    Until starting with your primal stress program I thought my back pain was something I was going to have to live and deal with for the rest of my life.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help your programs have given me.
    I am planning on attending a certification sometime in the next year, as well as enrolling in a kenisiology program.

    Thanks for everything

  204. by L3oli0

    As a young man, I suddenly discovered that doing much sport was hurting me : the lack of “search-to-feel-the-right-move” and pre-post-workout seamed to be the reason. Then in a kettlebell class I discovered some moves from the “Swiss Legion”, that is teaching TacFit, that changed my perception of a workout, what should be the real goals and how you need to focus on the move. Since then I keep an eye on the work of Coach Sonnon and I’m happy to see that he’s permanently making his teaching evolving.

  205. by Peter Bonde Nielsen

    I am 48 with two kids below 3 years of age and I want to stay active, strong and healthy for them well in to my sixties, seventies and beyond.


  206. by Philip

    I’m 57 and just starting golf as a retirement project.

    I’m taking a samurai approach to it, and flow, fitness and strength are a key part of this both to grow as a person, to improve my golf, but to get the maximum out of my retirement years, and years as a desk Jockey

  207. by David Jones

    I’m 61 years and have been trying many fitness products and routines over the years, only to conclude that with out core fitness nothing else much matters.

  208. by Nancy Lebovitz

    I’d like to be able to move better and enjoy life more. I’ve found your approach to be sensible and safe. I believe I can learn something useful from your abs package.

  209. by Cristian

    I believe we are here, on this Earth, to learn, improve and grow. The body has many abilities that in the modern world have become a little (or more) atrophied. But they are there. And it’s our mission to bring them to light to serve us and the world.

  210. by Andy

    A strong core is a necessity.
    Coach Sonnon’s training programs are the best out there!
    Thank you for giving back, coach.

  211. by Drew

    I just turned 45 a few weeks ago and have been struggling with my gut for the last 10 years. While I have been able to regain much of the strength of my youth, I have been unsuccessful in losing the extra fat around my core. I look forward to achieving a strong core and looking and feeling better from my abs with Coach Sonnon’s 10 Abdominal Tightening Routine.

  212. by Mike

    Because what passes for movement within sports or daily life, far from being functional or necessary, is often actually damaging. Flow, in my experience, tends to be a very good measure for correct form and a good diagnostic tool to help identify any areas that, if not weak, could certainly do with some improvement. There isn’t “good flow” or “bad flow”, not outside of plumbing. Flow’s what you get when you’ve got everything else right.

  213. by Jobe Linn

    I’m 52 years old and have been training for 25 years. as I get older, those hard fat spots are getting more stubborn. I also have a lot of stress from raising four kids and being a full time teacher. Being able to increase Flow in my life is not a wish, it is a necessity! Iknow Scott’s programs are the olny way to go in my hectic life.

  214. by John

    At 47 and having a demanding career, it takes considerable effort to maintain health and vitality. I look forward to trying Coach Sonnon’s latest workout to see if it can help me accomplish my fitness goals.

  215. by Scott Kinney

    You wouldn’t think of it right away, but running places high demands on core strength and stability. As I train for a sub-2 hour half marathon, I’ve gone back into my Rmax library to resurrect Flowfit, Forward Pressure and the Power Chamber to enhance core strength, coordinate breathing, promote mobility and move my body in all 6 degrees of freedom. While I’ve looked backward, Coach Sonnon has moved his disciplines forward… and I want the benefit of that evolution.

  216. by Wojtek

    Abdomin is the center of my body. I want to feel strong in my core. I want to balance my body (right now I have hyperlordosis). I also want to prevent bad health and bad changes in my posture.

  217. by Wayne

    Movement is life. Without it we cease to exist. Grace in movement is having complete control. Having graceful movement is provides the potential to being the best version of what we can be in life.

  218. by Nick

    Straight up, I got into drugs and a very unhealthy lifestyle as a teenager. When I was twenty I nearly went to gaol which flicked a switch for me, I managed to detox off of heroin and speed simultaneously with help from my sister and brother Inlaw. It took a couple of years to normalise though alternate substance abuse came and went. I started a trade, met my beautiful wife and had two amazing children who have been my biggest focus period. Now that I’m heading for 40 and my children are a little older I have been slowly working on me again. Through the shear generosity of Kailash and every single person who affiliates themself with his cause, I am finaly beginning to feel like a healthy human again. I intend no exaduration whatsoever when I say that Scott Sonnon has turned my life in a new direction, I thank my maker for this daily, that is all.

  219. by Patrick Ashby

    As a Type 2 Diabetic, the reduction of abdominal fat deposits is essential to my continued good health. Developing s stronger core is also a key facet of improving my ballroom and Latin dancing. As I progress in my studies of Argentine Tango and Salsa as well, I have gained more appreciation as to the benefits of having a strong and lean middle. The ladies appreciate the leanness and I am better able to lead them and make them look gorgeous with strong muscles in place.

  220. by ramzy

    Hi sir,
    Every thing about your teaching is amazing thank you very much.
    Best regards.

  221. by Joshua Gibbons

    I need to keep my flow and strength in order to continue being the father and citizen that I can be.

  222. by D.F.

    Having hit 40, I want to regain the mobility I’ve lost. It’s important to me that I can keep up the activity levels with the kids, and be around when the grandkids come.

  223. by Gary

    Coach, as someone who has been struggling with weight issues for more than 15 years, I have greatly benefitted from Intu-flow and other programs. I look forward to the opportunity to increase my flow!

  224. by Panos

    Hey Scott,
    I am a big fan of your holistic training vision which helped me improve the way I train myself and my clients and getting more consious about how a simple workout could be transformed into a coaching experience for brain and body performance
    Thank you

  225. by TJ

    As I near 50, I see how much my body/mind has changed since my very active and athletic youth. I went through a horrible health crisis and will deal with medications and limited physicality for the rest of my life. And that won’t stop me from still being physically active. I still go to the gym even when it hurts. Several of Coach Sonnon’s other programs have made a tremendous impact on my rehabilitation and my quality of life. I always look forward to utilizing any new methods, techniques, or systems that Coach Sonnon provides the world. Thank you.

  226. by Andreas

    My job is a mixture of longer periods of sitting, while planning, organising, researching or listening to problems und worries of co-workers and students, and being everywhere and sometimes moving heavy loads. Working on at least 3 to 5 problems at a time balancing technical, organisatorical, moral and often emotinal aspects I have to find the edge of high productivity and a clear mind to make good decisions. Flow is the optimal state of being in the here and now where I am needed and not mentally at the next bush fire. At the german counterpart of the NASA we are out of our comfort zone most of the time learning something new nearly every day. CST, Tacfit and JKD helped me to provide a good base of physical and emotional health but every now and then because of the quick change of longer sitting and lifting, pulling or pushing heavy loads like autoclav doors and charging trollies I go home with back or shoulder pain.

  227. by John Boss

    Increased physical flow is important for my aging body. Maintaining and regaining strength and flexibility is vital to me. Releasing the fat is like finding the fountain of youth. Keep up the remarkable work.

  228. by Benjamin Ford

    Looking forward to see if this is the same material you taught in the December cert.

  229. by Charlie Parrish

    As a stuntman, fitness and mobility, flow, are critical tool for survival. As a stuntman in my mid-forties, they are increasingly harder to maintain. I am always looking for the tools to help me maintain my edge.

  230. by gary d

    i have been using the tacfit package for a couple of years and i can keep up with my 4 yr old boy,i am a man of 49 years,had a life of heavy weights and was starting to slow down and seize up,the tacfit and the 6 degrees,along with flow work has made me feel 25 again,more movement, energy and funny enough i feel stronger in a natural way and lots more freedom,all this equates to a happier little boy

  231. by John V Nowotarski

    I want this program not for me. I want to learn more about the body and health and fitness to lead my unit and hopefully, group/wing/base to be truly fit. So that we start focusing on a health first approach. I want it to help others even more. Your work has inspired me to do great things and I want to give back to the air force what has given me so much.

  232. by haroon Darr

    Scott Sonnon’s training systems are truly unique & awesome. Working daily with young adults with autism & learning disabilities. Many a time the Intuflow mobility movements have worked holistically both physically & mentally.
    I myself have made vast improvements to my life via the various programs.
    Flow & become…Feeling is believing!
    Thank you.

  233. by Sue

    Core strength is SO important in all we do – I’d really appreciate knowing your structured routine for keeping strong. Thank you!

  234. by Ravi

    Since discovering CST and Coach Sonnon’s training approach and methods, I have seen an exponential increase in my overall well-being. I used to consider myself ‘fit’ as I worked out at my local gym and played soccer regularly. However, I started to get niggling injuries that I couldn’t shake. Since implementing CST methods about 2 years ago, I am injury free, I have more energy, agility, strength and I have a health-first approach that allows me to adjust my training and recovery according to my activities and lifestyle. As a new father, it has become increasingly important to my family that I am healthy and strong and I look forward any new production by Coach Sonnon and the benefits it will bring. Thanks Coach.

  235. by Davey

    As business picks up, I spend more and more time in my poorly designed chair. Then I’m tight when I stand up and obviously doing myself no favors by working too much.

    Also, at 51, everything stretches less, hurts longer and gets heavier, but I’m a physical guy and don’t like getting beaten by, for example, the huge rocks I’m digging out of my backyard for the new garden.

    Anything I can integrate into my normal routine is more important now than ever.

  236. by Paul

    Using Intuflow and prasara for fatigue issues has been a great help

  237. by Anthony

    Although a fairly young man (37) I am already experiencing the debilitating effects of aging despite eating well and utilizing TacFit workouts for several years now. I would like to regain some of that youthful vigor and look. Coach Sonnon programs have NEVER let me down and seem to be ahead of their time despite drawing from knowledge that has been around for ages. Each time a new program is released I am challenged in a new way. I need this newly devised challenge to add into my TacFit arsenal. I am forever grateful to the Coach Sonnon for the progress I’ve made over the years, and always excited for what’s to come.

  238. by Shirley C.

    Often in life one faces adversity, hurt, harm, abuse, and forces beyond one’s control which can stop you like a ton of bricks OR you can learn to FLOW around and through them reborn as a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

    Increasing physical flow, increasing lean-muscle mass, and adopting a “health and recovery first” approach to fitness would be the realization of a dream, because not only would I be lifted up from the people putting me down, but I would be in a better position to help promote healthy and meaningful lifestyle choices.

    Health is a true blessing, and helping others is an honor, because I believe in the power of the human spirit and the kindness and generosity we all possess.

    Thank you, Professor Sonnon, for all your revolutionary programs and development at RMAX International.

  239. by Will

    Flow is the secret to happiness.

  240. by Mathew

    The idea of flow is important to me because it hints at the idea of feeling free and alive. Being free from the limitations of my slightly stiff, slightly ageing, slightly weak body and being alive to engage the world with greater confidence and trust.

  241. by LeAnn

    I would love to try more work on flow. I’m 47 and starting to notice that recovery is slowing, energy is draining, and I want something new to challenge and force me to maintain the results I’ve gotten thus far. Thanks for your programs.

  242. by Uwe

    Dear Scott,
    up to age 30 I was suffering deep parental familiy based depression without only knowing it.
    At age 33 after some verbal struggles with my (now former) wife (thanks for her desperately “trying to hold me down” :-) and mother of our great twin boys I decided to learn some martial arts (selected aikido as it was the first in alphabetical order :-) to build up self esteem.
    My admired first aikido sensei over the years showed us some special movements and called it “prasara yoga” which many years later led me to your homepage last year.
    I myself gone through many therapies and self-awarenes teachings over the last 10 years and finally build my own daily 20 minute body movement routine on what I was allowed to learn from great teachers to keep me fit and prevent falling back into depression.
    Ultimately I do this for my sons – to stay present for them as father, to prevent depression moving on to the next generation and maybe to light up their way into this wonderful world.

    P.S.:I think you are doing a great work. Thank you for that and for sharing. Go on! Best wishes!

  243. by Ryan

    As a licensed massage therapist, personal trainer and athlete, flow is, has been and always will be the goal. All the exercises that we do have a purpose and that’s to be able to have better control over this wonderful organic machine that is the human body. I have found that your work brings it all together. Having a “six pack” is all well and good but living pain free and staying that way as long as possible is more important than visible abs. They’re just a bonus. Thank you for sharing your work with all of us. You are a much needed change of thinking in the fitness industry.

  244. by Allen

    I turned 50 this year and for the past 10 years I started to feel my age. Knee’s tend to stiffen up, back starts to ache if I stand too long or sit too much, and I used to be able to touch my toes. It would be nice to be able to move more freely, see my toes when I stand up, and put my socks without my gut being in the way. I’m not looking to be 20 again (it would be nice). But having more mobility, strength, and flexibility would enable me to become healthy and pain free.

  245. by Dana

    I have low back pain that I know will be improved the more I work on my core. i currently mix yoga, kettle bells, pilates and the Tacfit program with pretty good results. The more info I have, the better. Thanks for your great work!

  246. by Phil Smith

    I Really enjoy the sophistication of movement that you encourage in your programs. I feel much healthier since using the flowfit routines. I will be 59 this year and by using the flowfit routines and also king of clubs I feel terrific. Thanks Scott and
    Kind regards.

  247. by Rashid Jappie


    Increasing and practicing flow is important to me as it can be applied in any situation for the betterment of that situation. Having experienced this flow state for the first time during a national club competition last year I now know the value of preparing the mind-body for competition and watching it flow exactly when it is needed.

    Thanks a mil! It’s the stuff of legends and looking forward to sharing it with my kids…

  248. by Jay Jackson

    Increasing flow, improving lean-muscle mass, and releasing stored fat will help me attain the physical health needed to keep up with my girls as they grow. At 42, I want to be able to keep up, if not lead the way on our many adventures we have left in this life. Fit is freeing!

  249. by Pam

    I love your inspiration and of course I want to flow and have abs of steel for my whole life.- learning is fun with you!

  250. by Samir Kos

    It’s been a decade of rediscovery as I have begun to reclaim control over my health. Struggling with the pain and restrictions of Ulcerative Colitis I began to realise that the ‘quick-fix’ pharmaceutical drugs are not always the answer. Having dug deeper I am now finding health and freedom from the remarkable natural and pure benefits of breath, flow and unrestricted movement: chiselling a stronger, leaner, more efficient body which has restored a sense of purpose to me and hence healing not only myself but those around me. With thanks.

  251. by Jason

    I like your programs because of the emphasis on joint strength and mobility. Rather than looking strong, like most bodybuilding programs promise, I want to be able to move strong. I have heard of too many people that experience joint pain after years of conventional training and I don’t want to be in that group.

  252. by Sellers Smith

    For me flow is a foundational and enabling practice for the rest of my life. Being able to move better and reduce the chance of injury makes working, recreation and my martial arts training both more effective and more enjoyable. I have found that flow makes me more effective at work, reducing my stress and making me more adaptable and flexible in my approach to problems.

  253. by Neish Carroll

    Looking forward to experiencing the next evolution in CST.

  254. by Kate

    Increasing Flow is important to me because as a young women I was dancer and now teach yoga and pilates and movement and without flow we age keeping movement in the joints as I age is important for longevity and joy of movement at any age creating Lean muscle mass is the key to optimum health
    releasing exercise resistant stored fat is another desired benefit however to me Increasing flow is not only on the physical but the mental and spiritual sense of well being and true enjoyment of life :)

  255. by Eric

    At 31 with flat feet, the days of lifting heavy are over. Adopting the use of your flow routines have made me feel healthier than in years past. I’ve also included several movements from Convict Conditioning as well. Your Facebook comments and inspirations are definitely enlightening, most of which I take with me everyday. Thank you.

  256. I have been doing Scott’s mobility training for a couple years. It is a great way to start the day. I perform these exercises prior to every session that I’m going to see patients. As a chiropractor I need to ensure that I am ready for the physical stress on my body to treat patients. As an aikidoist I slowed down on the stretching and focus on mobility with the result being more stable joints. I routinely prescribe these exercises to my patients.
    Larry Hambrick, DC, DACNB

  257. by Gary

    Having a lean, strong, moveable body is crucial. A former collegiate athlete now in my late 40s, I am discovering limits in motion and pains I had no idea were coming. I have always looked for something like Scott Sonnon’s “flow”, but did not have the background to either develope it myself, nor have intuition to know what to look for in other arts and with other instructors. Flow is “IT”. Having a strong trunk is the link to everything else. Strong legs need the connection of the trunk to get the upper body in motion. Without a strong stomach and back, everything else is meaningless. My sons are 17 and 19 and I would anticipate grandkids some time in the next decade. I do not want to be a rocking chair grandpa, I NEED to have flow in my life to be able to live a quality life. Thank you for the opportunity.

  258. by Tripp Ginther

    As we all get older, the term “use it or lose it” becomes ever more prevalent. With more people working in offices, rather than manual labor, aging can lead to muscle mass loss, as well as lack of heart conditioningif not addressed. I try to do something everyday, just to keep the body and mind in a good state of flow

  259. by Carey

    I have been using your products for years, and have derived much benefit from all of them! I look forward to adding this to my repertoire! Thanks so much for all that you do!

  260. by Steve

    Flow for me is life. I am a Law Enforcement Officer, and being able to properly move my body and increase my longevity can literally mean life or death. So I move my body every day, decrease my stress every day. So that life is goos

  261. by John Quigley

    At age 54, I want to defeat the effects of arthritis of the spine and Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome, the latter of which has impaired my balance severely. As stronger core and better flow will help in everyday living, but are essential to achieving my main goal of re-qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

  262. by Albert Stout

    I used to use Scott’s Ageless Mobility and Intu-Flow please Programs. I got busy with work and over time quit working out. As I approach my mid 60′s, I am terribly out of shape and have to get on some type of exercise program.I have looked at a lot of programs on the Internet, but none of them seem to have the scientific research behind them that Scott’s programs have.I am going back to Ageless Mobility and Intu Flow to regain some of the range of motion I have lost over the past several years. I want the abdominal program to tighten my stomach muscles to take inches off my waistline.


  263. by Jim Peart

    after a lifetime of improper training, poor technique, and injuries I find myself in a cage of my own making. muscles stiff and unresponsive joints painful, and doctors telling me I’m just getting older. i wish to play with my sons and their sons in turn. it starts at the core, i know that but not “how”. Flow is the path i searched for my entire martial arts career. it’s time for a transition from looking tough to being stronger, healthier.

  264. This body is a sacred temple from which I can be of true service in the world.

    At 53 years young I am dealing with the physical issues that are common to everyone at this stage in the game.
    Over the last 1.5 years practicing TACFIT Commando and Intu-Flow has given me new found vitality, strength, stamina, and a spring in my step that has been missing for years.

    Overall gut health – both internal and external – has been a lifelong challenge for me, so finding more flow and integration in my core is an essential step to take all aspects of my life to the next level and beyond.

    Thank you Scott, for all that you do, all that you share and all that you are.

  265. by Nerys

    Scott, I’ve been dabbling with your programs over the last couple of years and recommend them to all my friends (even bought and gave away a five pack of IntuFlow DVD’s to my nearest and dearest). I’ve never felt so strong and so integrated – like for the first time in my 50 years I have a sense of what this body I live in can do. I work with kids who have been forced to live with family violence, and do my work better because of what I have learned through exposure to your work – your TED talk, your books, the increased understanding of those kids, as well as increased understanding of how my own mind and body work together. Looking so much better and being strong is a fabulous bonus. Glad to have this opportunity to thank you. Looking forward to this new addition to your body of work.

  266. Before discovering CST muscle mass and low body fat were THE MOST important things to me. Now they are by-products of a bigger picture. They have meaning but on a lower scale. Paying forward what I have learned from Scott Sonnon and CST is more important to me.

  267. by Bryan

    Coach Sonnen,

    As a 50+ year old male who works in IT I constantly find myself in different positions to “fix” computers, copiers, etc. As you can imagine this puts stress on the body and I believe that your new release of 6 degree flow would help me immensely. In addition, my wife who is also 50+ is fighting changes in her body which, along with 30 years of elementary teaching, have caused her core “middle” to change. We believe you can help us continue helping others. Thank you for changing peoples lives.

  268. by Dominick

    After many years of injuries working out and just working, tell me what other way is there to overcome joint and muscle stiffness, scar tissue pain and the normal pains and maladies caused by aging?

  269. by Sean Eric surber

    Discovering 6 degrees flow after a recent injury that caused fearful avoidance has inspired a synergistic awareness that has restored my freedom of movement and unleashed unlimited potential. My transformation has also inspired my brother to start working out. He is finding an improvement in quality of life. Flow is contagious! It infuses a love of movement with a vibrance that was unimaginable to me.

  270. by Graham Webster

    I will be 62 this year and haven driven for a living for fifty years Scott’s programs have opened my hips and more importantly my mind to the possibilities of movement that I can use for the rest of my days
    Thank you.

  271. by Tom

    I’ve taken a desk job in the past……………..the desk is winning.

  272. by Frank

    I have been exposed to a great many exercise theories and programs. The programs that Scott Sonnon produces consistently deliver a head to toe workout that leave the body feeling shrink wrapped, stronger and more resilient.

  273. by Vince

    Increasing physical flow in my life is very important in helping to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle and ensuring an excellent quality of life for this 47 year old personal trainer. Physical flow exercise is the single most effective way I know to achieve the release of exercise-resistant stored fat and increase lean muscle mass simultaneously. This is crucial to both looking good, feeling good, and staying healthy. Words cannot express my gratitude for helping me to look and feel better than I did 25 years ago, and allowing me to live life to its fullest! Keep up the great work Scott!

  274. by Matteo

    I entered my journey into Scott training system with the commando course. Moved on to the tacfit package. Got challenged by the gymnastics version. The clubbells proved hands down the best training tool I’ve tried in many years. Meeting Scott during a field instructors certification course is still a highlight in my professional formation, not just as a fitness coach but as an example of professionalism and humility. His words of wisdom and his sharing of knowledge will always be at the top of my list of not to be missed gems.. Thank you once again Scott!

  275. by Harry Tsamas

    With things shaping up in the world the way they are I have little time to be sick or injured. I need to be the sheepdog for my group and I need to be the example to follow, not the example to avoid. I need to be able to move with ease and efficiency. Not for me but for those I love and who look to me for guidance and leadership.

  276. by Alex Rodriguez

    THE flow keep you moving, anti aging movement,know is neg,movement is life.TO LIVE LIFE IS TO USEFULL , TO be FUNCTIONal At work with my kids or grand kids “individual case”.THE FLOW trigger the impulse to move freely with purpose toward health, sport related activity and family event , live an abundant life.

  277. by Damien Quick

    I want to be able to be able to spend quality time with my daughter as she grows (now 2) , playing, tumbling & climbing on play equipment. Running around like a crazy monkey. Plus I want to do Flips. Always wanted to do flips. … FLIPS!! :)

  278. by Charlie Newkerk

    I’ve been involved in fitness since seeing Steve Reeves (Hercules) in a magazine in 1965, I am a strength and conditioning Coach and have been around the Martial Arts for over 40 years. As I age I want to be able to move and flow without the strains and pains most people associate with “getting old”. I use the programs of Coach Sonnon daily to help maintain and improve movement, flow and flexibility. i hope that I can inspire and motivate people to “age gracefully”, at full capacity and help them to understand that aging is natural but getting old is all in your mind.
    Good Training!
    Charlie Newkerk

  279. by Peter

    Flow is our God given right that many of us lose in various degrees. We forget what it feels like to move freely with ease and without discomfort. Our 6 degrees of flow is not reserved just for the young. Coach Sonnon shows us how to restore this grace in a simple, progressive and highly effective system that is second to none.

  280. by Bas

    Hello Scott,

    I’m an entertainer at cruise ships,
    Since of this I’m working about 14 to 16 hours a day 7 days a week, 7 months in a row. within a physically and mentally tough job (Try to work with tourists 24/7) where a big part of my job is performing dance shows.

    Now the food on the ship is to say the least: Unhealthy, so it is very hard to maintain any diet whatsoever (I swear…the healthiest thing here is cereals….which as you know is not healthy at all) Yet my job requires me to look always very good. (In suit I have to look like a movie star at the red carpet – words of my boss) within the times that the guests can see my body I have to look like a fitness athlete.

    So I’ll need all the help that I can get in order to stay and become healthy.

  281. by Mike D

    I can’t wait to try this.

  282. by allen juonk

    Work & family duties require much of my time. Early 50′s have me gaining fat & having less energy to exercise, though perceived effort is still the same. Need to tighten my core without taking hours per week to do so. 10 minutes per day program would be a great prescription.

  283. by Doug

    I honestly don’t need the program for free. It’s going to be just another part of my journey – Warrior Wellness, Grappler’s Toolbox, Leg Fencing, Fisticuffs, Maximology, RESET, Body-Flow, Flowfit I and II, Ageless Mobility, Forward Pressure, CSTG, Prasara, Commando, Rope, Barbarian, Kettlebell Spetznaz, TacGym and Primal Stress along with Clubbells. Your programs have already changed my life and I hope the winner(s) are lucky enough to experience what I have. Thank you.


  284. by Greg

    Hi Scott,
    I began a journey towards a healthy lifestyle a few years ago while in acupuncture school. Some of your products have played a great part in that. Now past 40 with two young daughters, I need to stay young and strong to be there for them as the grow up, leading by example. Thanks for all you do.

  285. by Steve Laughland

    I’m nearly 56 years old now, and a few years ago I suffered a torn quad, rendering me temporarily disabled. Four months after surgery when the brace came off my leg is had fused into a straight line. Seven months later the physical therapists had completed the process of forcing small increases in my range of movement to a point of having close to full range of bend in my knee again. Prior to injury I was in excellent physical condition, better than many men as much as half my age. Yet, by the time I was 11 months post injury my body had suffered so much atrophy that I had the strength and definition of a 90 year old man. I have been rebuilding from there to where I am now and no experience in my life has provided as much clarity of how critically important core strength is that the impacts of atrophy in that region, and the long hard road of rebuilding that part of my strength. I am in very good shape again, except that my core still lags the other parts of my body. Gaining that critical and necessary strength will make the final steps of the road to recovery a success, because in getting there I will be able to reach the levels of sports performance in the athletic activities I love most, downhill skiing, tennis and golf … and my girlfriend will appreciate my core stamina for things that happen behind closed doors too.

    Sometimes it takes a major setback such as a major loss of functional movement to fully illustrate for us what we have lost. In my case, the loss of core strength was the most detrimental overall, and therefore regaining it is the most critical measure as to whether I have in fact fully succeeded in rounding the corner to once again enjoying the delight of conditioning and performance that allows the fun inside of me to come out and play.

  286. by Nick

    I’ll skip the fluff answer and say I need help with improving general fitness. I hate gyms and don’t trust most information out there that all-but-promises “these results” when you do “this” and “that.” Coach Sonnon is one of the few that explains why he teaches what he does, which is why I trust and appreciate his lessons.

  287. by Peter

    First of all, I have been chasing down some weird hip/lower back dis-function for years. Second–or maybe not second, but part of the first of all–I had a hernia (and subsequent surgical repair) a few years ago. It isn’t that my abs are not strong, but they aren’t strong in the right, coordinated and unified way.

  288. by Kevin Jenkins

    As I approach turning 60 in a couple of years, it’s clear to me that a “health first” approach to fitness
    Is certainly in my best interest
    I have become a believer in Scott’s programs and can’t wait to utilize this new system of abdominal

  289. by Rik Stowman

    Balance is key. My experience of Scott’s work is just that. Balanced. The progressions are intelligent and the authenticity and humility of the teacher are reminders that the real deal still exists in our hyper-advertised section of the world. Scott’s work is not simply more attainment and aggressive competition but attunement and assertive cooperation. Synergy with ourselves, in movement, with the environment and community is our natural state. We just forget every now and then. Fellas like Scott help us remember.

  290. by Alex Schafer

    I allowed my life to fall apart through a series of unfortunate events that i chose to be a victim of.. From the loss of my business partner=loss of my business, to finding my CST training partner Tony dead in his home by his own hand, to the loss of my sobriety by mine, resulting in my children leaving with their mom. Then i forgot how to breath. My focus on high level health and mental clarity went sour. I moved back to Canada to confront my childhood demons, care for myself and my ailing father and rebuild my body and life. The organic marketgardening business i founded twenty years ago hired me and now i have a huge responsibility to myself, my family, the hungry people of the greater toronto area and the observing universe. The barnhouse i moved into already has a kettlebell and my body weighs just enough to move and dance in the living dirt. Yours are the only programs that ive ever felt actually carry the humility of a true warriors way, so I plan on adopting one of them. I feel that all thats left for me is to get back up into the saddle and start training again. Theres no way i can lose. Thank you Scott.

  291. by Patrick

    Increasing physical flow and improving lean muscle mass “puts money in the bank”.

  292. by Steve

    One of my primary body goals these days is to simply move better: more fluidly, more spontaneously, with less tension and awkwardness in transitioning from standing to squatting to floor-based activities. As the father of an energetic toddler, the last item is of particular importance. Keeping up with my daughter is a big concern, so anything which can minimize resistance to “healthy” movement and maximize available energy reserves for physical activity will be a massive improvement to my current “tight, clunky, and tired” state of fitness. I’m hopeful that increased stability in my core might help to “unlock” my hips, a chronic issue in both my active (past) and sedentary (current) lifestyles. I can’t comment on a program I haven’t tried, but I believe the underlying goal of the “6 Degrees of Flow” program is to increase “flow”, something sorely needed in the life of this busy husband/ dad/ PhD. candidate.

  293. Because of my age, nature of Judo and my wanting to become competitive again increasing physical flow, improving lean-muscle mass and releasing exercise-resistant stored fat is critical in my quest to have the most efficient functioning body possible with the added benefit of making the best weight class possible. This would be the foundation upon which I would build to achieve this dream while maintaining a health first approach as entangled in the DNA of RMAX. Thanks again for all you do RMAX.

  294. by Jack Wallace

    For me, releasing excess belly fat means that I am able to have a better quality of life. I have worked many diets and exercises over the years, but have never had the results that coach Sonnon has. I have worked with Mr. Sonnon’s material for years and have increased my mobility and decreased pain, what he teaches, is not only effective but results come quick, I can’t to see my abs!

  295. by Annie

    I stopped exercising for quite a while now because of illness.It seems that your exercise would be suitable for me since it doesn t require any machinery.I am looking forward to receiving your abs program soon.

  296. by johanne chenail

    I am now 58 years old, with no history of liking physical activity when I was young. After my a breast cancer 2 years ago, I didn’t like what my body had become over the years and started going to the gym. But I feel that what I can do there is limited and it certainly doesn’t help me lose the fat that crept up on my abs in the last years (because of menopause?). More and more, I see people all around me, about my age, complain of all sort of physical ailments, but they won’t change anything in their daily routine to improve themselves. I do not want to do the same. I truly think that something can be done to regain some of my youth shape and mostly to keep up feeling good and keep my body functional in the coming years. I intend to live up to 100 years old, so there are still more than 40 years available for me. They years of competition may be gone forever, but the years of enjoying life are definitely still ahead and I intend to enjoy my next 40 years as much as possible.

  297. by Patrick vd Bergh

    While it is certainly pleasant from an aesthetical point of view to have a good physique with low body fat, the benefits of physical flow are much more extensively. From general health and wellbeing, pain free movement when one grows older to increased strenght and mobility in all movement planes for the one thriving to be a better athlete, competitor at their sport or just becoming a better version of themselves. The holistic approach of Scott’s programms definitely brings a healthy solution to all no matter what their reason for being active is.

  298. by Sandy

    Because age is a number inside of my brain

    Because life is too short to live with the pain.

    Because movement is key to unlocking the flow, manipulating synovial fluid to get nutrients where they need to go.

    Because anything is possible with practice and time.

    Because I’m ready to change my body, by changing my mind.

  299. by Steve Justus

    The older I get, the more I see how movement and flow is the single most important physical attribute we have. Sure, it’s desirable to be strong, have endurance, and look good – but of what use is all that if you can’t move? Movement is the foundation upon which everything else is built, and flow is the ultimate expression of effective movement.

  300. by Keir

    All of Scott’s programs I’ve tried have been great. I’m looking forwards to what he releases next

  301. by Sean D

    The TACFIT program has been great for my life in hotel rooms around the country. Thanks, Scott!

  302. by LeeKL

    I have always had problem pursuing the elusive six-pack. Hope this program will help me.

  303. by Francesco


  304. by Harry

    I love flow routines! I’ve been practicing FlowFit (just reached level 4) for a while. Combined with a Paleo/Primal lifestyle, FlowFit enabled me to transform myself: two years ago I was 34 pounds overweight, feeling lethargic and with many aches & pains. Now, I feel like I’m in my 20′s (I’m 45) and no longer have joint pains!
    I also have the FlowFit II DVD which I was planning to try next… so I’m very excited to to see what Scott’s new 6oFlow is all about!

  305. by Bambi Christman

    I’ve been a life long athlete with a commitment to learning new skills, testing my endurance and my strength. Now in my 58th year, I am hindered with a foot that is filled with boney growths between and on my joints. Because I can barely bend my foot at the toe joints, and experience great pain when trying to do so, many of my beloved exercises are beyond me (in particular, the burpees that were one of my mainstays.) I would love to introduce some replacement movements to keep my core strong and my joints mobile. Here’s hoping I’ll be on the receiving end of your great gift!

  306. by Heidi Wilmott

    Fit after fifty is my goal-physically, mentally, and spiritually!!!

  307. by Steven Brown

    I started playing rugby at 46y and am now 53. I’m fit but want something to keep me going through the season when pain and injuries limit what I can do.
    I’d also like to pass this training onto the kids I coach, under 18′s and under 17′s to make sure they start the right way.
    Thanks for all you do.

  308. by Ben

    Thank you for making this offer available! It’s through your videos that I’ve been able to maintain activity despite a large number if soft tissue injuries (likely the result of over training and imbalances).

  309. by Michael Kuykendall

    I have enjoyed your flowfit content and the work that Cody Storey has done online. Thank you for giving your work, for free sometimes. It really helps!

  310. by Aaron Anthony

    As an electrical engineering student I spend 70+ hours a week sitting, listening and writing in Mind Prison.
    I practice primal stress using the weekly calendar schedule and jiujitsu 2-3 times a week and that helps with the strain.
    It would be great if this program helped with my posture and the pain centered in my solar and lunar plexus and lateral line.

  311. by Daniel

    Fitness is finally becoming more than a set of goals, it is a way of life. Training smarter, not harder is my current goal, and Coach Sonnen, your work is the epitome of that philosophy.

  312. by Sean

    To keep moving, growing, learning. All that is needed for the journey. And I have had a over decade of experience with Scott’s programming- it works.

  313. by Cedric

    I think we all have a goal in life. It’s probably, to me, to feel the way in my body and soul.
    We can’t use our body like a consomation product. We have to feel and live the true meaning of movement, breath, eating and thinking to became better.
    The esthetism of the body is not a goal but it’s sure that if we use it the just way it will get back the results.

  314. by Stacy S

    I’m a 35 year old, Mom of 3 (14, 13 and 10 years old), Wife, Full-time accountant, Basketball Coach, Volunteer….need I say more? If so, here goes, I need to increase physical flow in my life to keep me SANE. I want to feel my best, look my best, and relieve as much stress as possible (remember the 3 kids). I know that your program could get me there. Thank you for the consideration.

  315. by Corbin Baird

    Now entering my forties as a father of two and a husband my priorities have changed dramatically. As a youth it was about show and go. Now, it is all about making sure I can provide for, protect and inspire my family and greater tribe. A health first approach to training will enable me to be fully functional for as long as possible, and being present for my children as they reach adulthood and beyond.

  316. by Michael Brown

    Hi there, I am coming to 42 years of age, and for the majority of my life I have been overweight.
    About 16 months ago I began doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and very quickly found out that at this age it was very hard on my body, and I often awoke in the mornings with very sore and stiff joints along with various muscle aches.
    I began to think I may have to give up the BJJ, that was until I came across Intu-Flow and began doing that everyday, from there I incorporated Tacfit and the ageless mobility program, and more recently Scott’s weekly Flow program. I am happy to say, that now I can train BJJ pretty much daily, and thanks to these awesome programs my recovery is awesome, in addition to this in the last year I have dropped about 12kg, increased my fitness, increased my range of motion and feel a lot younger now than I did 2 a year or even 2 years ago. Thanks for such awesome programs and products.

  317. by rochelle

    I am not in as much need as some of the posts I’ve read above. You are awesome, and have given me so much already :)

  318. by Craig

    As I get older (55) , I have found that regular weight training does not have the appeal that it used to. And regular ab work even less. Looking forward to trying a whole body training to get me back in better shape.

  319. by Jeff

    I have nearly all of Sonnon’s programs, and have even been through them, some of them several times. Looking forward to this one. I know I won’t be disappointed.

  320. by Jon Lee

    I’ve seen countless theories and workout programs – some great and some not. What Scott produces continues to stand out as the best available.

  321. by Alan Skorić

    I am doing already some of Coach Sonnon programs and feeling fitter every day in my forties :)

  322. by Matthew White

    I’d like to be a role model to young people, and being a young person myself, keeping active, playing, and training Parkour, I want them to know that age truly is just a number.
    I’m 25, and I see all around me people my age and much younger wasting their physical potential on gaming, drinking, drugs, gangs, etc.
    There must be another way, and there is, getting them involved in something positive that fills them with a sense of adventure and positive vibes unseen in most of this generation.
    Most people think that what I do is childish and unbecoming of someone my age, but they miss the point, they miss the fun, the joy it brings me and people I train with, it disciplines them, and makes young people understand that they MUST work for the things they want.
    I’m the role model for the generation before me, and the generation yet to follow, I MUST set the example, I must be strong, quick, flexible, mobile, playful, I look like the example that so many want to be. This goes way beyond a program, I will change lives.

  323. by Leon Sullivan

    Having studied martial arts for 25 years . Flow is the way the universe works its a union of mind body spirit .There is only one way to minamise our impact on the planet that is to refine ourselves by being lean, clean & green .We function better we love more compassion, harmony,heart energy all comes into being simply by exercise.I feel that flow help me to sustain health n happiness & leaving the littlest footprint on the planet while maintaining an active productive life .Thanks Scott your programs are holistic everything & everyone benefits .

  324. by Jeremy

    Flow is important in my life to deal with stress and for my lifelong goal of always being ready to help others, play with my children and eventually grand children. I’ve gained so much benefit from following Coach Sonnon’s programs, I feel like it’s an integral part of a balanced approach to life.

  325. by Camilo

    Coach, Cleaning The Slate is my current focus, and I’m realizing how much the armor was holding me back from being fully spontaneous and joyful. I’m deepening my daily practice with incredible results. That’s how Flow impacts my life. I’m discovering to be truly genuine again. The better I move, the less I hold myself back in life, the more I can shine in my profession, which is my inspiration. I’ve always viewed myself as physically weak, boyish, less of a man I could be if I was bigger and stronger. I’m done with that self-image… I’m ready for this. I’m ready to transform myself into vibrant and fully human me!

  326. by Steve

    My favourite trainer – all Scott’s programmes makes so much sense (I have used many of the Tacfit series plus others). I love the well conceived progressions & sophistications. Looking forwards to this new one! :-)

  327. by Roger Hughes

    Since everything emanates from the core, having a strong core is just foundational. To have both a strong core and flow enables one to potentially become all that they can be physically, regardless of the activity. It is my desire to develop the correct foundational core and flow for all that I do. I greatly appreciate Scott Sonnon’s contribution to this arena of information and look forward to any wisdom that he imparts.

  328. by Ajay


    I neglected health all my childhood and in 30′s pains showed up which could not be left for latter. I started intu flow and was happy with the results.

    Looking forward to this workout.


  329. by Steven gooderham

    Hi Scott,

    Well I am turning 40 next week and so my health is becoming more and more important to me. My eye is not on short term results but being able to move through life with ease and confidence, well into my latter years. I have reaped huge benefits from what you have taught me already and I am hungry to learn more, both to help improve my own health and also to help others.

    Cheers coach.

  330. by Johan Roelofse

    Dear Scott

    I’ve been using various of your programs with great success over the past few years. You have been a major influence in changing my entire approach to training towards a mindful, health first approach. It would be lovely to win this contest and get the new program for free. If not I’m most probably going to be buying it anyway :)

    Best wishes


  331. by Anthony Si

    Increasing physical flow ,lean muscle mass and releasing exercise stored fat is important not only to me but to everyone as technology improves the amount of work done by humans decrease which in turn makes us lazy and gain weight coupled with fast foods it will surely lead to the downfall of ones health. Being in flow keeps me in control most especially in stressful conditions as you are able to control your nervous system . And with fat levels down we can move much efficiently and without toxic loads well be able to move in greater depth of movement.

  332. by Carolyn Wills

    Having used some of Scott’s products before I’ve been really happy with the results I’ve had. Some just regarding injury prevention which for me is huge.
    I’m 47, female and consider it a wonderful option to have a variety of exercise options to work the body in different ways and also to retain interest as even the best routine can get stale over time. Also Scott seems a man of integrity so I have faith that the products he releases will be the best that he’s capable of making it a stellar product.

  333. by Jonathan

    Already doing the “5 Classics,” and seeing fantastic changes to my own flow and energy levels. It’s been fun, and I look forward to the next challenges from Coach Sonnon!

  334. by Albert Hodges

    Since I have arrived at the mid fifties in my life I have come to appreciate the gift of pain free movement more than a body that is aesthetically appealing. Battling obesity and the tendency to gravitate to a sedentary lifestyle along with metabolic disorders and joint pain is a challenge everyday. Getting older is certainly not for sissies. But I still have a desire to have a flat midsection and to look as good as I can. I am actively getting into flow everyday and have been following Scott Sonnon and his work from the early days of rolling out the information on VHS and I look forward to this new work and would love to use it to better my health and physical appearance. Keep up the good work of helping us to understand what is possible if we have the correct information and motivation.

  335. by Mike

    I always look forward to learning from the new insight I acquire after studying Scott’s training material. I increasingly appreciate his comprehensive, health first approach to movement and fitness.

  336. by Marie

    I only have this one body and my body will carry me through the years that are coming. I learned a lot and I am still learning how to move and live a healthy life while there are a lot of challenges inside and outside. I’d love to move even better when I’m 20 years older than today.

  337. by Chris Lacy

    I have three kids who mimic my behaviors. While flow is important to me it is something I have had to learn later in life and only after prolonged injury. Staying lean, increasing flow and doing this effectively within the parameters of a busy life are key. My kids see it. My wife sees it. My parents see it, etc. I have to do this or risk becoming obese…again. But the most important thing is the impact it has on those closest to me and the most important are my kids who now have good behaviors to mimic and keys to a healthy happy life.

  338. by Shawn Zemba

    I always wanted to feel good about my body. Years ago I was training 60 hours a week in martial arts, but my self-esteem was so low I couldn’t appreciate it. Now, with a hyper mobile(double jointed) body, it hurts to move through many positions under load. Injuries caused my body to lose confidence in the martial arts I once did. Now I feel good again, but I just want to be able to move again, and have confidence in what my body can do.

  339. by Anthony Tosto

    Movement and inertia are the only things capable of counteracting the natural process of gravity, age, and decay. Only Scott Sonnon has expertly combined the ancient elements of yoga, martial arts and functional flow to create a workout that enables one to not only meet, but also surpass the demands of this modern life we live. Allowing me to tap into this knowledge (and become a part of the Tacfit legion) will grant me the fitness and mental level needed to succeed in this modern jungle and to share the benefits with others.

  340. by Stephen Botka

    To Scott at RMAX,
    Since 2009 was when I first started using your products such as tacfit, tacfit flow and others. Practicing your programs allowed me to see how movement really is medicine and learning how to breath is so much more than what we took for granted. I am always in line to try any kind of program you put out there since I trust your principles and values behind what you are creating. It was everyone who helped your get to where you are today, and I am also happy to be a part of everyone that helped you and glad to have you as part of everyone who helps me become better, wiser, and stronger.

    all the best See you on facebook
    Stephen Botka

  341. by Jay

    Flow is everything to me. As a capoeirista and musician the maintenance of my body and mind to achieve flow is crucial for my private and professional life. Really, I do it for the feeling, there is nothing in this world that feels better than elegance in flow. One can enjoy witnessing flow in dance, martial art or any physical discipline and feel a piece of that joy, but training yourself to experience it firsthand will change your life.

  342. by Soon Guan

    Body,mind and spirit connects closely so when either one is not performing up to the required state for the moment, It might lead to a downward spiral which will start the chain of bad events. When one obtains the physical flow, the flow feeling could be used as a reference and be learned by the logic mind to move towards that state. In the flow state, where one is at peace and happy with him/herself, even though bad things might happen, one could be fluid, responding to the situation in an appropriate manner without over expanding one’s energy, thus keeping the good health, happiness, calmness, the perfect balance of the trinity, body, mind and soul.

  343. by Bowen Summerton

    I want to live the best life I can using everything I have to bring happiness and success to others. A fit healthy and strong body is essential in achieving this. I believe we are moving into an integrated age where the wisdom of the ages from all parts of the world are coming together and the truly successful will incorporate anything because it works the best. If your training system is the best I want to learn it and lead others to it.

  344. Ive was a wrestler all my life and at 53 I decided to get back into the sport. The only way this would be possible would be to bring Scott’s flow system into my life. It will give you the mobility and functional strength needed for any sport and more importantly for life. I ve found that if I can be consistent with the movements Ive learned the activities of daily living we all must perform not only to survive but to thrive become so much easier.

  345. by Don

    As an IT professional, I am at my desk for much of the day. Also, I have a large family that demands much time when I get home. I have used TACFIT 26 which is a wonderful program that I can do in short order of time and with my family. The ability to improve my fitness level without taking additional time away from my family is of vital importance to me and my family. With the problem of obesity in this nation and world, we need to do more. Increased flow and a better muscle mass to fat ratio will go a long way.

    Thank you for all you do.

  346. by Linda

    Every RMAX program I have utilized has increased my health and well-being. Gaining increased flow AND removing belly fat- yes,please.

  347. by Mo


  348. by John-Andrew Fernandez

    I’m a professional Opera Singer and an avid Russian Martial Arts practitioner and I use your movement and wellness systems to maintain my health on the road, and to meet the physical and aesthetic demands of my job. I specifically credit your Warrior Wellness series for my recovery from a very serious martial arts injury that doctors said I would need surgery to fix. Your teaching has revolutionized my understanding of movement as a language, and as a primary goal of functional fitness, as well has having given me the ability to be more effective in my professional Art and in my Martial Art. I am eager to see the next chapter in the story of your movement evolution.

  349. by Mickey

    I just want to thank you for giving us so much already and I will find a way to bring you and Alberto to Serbia! :)

  350. by Ryan

    I look forward to adding a more consistent routine of Flow into my life. I have began to lose the balance in my life and have let other things beside my movement and fitness level take priority.

  351. by Vincent Tan

    I have just started to exercise in a bid to put my body back in order. I have been overweight for too long. And the body feels stiff and uncomfortable even doing menial tasks. Achieving body flow will help me live a fuller life and accomplish what I had wanted to do.

  352. by Nora Dwyer

    I’m a massage therapist and PTA and want to get in the best shape of my life, now, before anymore time goes by. I’ve achieved some goals this year, however want to really hone in on a program that will give me maximum benefit. Scott’s philosophy seems to go right in hand with many of the advanced techniques that are rising in bodywork to focus on neuromuscular programming. I’m excited to see what the program is all about and be able to report my success.

  353. by Virginia

    While other exercise programs focus on mainly looking pretty, Coach Sonnon’s programs always focus on increasing the range, aptitude, endurance, and agility of both the mind and the body. The flow is important to me because I believe the mind and body should function seamlessly as one unit, and the challenge of the flow integrates functional movement of all kinds into a a routine that reflects the grace of the human body while improving all the elements of exercise that are important, including breath, balance, strength, mental fortitude, agility, stamina, precision.

  354. by Giulio

    I firmly believe that flow is an essential part of our life. I’ve just approached activities like climbing and yoga and flow helps you to climb in a focused way. And not only a wall, but even the hardest moments in your life. Enjoy the present moment!! Thank you

  355. by René Maya

    I’ve been training consistently for the last 4 years non the less never really paid attention to anything like yoga or the like. Recently I picked up meditation and started to realise how stiff my body actually is. I can’t even sit cross legged for more than 15 minutes without my knees aching! So I started stretching and it has been working ok but now that you’ve been showing your flow videos I’m curious as how far could flow training get me into my meditation postures, for instance, if even though I’m 33 years old I could still sit in a full lotus position for at least 2 straight hours. Everyone seems to think that’s just impossible! All I can say is I want a chance to proof them wrong.



  356. by Seth

    I’m 41-years-old, and I decided to take up competitive, national-level Australian Rules football 5 years ago. In addition to trying to keep up with and surpass guys in their 20s, I’ve been dealing with the effects of mercury poisoning for the past 2 years (at least). Playing footy has been a great motivator to stay in shape and battle through both the disease and the cure, but I could use any edge I can get!

  357. by Michael Clanton

    I am getting older, so there are many reasons why increasing physical flow, improving lean-muscle mass, and releasing the fat that is resistant to exercise is important to me, however the most important reasons are my two daughters. My daughters are young, but I still see them struggling with their body image and what they think should be considered beautiful because of what they see on TV. I had no idea this would happen so young, and I want to give my girls a healthy, balanced example to live by while they still are receptive to what their father considers important. By instilling a balanced view of fitness into my life, and making it part of their lives as well through participation and by example, I hope that my girls will carry a healthy view of fitness and of their bodies throughout their lives.

  358. by Taryn Miceli

    I would love to have the ab plus package as I personally would benefit from it but also because I teach group exercise classes where I could incorporate this knowledge to help others. I am over 50 and my desire is to stay active and maintain a quality of life for as long as I live so that I can take care of myself. Also, I want to be able to teach group fitness as long as I can too. Having taught over 20 years, I am grateful to be able to help others reach their fitness goals. I am continually inspired by your posts and your generous sharing of your knowledge to benefit others. You are leaving a legacy that will touch many people that you may never know. You are appreciated!

  359. by Glenn Sunshine

    I am a 55 year old college professor involved in non-profit work who travels extensively around the US, Europe, and Asia. I have more writing and speaking projects than I can keep up with. I need to improve my flow and body composition effectively and efficiently and thus to develop stronger mental focus if I am to serve to my true maximum ability my students and the organizations and individuals who ask me to assist them, and to continue my ambitious research and writing agenda.

  360. by Luciano Izzo

    I am a martial arts teacher and a physical therapist. I spend most of my time studying and training, and the more I learn, the more I get annoyed about the way people try to rip their abdominal muscles using work-out programs that have quite nothing to do with natural body mechanics, nor ADLs. It is paradoxical how many people practicing sports and going to the gym 3 days a week – people that are supposed to care much about their own wellness – train in fact against their health, developing stiffness, impairments and cronic Low Back Pain. Fitness should promote wellbeing, becoming more respectful of the marvelous machine that is human body.

  361. Scott. I need to regain to the flow I have lost over the last 3 or 4 years. Between no longer training in martial arts on a regular basis (due to running my business) a hip impingement and shoulder problem there are many things I can no longer do or are difficult or painful. For example I used to be able to do FlowFit at level 3 & 4 but now I can only do level 1. I’m hoping this will help regain my lost flow



  362. by Leigh Pomerelau

    I believe that increasing physical flow and reducing fat mass will dramatically increase not only my physical well being but my entire being, including the emotional and spiritual. Currently I am dealing with injuries and heart problems and firmly believe that reducing my weight and increasing flow could very well eliminate them completely. I don’t want to miss a minute with my precious family. Thank you for this opportunity.

  363. by John Googe

    Hey Scott

    My name is John Googe. I’ve been in the fire service for 12 years & have experienced some injuries that have caused me to be in pain for most of my career. Some job related and some from improper training & exercise. Over the last 6 months or so, I have been participating in the TACFIT classes at my local Gym on Saint Simons Island Ga. THE BRICK. Over this short period of time I have exponentially increased my strength, tone, endurance as well as recovery time. And Along with some chiropractic care, my change in diet and TACFIT… I am virtually pain free. I’m the happiest I’ve been in quite some time! I’m so thankful I have been introduced to TACFIT and I’m thankful for you! You and your Legion of friends are changing peoples lives! HIGH 5 to all of you!

  364. by Mark Gough

    Scrolling through all these comments it’s obvious to see how much your work has touched peoples lives in a positive and profound way, I can’t wait to experience the next installment!

    Congratulations Mr Sonnon!

  365. by John

    Hello Scot,
    I will be 50 this November and the older I get the more important being fit is to me. I am the protector of my family and I take that responsibility
    very serious. Through my example I try to motivate my family to stay fit as well. Through fitness we prevent disease, physical,mental and even sprirtual.
    Yes, hard physical training promotes spiritual health. My wife began running with me and lost 70 lbs, my son who is autistic lettered with his high school
    cross country team last year. I will use any knowledge that I can obtain to improve my families lives.

  366. by Ruben

    I am just exploring the world of movement and i am very intrested in your world.

  367. by Thomas Hargrove

    I would love to have the ab pack plan because I have fell off physically after dealing with much hardship. 20 yets of martial arts plus and I feel like I am starting over as of today which the conditioning. I changed eating habits and will smile into my training everyday!

  368. by TED

    As my kids have grown I have also watched them grow in other ways that have NOT been pleasing in the slightest and it’s begun to show detrimental effects on their over all health and well being, from respiratory issues to knees which are carrying way too much weight for their young growing bodies. Unfortunately the lifestyle and lack of personal accountability from their other parent has begun to catch up with them and it MUST be addressed at this time. As a father I do my very best to always lead by example and 90% of the time I’m on the right side of the scale. They’ve seen the energy level and “ability” I have from leading a healthy and fit life, and much of that can be attributed to the teachings and examples of Coach Sonnon. I began with the “Ageless Mobility” video and am currently introducing the “28 Days of Primal” eating program and I’ve never felt and looked better thanks to Coach Sonnon (I have the greatest respect for you sir, you are a TRUE LEADER among men). So introducing a core abdominal program for my benefit I believe will also inspire my kids to really look at what is possible when you have the proper information, clearly something they have never had in their current living environment. Simply put YEAH, I WANT THIS INFO, FOR ME AND MY KIDS!!!

  369. by E

    Why? It’s not only to increase longevity but also to live all my life at its full potential and at my best. To provide my children the presence they need and being able to play with them as much as I can.

  370. by wendy

    thank you for your generous sharing and teaching, sir.

    as an individual who came to healthy lifestyle choices later in life (in my 40′s), i am consistently discovering the effects of my previous lifestyle choices. it is a challenge – in a good way – to work to overcome these emergent issues. finding what works is a merry journey and your path has inspired my path.

    grateful for that. for you.

  371. by Richard Kopcho

    The goal of true fitness is a body that lets you live life fully and provides strength with flexibility, energy with relaxation, and comfort in both movement and repose, without making fitness an all consuming activity. Coach Sonnon is continually addressing this range and balance in his training and programs which is what makes him truly stand out as a fitness and health coach.

  372. by Tommy

    Life is easier when you are physically fit. You can play with kids, be adventurous and live to the fullest.

  373. by Shailen

    Strengthening the core is essential to keeping me at my best, allowing me to help others more optimally, as well making me a better husband and father. Thanks for all your help thus far. With all I’ve learned from you, I already feel more connected, and move and feel better!

  374. by Charlie R

    I am an almost-49 dad of 6 kids, and I want to make sure that I can run and play with my grandchildren. I strive to keep a “real-food” diet, shunning high-fructose corn syrup and other additives. I do not have a good exercise program. It’s basically what I feel like doing in the mornings before work (always bodyweight oriented, usually a mixture of pushups, prisoner squats, pullups, chinups, and calf raises, with occasional burpees). I need a guideline to follow that will help ensure long health.

  375. by Massimo

    All your programs have been worth to have ( and i have few ) , surely this one will increase the winning streak .

  376. by John Kline

    If movement is life, then having a better quality of movement leads to a better quality of life! Something very worth pursing…

  377. by Steven Ng

    With the kind of time pressure most of us are under nowadays, we need an all-round programme that will not just increase our energy, make us lean and fit but also handle those “love handles” that’s increasingly hard to eradicate.

  378. by Ty

    My biggest fear at this point in my life is old age! I look in the mirror and I don’t recognize that weather-beaten and tattered person staring back at me. I am looking for that guiding light in the dark, something or someone to show me the way back to health and peace of mind. There are many a charlatan out there making the claim that they hold the answer, but each and every time, it is just more misinformation twisted a new way or approach. It should come as no surprise Scott, that I am looking to you for guidance toward that increased physical flow, lean-muscle mass and released body fat.

  379. by Sue

    Many years to live left and I have realized those years will be lived better if I have body that can take me where I want it to go. Multiple injuries from not one but 3 t-bone accidents where people ran red lights or stop signs make pain a daily part of my life but your movements give me hope.

  380. by Steve

    I love your workouts and recovery routines, I’m grateful for you sharing your knowledge with me.

  381. by Dexter Miksch

    As a genetically underprivileged individual and a martial artist, I completely understand the importance of being able to flow and have functional strength in everyday life. I severely injured my lower back in training just over two years ago. This injury has not only interfered with my progress as a martial artist, but has hindered my way life. I’m looking to hopefully change that with a bit of willpower and knowledge.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    -Dexter Miksch

  382. by Dale Orchard

    Increasing physical flow in my life is important to me,
    not only for the physical benefits reaped,
    but for the restoration of personal balance as a whole.
    A better me, means a better family, means a better community…

  383. Hi Scott I’m Nearly 50 ,and I’ve trained hard for the last 30 years,I’ve had my ups and downs,and I can truly say it hasn’t helped me achieve a six pack,I just can’t get rid of my gorilla stomach as I call it.Its depressing me,and I feel time is slowly running not getting any younger and the older I am the less chance I will be able to achieve this.It gets me down but being sad isn’t an option.I will work hard and somehow I will achieve it.
    Thanks Leo

  384. by Fausto Cuevas

    Since I discovered Tacfit and RMAX web page it became an addiction and personal challenge to discover how far can you go in terms of personal knowledge of your own spirit, mind and body control. Suddenly, after sometime practicing you find out you can do what you thought was just for some privileged ones. There is no limits out there when you talk about flow.

  385. Hi Scott!

    I have been using your programs for the last few years and have really enjoyed the increased mobility and strength that I have personally experienced. As a chiropractor, having a quick ab program like this that I could potentially share with my patients would be invaluable. As you are probably aware, the average chiropractic patient comes in with a weak and inhibited core (lower cross), being able to help patients overcome that with a 10 minute per day program would be huge!

  386. by Paul Keefer

    I was an active child and began lifting weights in high school. That was 20+ years ago. I’ve been a regular exerciser ever since, CST for the past 4 or 5, and have yet to see my abs. I’m convinced it would require DNA sequencing to make them “pop”. Can this program prove me wrong?

  387. by Pat Lawlor

    As I get older I realize the importance of functional fitness and a strong core. I’m doing planks etc but need to do more. I’m very interested in Scott’s program.

  388. by Tutter Ball

    I believe this would be beneficial to me in helping bridge the gap from where I am now to using the TacFit program we have of yours as well as a tool to use along with it.
    I’ve gotten myself down a good 100+ lbs from 10 years ago and I’m to the point where I am working towards building lean muscle mass. I’m joining a gym this afternoon and I need all the tools I can find to insure a good, healthy, injury free journey.
    God bless.

  389. by A

    I have been practicing jiu jitsu for a while now and am willing to try anything to get an edge.

  390. by Geoff

    Unbelieveable until put into action! Your basic techniques regarding flow and its importance to overall physical well being is incredible. As a half marathoner as well as a hockey goalie, I have seen the improvements in ease of distance and my breathing has also benefited. I am super stoked to see the results come fall when I don the pads! Thanks Scott!

  391. by Gilbert Desrosiers

    When I looked at the mirror, one day in December 2010, I did not like what I saw. Although not fat, or overweight by any means, what I saw was flab on the arms and legs, a round belly, and a complete lack of definition in my muscles. I decided then to change things. And I did. Now at 50, I have found that muscular and core development, as well as mobility and physical flow represent the main gateways to living a pleasant, energizing, revitalizing daily life. Everything is movement and motion. I train and teach Urban Combatives. The one thing I emphasize to all the guys training with me is that it’s all about movement. A good muscle mass is central as the scaffolding that helps hold everything together, and in my case, protect areas that have been previously injured. Muscles play a central role in helping anyone move swiftly, efficiently, and even gracefully; all the way into your 70s, 80s, and 90s. However, if the upper body is not connected to the lower part by a strong well-developed core, movement is not the same. The message from the brain does not translate into an efficient response because of the absence of a strong core, which is the ultimate intermediary/activator when it comes to movement. That’s why I’m so interested in finding out what Scott has to say about core development. It is something that I have achieved to a certain degree, but I want to take it to the next level. As we say in my training group: “Keep moving.”

  392. by George Tourkolias

    Dear Coach Sonnon,

    I’ve been a exercise fitness enthusiast for many years now, training in what can only be described as a two dimensional plane.
    Having stumbled across your works (FlowFit), I now find myself totally hooked on all elements and aspects surrounding “flow”. I have feel great. Training in two dimensional plane now no longer interests me and I doubt I will ever look back .
    Thank you for changing my outlook on fitness.

    Kind regards

  393. by Taymour

    for over 20 years I have been a Martial artist but mostly inclined to the external arts and the fitness/phsyique based training until recently I sustained an injury that made me question and analyze my whole approach to health and fitness and thats when I came across the Tacfit programs which are inclined more to recovery based training it has changed my life and my perception towards fitness in general I’m so eager to learn and share more and more of these programs

  394. by Larry Robinson

    Being 40 years old my outlook on fitness has begun to slowly change. I’ve started to look for training ideas that leave me feeling good, rather that feeling stiff and having joint pain. I’ve done bodybuilding routines for years and neglected any type of stretching and joint mobility and now I am paying for it. Scott I really like how you teach and your approach to fitness. I’m ready for a change. Thank you.

  395. by rapine serge

    tres respectueux de votre travail de longue alène, n ais pas la chance de cotoyer la famille légion mais je m inspire de toutes vos videos sur le net pour continuer a rester mobile agile et flexible j ai passé mes examens pour avoir mon brevet federale niveau 2 pour enseigner la défense personnel et je suis fier de m appercevoir que tous vos mouvements et programmes tacfit ,toolbox défense me permette de progresser encore ainssi que mes élèves car tous ses mouvements une fois compris par le principe peuvent etre tres utiles dans la realité de la rue! respect

  396. by Bob

    Flow is one of the keys to success in the martial art I study, in addition it helps me to move with precision and grace throughout my daily life. I’ve always been a heavy guy and, with several years of persistent effort, have become a heavy, strong, and fit guy — but I’d definitely be well-served by reducing my body-fat and increasing my lean muscle mass. I want to be the best that I can be.

  397. by Becky

    What an incredible opportunity to get into your lifestyle program! I’m in my mid 40′s, diabetic, obese, thyroid shot, and I’m TIRED of being sick and tired!! I look at youand those who have trained with you and I want what you have! I want my life back and I’ll do whatever it takes. Thank you for your incredibly generous spirit and love for people.

  398. by Steven

    As an over 40 I want to maintain all that I currently have but still improve as I push into later life. Getting old is no excuse to not improve ones physical being.

  399. by Todd

    As I’m getting older I know that I need to focus more on functional training and movement.

  400. by Mike Lasnier

    In Law Enforcement, everything we do involves a solid core, and the ability to move suddenly in any direction, preferably without injury. Scott Sonnon is one of the very few people who “Gets” what we do. While a “6 pack” is always nice, being strong, mobile and functional in 6 degrees of motion is far better, and everything Scott develops improves the ability for 48 year old guys like me to keep up with offenders in their early 20′s.

  401. by Brian

    As I turn 40 next week, I have focused on exercises that provide “beach muscles”, but have not reached the pinnacle of physical flow. As director of a Youth program for teens in trouble, preaching and PRACTICING the correct way to maximize the flow of Mind, Body and Spirit is crucial to set the example and pay it forward. Your integrity and methods are exemplary in today’s day and age…material and content we need to absorb and spread. Thank you for the opportunity.

  402. I believe in functional fitness – and I never saw something that made total sense and could help every body till I saw Coach Sonnon’s programmes. I want to live a healthy role model life as a future husband, as a son, and as a leader at work and in the community, and this is what physical flow will give me, and even more, with the mental alertness and spiritual calm that physical flow brings. I only wish I can help these amazing programmes reach the world, and for me, this is just a first step!

  403. Hey Scott! I hope you’ve been well. As you know, I could blab on and on about the WHY behind my training and lifestyle choices (have you read my blog? lol). But if I had to choose just one thing that really stands out – the one big reason why I pursue excellence in health and fitness – it’s so that, each day, I can become more and more of the man my family, friends, and community need and deserve. That’s one of the biggies anyway.

  404. by Bret Callaway

    Approaching my 50th birthday in a few weeks mobility and flow are more important to me than ever.
    Also maintaining muscle mass into my later years is a big priority for me. I’ve never have had an
    issue with fat, as I have always been lean but you never know what age related issues one may
    run up against.

  405. by Mehmet

    Hello Scott,

    For me at the age of 47 and having weight issues all my life, it is all about seeing what this body is capable of and add to my increasing confidence. I am making progress in the kitchen and with all my training/exerics,e but I realise I need to strengthen my core a lot. Ultimately, I wish to embody what I aspire to be so those who I love, and friends who are in a similar predicament get encouraged to take action.


  406. by Michael Quasney

    For the first time in my life I am starting to feel aged and have started to question my ability to help people due to my own failures. My morals and actions have kept me an active teacher and participant in exercise for most of my adult life, inspiring those around me to love moving again. I am on the verge of getting a doctorate in chiropractics and finally being able to reach and treat an entire community with a belief system that can give people a few moments of complete health and spark their fire to be the person they can be. Sadly, i am losing my own fire as my injuries start to pile on, the weight starts to add up, and and the educational system i live daily only sips at the importance of movement. I am looking forward to getting my fire back.

  407. by Jonathan Calvillo

    A year ago I suffered a severe concussion from a completely unexpected incident. My training regime was greatly limited and I needed an extended amount of time to recover. The mobility workouts made available by Scott Sonnon became my bread and butter during my recovery phase. Some of the free Tacfit workouts became the next step into my rebuilding my strength and endurance. I can thankfully say that a year later I am close to the strength and mobility that I need to be at.

  408. by Santiago

    I need the flow: years of bad posture gave me short muscles, back problems (specially lower back pain) and my range of motion is not the best. I practice Krav Maga, but is not enough, and working in an office isn’t helpful.

  409. by Nathan Simmonds

    Hi Scott, I’ve been a desk worker for a long time, sitting all day at a computer, so my posture has suffered as a consequence. Having decided that I want to live a long and healthy life, improved flow and good physical health is important to me. I already find CST a good system to keep my joints healthy but I’m always looking for even more efficiency. Keep up the good work!

  410. by Matt S

    Last year a life changing event occurred for me. My doctor told me that they found cancer on my left kidney. Life got very hectic, I underwent surgery to remove my kidney and the cancer. It was a success! However, my body went through multiple changes adjusting and healing as results of the surgery and my weight yo-yoed up and down during that time. I want to put the strength back in my body before all happened, so I am looking forward to learning the new flow.

  411. by Matthew Harris

    Coach Sonnon, what you create changes lives. I am on board and right with you in this endeavor. I will assimilate and integrate the knowledge within, and pass it on. Legion!

  412. by Larry Collier

    These children don’t have any real knowledge as to what a problem is for you until you have a major trauma to your body. I am 72 and still recovering from a ruptured Achilles Tendon last May. The surgery was successful but the resultant MERSA infection and all the subsequent trips back to the hospital for treatment have taken a major toll on my well being. My stomach has blown up like a balloon and I have no stamina. I used to mow our small 1/3 acre lawn in 2 hours, now it takes me 4 hours with a walk behind and the boss finally got me to buy a riding mower so she could hep’ me with the task. I really need to get me back to some sort of physical health. Thanks for all you do for us Scott.

    Larry Collier

  413. by Luigi Capra

    Functional fitness is important to me and my family because we all train hard and our bodies require the ability to recover as quickly as possible. As we get older it becomes harder to maintain and mobility helps greatly with this. We all train Jiu-Jitsu as you now is physically demanding and your functional fitness and mobility training helps tremendously with this!

  414. by Dave


  415. by Peter

    I like your workouts and recovery routines. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Your welcome to Slovenia.

  416. by Marin

    The three benefit’s of workout that you emphasize are important to me so I can feel better, work harder and enjoy life overall. I also want to transfer this feeling to my family and friends. Keep up the good work Scott.

  417. by Eric Hevel

    I was injured and told I would be permanently disabled and I guess that most guys at 50+ years of age would have gone along with it. I did everything the doctors told me and when they said I was as good as they could get me . Told them thanks and walked out and went to the gym. Due to the injury to my neck affecting my arms it has been a slow road, but I have made a great deal of progress, but still have a long way to go. I have not been able to do any ab work since May 2010, and need it badly. Don’t want to be a crippled up old man.

  418. by Heather

    At 42 years old I have become discussed by the way I look and have started my process of becoming a healthier leaner me. Obviously at this age, loosing belly fat is not easy. So, any help in obtaining this goal would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for extending such a generous offer to those of us in need of help.

  419. by Michael

    All these sophisticated movements develop the brain, stimulate accupuncture meridians, and so much more than just strength, stability, and flexibility. I love Scott’s work.

  420. by Brett

    I have been an avid user of your Tacfit programs for some time now and I have found them very beneficial in my training. I have recently found myself in front my computer screen more than usual and I have noticed a deterioration in my core strength and my ability to move/flow freely when I get up and moving. It sounds like your new program could be a great addition to my current workouts and I would love to add it to my routine. Thank you for sharing.

  421. I will look forward to this program as I will need to strengthen my core as I get older. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to utilize your knowledge.

  422. by Cláudio Dorotea

    Movement is one of the great pillars of my life. Throughout my life I figured out that a strong mind cannot exist and experience life fully without a strong and healthy body to support it. Your work has had a great influence in the way I approach fitness and I really admire its quality. I’m very grateful for the oportunity to learn with you Mr. Sonnon.

  423. by MissyKissy

    Hi Scott, I’m a menopausal, 50-year-old, showing all the signs of stress around my midriff. The rest of my physique is no better – sore joints, stiffness, and a scary reduction in basic fitness and strength. My boy is only 12 (and recently statemented as dyslexic as it happens). I want to regain strength and mobility (and lose the middle-aged spread) so that I can run and jump around with him and our dog, have some fun with them, and invest in my future health and fitness. Enough is enough. I need to take steps now. Many thanks for all your postings – particularly interesting and encouraging for me give the dyslexia diagnosis. All strength to you.

  424. by Shannon

    very interested!!

  425. by Richard Bevan

    After being introduced to “Scott Sonnon’s way of thinking” I haven’t looked back. I’ve incorporated the flows into my everyday life and the pains in my spine from fracturing it last year are nearly gone. I’m more flexible than ever before. I’ve developed the strongest core and enjoy sharing the knowledge given to us by Scott and his frankly wonderful concept. I’m a stronger person physically and mentally because of his well thought and planned flows. I have found by following Scotts programs and flows, the increase in lean muscle mass and reduction of exercise resistant stored fat has made me an incredibly happy person. Positive thinking is amazing. Thank you!

  426. by Gen Schultz

    Heck yeah of course Im interested!

  427. by David

    I have just received my purchase of you book ‘Free to Move’ and am very excited to learn about Flow and what it’s going to do for me physically as well as mentally. I have stored fat for a long time now even though I have had some martial art training and exercise fairly often. It is very important to me to release the fat and gain more lean muscle because I’ve never had the confidence on the inside like I tend to show on the outside. Thank you Coach Sonnon for all you do!

  428. by David Harrison

    As someone who for years had chronic fatigue syndrome, creating an effective exercise regimen has been vitally important to regaining my health. It’s all about flow and keeping things moving, and burning fat in the most efficient way possible. And it also needs to be something that’s “do-able.. Whatever can give me that, I’m right there!

  429. by Chris

    im a personal trainer, a healer, masseuse, I tacfit and club swing (when i get the chance) Im a husband and father of 2. 10 min would be great, as time is very limited

  430. by Karen

    I’m over 50 and, for the most part, the arms and legs are toned….the mid-section is what has been a frustrating problem to get and keep toned! Hopeful this will help. Thank you Coach Sonnon!

  431. by Ken

    Realising the importance of the flow after years of over-taxing the body system and the never ending increasing age.

  432. by Branda

    I am pursuing a PhD in neurobiology, for 4 years I have been stressed out focusing only in research. Recently I decided to change my way of approaching life and started a more active and meaningful life. Start going to yoga and and swimming. All that has helped me to enter a a better flow with my body and my brain. And your routing will hopefully help me in maintaining it even if I can’t go to the gym.

  433. by Dan white

    I have trained in karate for over 20 yrs, although I love it, I’ve developed lower back pain due to an imbalance in my core (from unilateral training). Since discovering your system I have gone a long way to rebalancing my core muscles and hope this programme will be another step on the road to pain free flowing movement.

  434. by Matt

    Increasing physical flow, improving lean-muscle mass, and releasing exercise-resistant stored fat is important to me to better myself on OCRs.

  435. by David Clements

    Flow in and through six degrees of freedom means Flow in ALL degrees of freedom, all dimensions of life. I can think of no greater Service than living so fully in Flow that I overFlow to others, as together we catalyze growth and development. I know that the greater my Flow, the greater the Service and guidance I can be in this Team journey of Life.

  436. by Josh

    Humans were meant to be mobile animals. As we age, we should realize that the gift and freedom of moving pain free with fluid mobility is far more important than mere aesthetics ( getting ripped or huge ). A lean, muscular, functionally strong and fit physique should contribute to, and come as a natural result of, focusing on restoring, maintaining, and improving our mobility and movement quality.

  437. by Liz

    I’ve been very stressed for several years, and my body has deteriorated. I’ve used your Flow to help me sporadically, but now it is time to get serious about getting back my function!

  438. I grew up as a fat kid, coming last in every sporting activity I was ever involved in as a child. Over the past few years, that has changed. I found a love for strength training and quality of movement. That is what led me to TacFit, CST and the concept of ‘Flow’. I have never had truly visible abdominals and would love to learn the way to Flow into abs :)

  439. by Dave Hunter

    I’m a 55 year old male, whom almost two years removed is still recovering from a workplace injury that involved among other things a severe abdominal tear. Recovery has been slow, and traditional physical therapy and exercise has been a long-term slog. Knowing of Coach Sonnon’s innovative approach my hope is that adding his methods of training to my daily routines that my recovery will be accelerated.

  440. by Scott


    I enjoy your approach to fitness and just your attitude and views on life in general. I think everyone is struggling in life in some fashion whether its diet, fitness or just life in general. People really identify with your struggle and your ability to overcome. It’s very inspiring!

  441. by Manuel destro

    i want to experience greater freedom of movement, since i was obese (180 kg x 1.83 cm) and now i am less obese( 100kg x 1.83cm) and i have never been able to move as i wished.
    sostantially i’m looking for efficace method of training to improving my physical performance and live a better life.

  442. by Cecile Pemberton

    I’m a not so young mom trying to get back to more optimum health and fitness after two babies. I lost my parents to lifestyle diseases as a teenager, so being healthy is really crucial to me. I want to be around for as long as I can for my children and to be as active, happy and fit as I can be for me and for them. Core health and strength has made a huge difference to my everyday life in the past and I want to be that vital and healthy again, even though youth isn’t really on my side any more.

  443. by JP

    As a pilot, I spend most of my time seating down, working at odd hours and eating food that is sub-par most of the time. After a few years of that regimen, at only 34, my body was starting to ache everywhere, knees, back, neck… But with the different flow work out put together by coach Sonnon, all those aches have disapeared and for that I am truly thankfull.
    So, thank you Scott Sonnon for your hard work and thank you for sharing it with us.

  444. by Tony

    I’ve been following Scott since he released his first program. My body is stronger and moves with more ease in my 30′s better than in my 20′s.

    I’m always game to learn from Scott and optin in for his new program release.

  445. by Daniel Markert

    Scott and a few others in the Legion know my story so this can be brief. Half my career as an infantry officer in the Army National Guard has been during this long war. One stateside tour and one combat tour in Afghanistan have taken their toll of chronic and occupational stress and until 4 years ago I suffered the “stuck in simplistic stupidity” of traditional physical training with its linear movements, pounding of the joints and short training cycles derailed by injury, illness, and monotony. TACFIT has restored much of my strength and expressible power while maximizing my recovery and resilience. It has also exposed and developed my weaknesses, of which core mobility, stability, and strength is the number one weakness. Fowfit is the next component I need to maximize my movement potential so that I can continue to fulfill my duty and lead our troops for years to come.

  446. by Meghan Martinez

    After years of trying to “lose weight”, I’m finally realizing what it means to be healthy & fit. I finally understand the importance of nutrition (not just calorie counting) and the difference between lean weight and fat weight. Flow and resistance training are a major part of the process and it’s the part of the process that is the most foreign to me. I want to push through to the next level and I need some help. Thanks for all you do.

  447. by Annika stockton

    I value every opportunity and am always open to new things and would l

  448. by Thanasis

    There are short-term and long-term reasons. The short-term reason lies within the general goal of improving myself (which is something I have been working on the past year with exceptional results). But besides the looking-great and feeling-great-about-myself (for the first time in years) I realise that obtaining now (in my mid-twenties) a healthy lifestyle through constant training and a balanced diet is going to guarantee a healthy body and improved physical and mental health later in my life when starting such a lifestyle from the beggining is extremely difficult or impossible. Why core? Because it is the centre of movement, getting involved in all everyday movements and tasks. Regardless of the result, a great thanks for your work and motivation.

  449. by John

    I am look for a fresh healthy way to train so I feel and look great

  450. Having a tight core means an easier life for me. Without it, I am plagued by back and neck pain as a result of a motorcycle accident. Ageless Mobility and Freedom By Degree have assisted me in my recapturing my range of motion and motor function faster than my doctors had anticipated. I feel that this program could be another key in my recovery process.

    Having less belly fat means a longer life for me. Belly fat is synonymous with insulin resistance. The less that I have, the less medication that I require. For about 1 year, I managed a healthy belly fat and blood sugar level through diet(Eat to Live), supplements(Ayurveda), and lots of physical training(martial arts & calisthenics). Doing this completely without taking insulin. Now inspite of all that, I have been gaining more belly fat and requiring insulin injections. Which after reading your comment about hormonal stress I totally get why now.

    Thanks for everything Coach. Your teachings have been nothing short of phenomenally inspiring. And no worries if I don’t win. I’m getting this program either way.

  451. by or sho

    I turned 40 this year, and after a serious injury where doctors said I wouldn’t walk and over 10 years of really hardly doing any physical activity consequently I decided I had to do something to change my life direction to increase mobility and to reach for that feeling of beauty in movement that I always doubted if I could ever achieve for myself. After trying a half dozen fitness programs I discovered the simple flow exercises of Scott Sonnon. and starting with simple inviting movements I suddenly found myself able to do things with my body I was never able to do before and strength balance, and flexibility I wasn’t able to gain in other programs. Within a short few months where there was flab there were now the outlines of toned abdominal muscle that I’d never seen before in life.
    Protecting my joints and mobility, vitality and energy into old age is of course important to me; I want to make my body as injury proof as possible but also as a father I really want to model the joy of someone who can flow and move and has strong lean muscles. The amazing breakthrough is that at age 40 I have more energy than I ever had before, more ease of movement, and less pain and am surprised how often I get compliments on my body feel sexier than ever and I can actually be proud of my body today, comfortable about my future and inspiring to those around me.

  452. by Frank

    By the age of 25 I had learned to cope with the pain of arthritus and its deteriorating effects on my knees. I had also come to accept the lack of motor coordination that related to my Dyspraxia and which had slowed my physical development from early years. I had also learned to hide the feelings of annoyance and inadequacy with comfort eating. By 27 I had learned of Coach Sonnon and TacFit/IntuFlow and after losing 3 stone I have found a new lease of life through enhanced pain free fitness. Thank you!

  453. by Paul

    After being out of full training for the last 6 months with a knee injury and watching all my previous hard work disappear, I’m back and starting the rebuilding process. Watching my strength, flexability and size dwindle away was tough at first but it’s only made me more deterined to come back better than I ever was.

  454. by Kevin

    Being in flow is the way of the universe.
    One of my coaches taught me that the way you play one game, is the way you play EVERY game in life, and that shows up as the results you have in every area of your life.
    Physical flow means being able to move with intention and purpose, pain-free and with grace. That’s how i want my life to be.

  455. by Thomas Cox

    I just turned 65, and I don’t want to be one of those people who just waits to die after that milestone. I want the physical flow that will start me LIVING at 65.

    Increasing lean muscle mass and burning exercise-resistant stored fat will make me able to work and play outside more safely and effectively, reduce the weight load on my joints, make me better company for my lovely wife, and a better caretaker and companion for my rescued dogs.

    Some studies show that anyone who is fundamentally healthy at 65 today, has a life expectancy of 95 or more. I want those years, and I want to be fit to make the best use of them for myself and those around me.

  456. by Hilary

    I’m sixty-six and getting older and stiffer by the day! My son has shown me some of your flexibility movements and they’ve helped my truly messed-up back – my brain is good – so’s my diet – I nurture my attitude – I want my body to be the strong, healthy, balanced instrument I need to go forward. There’s still a ton of things I want to do and I don’t want to be stopped because I’m too stiff to tie my shoes! Thanks for this!

  457. by Jay Guerin

    At the age of 46, and being the father of two pre-teen daughters, I am realizing that good health is the true key to happiness. Being able to perform my daily routine, as a parent, a musician, a martial artist and in my daily job, is exponentially increased when my body is in its proper state of health. It’s a domino effect at that point. Mental acuity increases, confidence soars, and I’m able to reach that place where the inevitable stresses that are a fact of life don’t seem to be able to crush me like I once thought they could.

  458. by Rob

    Your programs got me through a debilitating L4/5 disc prolapsed.

  459. by bhagvant khalsa

    Whats most important to me is strengthening and movement that increases flexibility while rewiring the core structure. To feel my body strengthen and move as one smooth flowing tone muscular creature, that at any moment my body will do as I desire because it was fed and trained with the most advanced techniques. I’m in a highly advanced nutritional rebuilding phase, and I’m looking for the best ways to implement complimentary physical body movement to optimize this human vessel. to flow like water…….

  460. by Miro

    Since I was a little boy, I loved movement and most of all, I loved martial arts. I didn’t know what about them atracted me, but there was something there. Unfortunetly, my parents wasn’t very supportive in what I wanted and instead I have to do everythink they want me to do. So I started practicing martial arts only in my late teens when I finaly earn some money on my own and I enjoyed it very much and still enjoy (I am now 25). It was Chen Tai Ji Quan and being it supreme martial art, after reading your Free to move book I immediately knew that this is something that would perfectly complement my martial art partice and ever since that I was learning from your free stuff from youtube and other sources becouse I am just a student and don’t have yet resources to buy it.

  461. by Carlos Gouveia

    We are energy that has found human form. By the time we become adults, it’s all too easy to forget that we innately know that flow is the way we align with that energy, and become who we truly are. Life is Flow, Flow is Life.

    Oh yeah, and I’m not immune to vanity. Bring on the six-pack! :D

  462. by Jakob

    I started my fitness journey lacking mobility, overweight(240lbs), and extremely weak. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight (down to 190 lbs but I am 6’4 so very skinny) but muscle mass isn’t great. Despite being so skinny I have yet to see my abs. To me this program would help me reach my life long goal of having visible abs, more muscle mass, and much improved mobility (flow) in life. Thank you Scott for your continued guidance.

  463. by Fabio

    It it works it will be a real good training for everybody who needs to keep in shape quickly.

  464. by Cassidy

    Looking forward to learning more.

  465. by Chris Douty

    As I stumble into my 40s, I have finally come to realize that all movement flows from the core. Energy management is the key to all areas of life, and the best way to increase your energy is thru well organized movement that starts in the core and flows outwards. I am looking forward to working the 6º Flow program so that I can show up better for my family, my work, and myself.

  466. by Jeanine

    The basis of LIFE is movement. Movement is structured in six cardinal directions. It is all too easy to fall into a “groove” of sorts and neglect all its components but then our flow is compromised. Thankfully, we have Scott Sonnon to help us sort this out.

  467. by Marq

    Great stuff. Really enjoy your workouts.

  468. by Mick

    I am 71 and until recently thought I was in fairly decent shape. However I just found out that my BP is creeping up to prehypertensive levels. I am about 50 lbs overweight so your program to strengthen my core and abs would certainly be a step in the right direction.

  469. by Nils

    To feel and move better and inspire other people to feel and move better, that’s important to me.

  470. by allan

    What good is my diet without a way to tone what’s left?

  471. by Nicole

    As someone who has always been, in most ways, physically fit (naturally, or with little work) hitting my mid-forties put me and my body on a downhill slide. I have to work twice as hard as I ever did before and the programs I’m using aren’t working anymore. I need something that will kick my workouts into high gear and help me to get back into shape. I read your posts and watch your videos and I’m so inspired. With premenopause comes depression and a little less will to fight the battle of the bulge. Mentally it’s so straining, but watching and reading what you have to say gives me so much inspiration. I know that I would benefit from your program. It’s just what I need to get my body and my mind back to where it needs to be.

  472. by Victor

    I am 47 y.o. and I just want to be able to get rid of my neck pain, and also to be able to do all physical activity with my kids and grand kids. As of right now, I get winded in 2 minutes of even the lightest activity. And that scares me. I believe that your program will give me a hope to live and enjoy my life.

  473. by CW


  474. Well, I’m 62 (since two days) and I still want to become a very good grappler and obtain physical fitness better than I had in my youth. I’ve just returned to full TACFIT (it seemed too hard together with my submission grappling training, but we’ll see) and I’ve been doing Prasara Yoga and those “warmup” exercises from it pretty often. I clearly see and vividly appreciate the benefits.

    I sincerely believe that core exercises from Scott Sonnon would do me a great of good.

  475. by Jeff Learned

    At 53 and after 45 years of martial arts training, recovery and mobility are becoming more and more important. TacFit has helped me achieve faster and more efficient recovery but i wish to increase my mobility and to ‘flow’ like water over rocks during my training.

  476. The body is just as complex yet simple as the universe.

    While modern science for fitness is slowly gaining ground with it’s formulaic number crunching, understanding the concept of flow provides us with a more simple solution. The 1+1=2 mentality to weight loss and functional strength is yet to produce results stronger than the more organic approach of just connecting and moving the body as you play or flow.

    Personally, the most beautiful thing about flowing… is that everyone creates their own idea of what fitness is, yet it all relates.

  477. by von

    i used intu-flow for a couple months to see how my body responded. my results were improved strength, stamina, and an overall increase in energy. great program. thanks!

  478. by Jordan F. Leonard

    I am fortunate enough to have just finished my AT degree. However, the hard work and long hours has left me with room for improvement. As a dedicated manual therapist, allied health professional and EMT, it is imperative to maintain your total body fitness. The keystone to this is my core. Otherwise, I will be unable to serve my patients in the capacity they deserve. A simple and dynamic ten minute routine is ideal for me to continue to serve my patients to the level of care I demand for them. Thank you for the opportunity to serve them better.

  479. by Richard Dodson

    Strong abs and breath give me the ability and energy to provide for and enjoy time with my family. It also gives me the foundation to thrive in whatever operational context I find myself in.

  480. by Eng Wen Ong

    Having lived with idiopathic scoliosis most of my life, I can say that a bodybuilding style of weightlifting moving in only one place would not have been suitable for me, as the motions would decrease mobility and likely shorten my longevity. Scott Sonnon’s 6 degrees of freedom in his training methodology of CST has helped release restrictions and adhesions in my mobility, and I’ve received comments as well as photographic evidence that his fleet of products, particularly Intuflow and King of Clubs, have spearheaded this process. For this, I am extremely grateful to Scott and his team for putting such great products out there at affordable prices, helping the rest of us get our Flow on. :)

  481. by Johno

    At 55 years old I’m still in a profession and competing for work against men 20 – 30 years my junior. Belly fat and decreasing flexibility have been the hardest things to overcome. Being physically fit and able to react instantly is a requirement of the job. Not being able to workout at a gym regularly due to travel pressures doesn’t help. Scott’s systems have helped me to maintain a level of fitness that I could not have done just relying on traditional weight and cardio training.

  482. by alex

    very very big

  483. by Eli Duchovny

    I have been looking forward to this routine. love your work. Thank you for sharing

  484. by massimo

    i have the utmost respect for scott and his hard and constant work and I am looking forward to every bit that I can learn from him

  485. by Anu

    I’m already doing things pretty nicely. I eat more and more like paleo style, but yet keep looking for a way to make it work right for me. It doesn’t matter what the diet is called, as long as I find what’s best for me. I do pole dancing, acrobatics and gym but I still have that exercise resistant fat, and it’s driving me absolutely insane! I also need to lift all that excess up the pole, and that really slows down my progress… I have strong muscles and I can feel I have a six-pack. I’ve given my best shot getting rid of the fat, now perhaps you could give me new way to go :)

  486. At 55 years of age I find that I can move better and I feel better than at any time in my life because of my yoga and movement practices. It saddens me to see many of my contemporaries living in pain that could have been avoided and could be gotten rid of if they would only move! That is why I became a personal trainer combining movement, health first fitness practices, qigong and meditation into a “whole person” program. I continue to learn and use any modality I can to help my clients live pain-free, active lives.

  487. by Mickey

    Our outer appearance is a reflection of our inner soul. In this way both are related to each other. I nourish my soul by praying and reading which impacts my deeds. Similarly I wish to change my external appearance and am sure it will impact my soul as it will boost the confidence within. It will make feel strong and and on top of the world.

  488. by Dorelle Peters

    At 52, in arguably good physical shape, I was constantly battling one niggling injury after another. ‘Roaming tendonitis’ was my cryptonite. I began following you on Facebook and was very intrigued by your unique approach. It resonated deeply with my own bodies sense that there had to be a better way to train my body that worked ‘with’ it, not ‘against’ it. As I was in the process of studying and looking to change my workout philosophy, I had to undergo major back surgery (a lifetime of scoliosis had finally taken a toll that needed addressing). Surgery was successful and so far my recovery has been extraordinarily easy. I am still 5 weeks away from being allowed full range of movement, but have begun to follow the parts of your flow video that are not counter indicated at this point. I am so excited to begin the full routine when I am cleared to move again. I am determined to move forward in a way that is in harmony with my body for maximum fitness and health. Thank you!

  489. by Harsha Prag

    I’m going to borrow the words of another… “Incredible lightness of being” is how circular strength training makes me feel. I love the feeling of being in tune with my body and using it in ways I’ve never thought possible. And the confidence I feel after every class is incredible.

  490. by Tanya Lemke

    I work behind-the-scenes in the film and television industry, a perfect environment for flow. One of the most important parts of my job is to be invisible – I have to be fast and silent like a ninja! But 20 years of crazy hours, tough locations and heavy loads (and probably trying too hard) has left me with compound injuries, impediments and chronic pain that nothing other than Scott’s programs have ever been able to relieve. Maintaining a strong core and everything that flows from that is the only thing that keeps me mobile – and employable. More prepared than the challenges we face!

  491. I teach yoga to all body types. I stress the importance of movement and strengthening ourselves – inside and out. Keeping the full range of motion and building muscle to support our structures is so important as we age. I would share the information learned from your teachings to the people I teach .. homeless veterans, those with anxiety/depression, inner city high school kids, to moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas…anyone really looking for the path to health and wellness.

  492. by Rishi

    flow is the ultimate state of mind and spirit combined within our physical shell, and extended through us in all that we do. flow is the ideology that propels us forward, and not distracted within the worlds media and like distractions.

  493. by Jason Pippin

    Through learning and applying several of Coach Scott Sonnon’s programs, I have realized–intellectually and experientially–that there is no contradiction or separation between the inward and the outward, the spiritual and the physical; everything is inter-connected, and where there is strength and balance in one there is strength and balance in the other. In an age where humans are becoming increasingly either cerebral and disconnected to their bodies, or obsessive over their body-image to the detriment of their internal selves, Scott Sonnon’s perspectives on health, fitness, and wellness are a welcome breath of fresh air. Through the daily practice of Coach Sonnon’s Flows, I have regained not only mobility and function, but healed overuse injuries, improved sleep quality, and most importantly, brought the principles of Flow to all facets of my life!

  494. My entire life I was more focused on training my mind instead of my body, without truly understanding the meaning behind “mens sana in corpore sano”. Now, at 35, I get that working out was the missing secret ingredient that transformed my health, my confidence, my relationships and my career success, in a matter of just a few months. Thank you for the inspiration you have so generously provided me on my journey.

  495. by Duane

    Thanks for sharing. Always looking for new tools for my toolbox.

  496. I am not getting any younger and as time goes by i’ve noticed i am finding it harder to change my body composition. I have followed Scott in his use of Flowfit and also regularly use Clubbells in my classes. A change in fat levels would greatly improve not only my health but also every aspect of my training. Calithenics is not easy at 110kg body weight! I also feel that i would move easier and more freely if i had more of an organised system of movement training such as Scott’s Flowfit.

  497. by Mike G

    I want to learn how to connect my breath to my movements and my head to my heart.

  498. by nick

    Having a good core is vital for good health.
    Eliminating the most dangerous fat around the mid section and
    the vital organs ensures longevity and a great quality of life.
    Learning body mechanics through flow helps you maintain a fit body and mind.
    With the excellent explanations in the Video flow assures that my goals are attained
    which makes it much easier to continue and follow the program without wasting time.

  499. by Rick


    I work in the field of education and leadership development as an Executive Coach, and I believe that business can and should a force for good. So I help leaders become more aware and conscious of the impact that their leadership has on the world around them, and awake to the possibilty of a more enlightened approach business. I believe in leading and teaching by example, and want to model the way for others, but am finding that my now 55 year old body is not keeping pace with the youthfulness of my mind. I want to make a difference with whatever time I have I might have in this life and believe that physical fitness is a foundational requirement. Your body of work has made a difference in my life, and by extension, in the lives of many with whom I’ve worked. Thank You!

  500. by Tommy

    I just turned 48 and am always thinking of how to develop and keep more flow in my body and my life and Scott’s story and techniques really help with that inspiration.
    The physical aspects are certainly important and much needed to keep us all moving in an efficient manner. But let’s look deeper into ourselves…. into the way our bodies and minds are applied into the overall system… THAT’S where the flow can truly manifest itself! I recognized right away Scott’s wisdom on body movement but hearing about his time with MA and other aspects of his journey really tuned me onto his teachings. I imagine If Ram Dass and Alan Watts would have taught movement it might sound something like Intu-flow, flow fit and CST.

  501. by Jeff Lines

    I’m 62 years old, was pear shaped over weight, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I recently started a Paleo diet and pretty quickly lost 25 pounds, blood pressure dropped enough where I can eliminate my meds, and cholesterol improved dramatically without any prescription drugs. I haven’t been exercising and I am no longer losing more weight so I know the next thing I need to do is start up an exercise program and I want to focus on my core so this program looks to be very promising.

  502. by Scott Fitzwater

    As an advancing security professional and public servant at a correctional institute, my fitness level allows increased job performance to better serve, protect my team, myself, and stay in the fight for longer. To increase my fitness level it is important to keep advancing both physical through lean muscular gains, and metabolic conditioning , as well as increasing my neural complexity by constantly changeling myself to learn new things and add layers to the things I do know. Your programs have helped my translate power through strengthening my hips and unlocking flexibility and movement patterns inherent in that structure, I Imagine there are similar secrets locked inside my core. Much respect for you, and love for your work, Scott.

  503. by Paul B

    My post isn’t much different than most of the other 40+ yr old males here: belly fat, wanting a body that isn’t a road block in daily activities, being an example and a inspiration to growing obesity problem in America, wanting a program that allows for adherence, and gaining some pride in myself. However, the best reason I can honestly think of, I trust Mr. Sonnon’s character. If his programs are anything like his public profile with his words of encouragement and control, it would seem foolish not to take advantage of an opportunity like this one. Thank you.

  504. by Simon

    For all my life I’ve been training, but although I look and feel good. I still have some unachieved goals i.e. doing the planche and getting rid of the last bit of body fat around my stomach area. The big reason why is to convince my overweight dad to finally start training seriously. Not too long ago he suffered a sudden heart attack and on top of that he even got pneumonia. Although I thank got he’s already released, he’s suffering still suffering from diabetes type II which should be cured as soon as he’s back to a healthy weight. Then there’s my little brother and mum who are also slightly overweight. I want to get them all enthousiastic. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

  505. by Nikki

    Hi Scott :)

    I am 41 and have become increasingly more involved with a healthy and fit lifestyle over the last 10-12 years. This is a part of my life that I can’t imagine leaving behind, because I love how it allows me to continue living with a joie de vivre that I didn’t have when I was 20! It’s truly a gift I have given myself to be physically strong, flexible, and capable of going out to ‘play’ and embrace so fully all that life has to offer, and there is just so much that I am grateful for having been able to experience :) I believe I could benefit from Flow because as I am getting older, I find that the body takes things a little harder, and needs a bit more recovery. I’d like the opportunity to learn more about a fitness plan that allows me to continue to be physically strong and active, but that also incorporates full and gentle recovery so that I am better able to care for my health and body for the rest of my time here :)

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  506. by John

    As a guy in his mid-50′s with a 10+ hour a day desk job it becomes ever more difficult to maintain a balanced lifestyle and remain fit. For me; age has brought arthritis, heart attack, decreased range of motion and an increased tendency to retain body fat. Fitness, balance, flexibility, and core strength will return the quality of life that’s often missing or on the decline as I get older.

  507. by Jack Foley

    Slowly moving from a lump on edge of heart attack at 44 years old to getting off my drugs for those issues and want to be able to move with more strength. Abs have been a weak point in my training. Grace & Peace

  508. by Robert

    Movement is freedom and quality of life. Losing the excess fat baggage simply makes moving around and everyday life easier. Of course, having a six pack would be a great side benefit :) Having a good, strong core is key, not just for my Tae Kwon do practice, but everyday quality of life. I want to be an example for my children, as well as those I teach or come into contact with on a daily basis.

  509. by Jessica

    Dear Mr Sonnon,
    I am a dance teacher in my 40′s who over the last number of years has dealt with several injuries (most unrelated to dance, if I danced everywhere instead of walking, I’d probably fare much better!!), the stress of opening my own studio, the sadness of dealing with illness of family members and subsequently losing them. As a teacher, I seem to attract students that maybe don’t quite fit in other places, maybe they pick things up a little slower, maybe they don’t have the “perfect dancer’s body” and I give a lot of myself to teach them, encourage them and build them up both physically and emotionally. My reward is seeing their success, not just in dance but as they grow into happy, more confident children and eventually into happy and successful young adults…
    My injuries and stress have lead to my own body not being in the best shape. While looking great again would be fantastic what I need is to Feel healthier, more in control, stronger, calmer, more focused & confident so that my best is better as I continue to help not only my own children but all my students.
    Thank you for your time,

  510. by Karen Schindler

    Increasing my fitness is important to me because it will increase my energy levels so that I am able to keep up with my toddler! I want to show him what it means to be healthy and fit. I didn’t have all the tools or nutrition available to me whilst growing up, so it’s important for me to be able to give that to my child. Plus, I want to shape up and gain more confidence in myself.

  511. by Shawn

    Hi Scott,

    I am a law enforcement officer. The past few years I have been stationed abroad and management considers our mission more diplomatic than enforcement. I have also had two children in this time and have gained the dreaded sympathy wait. These are not good excuses, but during this time I have become soft and pudgy. Soon I will be moving back to the states and would love to get back into better physical condition, using your methods. One of my coworkers has been letting me borrow his club bells and king of clubs work out, and I love your methods.

  512. by John Cantu

    Exercise and lean body mass is important in attaining longevity and quality of life. I have young children, so it is important that I live as long as possible to care for them. I would like to have the strength in body – as well as mind and spirit to care for my world. A strong body helps one to manage stress; we can’t eliminate stress, but we can handle stress in a way to help us achieve. A strong body releases endorphins that raise the spirits, and hel;p raise the joy factor in life. Exercise is a discipline, and discipline is an important component in achievement. Joy is bought, in part, by Achievement. Scott, you ARE CONDUCTING A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT – RAISING THIE QUALITY OF LIFE ONE AT A TIME RIPPLES OUT INTO THE LARGER SOCIETY TO PROMOTE HEALTH AND HAPPINESS.

  513. by Paul Bryan

    With some routines, you wonder what you’re ultimately training for. With flow routines, it’s the training and the goal! Really however, it’s the process and this is I what has attracted me to such routines. Not to mention that performing IntuFlow daily has opened up my movement beyond anything I expected. Great stuff!

  514. I learned how to enjoy my life without pain and how to teach the same skills to my two young and beautiful daughters. Kids are in these days often fat and they are not enjoying a beauty of physical movement (not mentioning beauty of thinking) but with TacFit, FlowFit and Prasara yoga I was able to show them other way then fast foods and computer games. Out there is a magical real world of knowledge, a real friends and real life they can see if they understand basic rules of physical movement without pain. Thank you for it :-)

  515. LIfe is challenging. Every single day we are faced with tough decisions – we are constantly deluged with too many choices. For some, this can lead to ‘paralysis by analysis’. In my experience, I’ve found that by turning the focus inward – paying attention to not only what I do but how I do it as well is incredibly important. I have been a user of FlowFit multiple times per week for several years. It has been a fountain of youth for me. In my late 20′s, I was diagnosed as having a bilateral herniation between L5/S2 along with degenerative disc disease in the 3 discs that sit about that area. Doctors wanted to fuse some of my vertebra together. Hell no, I thought! I set out to find answers to my physical ailments, and Scott and RMAX popped onto my radar. It’s been 10+ years since I read BodyFlow for the first time and I can tell you that I can do more now physically that I was able to as a NCAA Div 1 scholarship football player. Thanks to you, Scott, for helping to change the trajectory of my life!

  516. by Don

    Flow (from TacFit Commando, FlowFit, etc.) seems to tie together many aspects of fitness (strength. agility, recovery) that I need as I age. I spent many years on the ‘hard’ end of physical training, and now appreciate the ‘softer’ side of training. Not so soft that I lose an edge, but an emphasis on correct mechanics vice mindless reps.

  517. by PeterZ

    Beginning near my mid-40´s, I took a rest and changed pace and got to Scottt Sonnen´s RMAX page. I saw a video on flow and this rocked my world. For the last several years, now officially in my later 40´s at 48, I have a weekly routine which comprises intu-flow (daily), bodyweight via Tacfit and other (3x/week), and yoga flows. The flows are the favorite as you need to be so aware of your body as it moves through the air and to where it is going – foot position, hand balance, breathing all make for a workout that makes you feel you could do this forever. What a feeling to know that I will be able to work out like this into y 90´s. That is what flow does for me.

  518. by michela

    I’ve been doing tacfit for two years and the results are amazing!

  519. by Audi

    At 50, I am active, fit, and intend to stay this way as long as possible. I believe that achieving and maintaining fitness and mobility are key to good quality of life as we age.

  520. by Yelena Soto

    This year I just turned 50. Feeling stronger than when I was younger.
    After years of lifting heavy weights, some injuries and movements imbalances realized that it is not the clue to a better health in spite of the fact that I was looking very fit then.
    I started to learn proper breathing technique, qi gong ,yoga, focusing on good form, using recovery and corrective exercises.
    The joy when you get from the movements that flows and feels right for your body is priceless.
    It gives you the feeling of happiness, completeness, confidence and strength.
    Incorporating Ageless Mobility,IntuFlow,FlowFit,Tacfit, 5 classics to name just few into my everyday life is a big gift that Scot gave to this world.
    I am so thankful that for it.

  521. Working on a highly stressing enviroment, practicing/teaching two demanding martial arts (Bökh and Sambo) and having intolerance to pork (which is very common food in my country) I’ve learned the hard way the importance of physical flow, improving lean-muscle mass and compensating for my rotine. Without my daily training I simply can’t be functional.

  522. by Francisco Giron

    Currently train my body with flowing and moving through a well thought out and well structured program that could help me keep up with my priorities regarding my body which I consider to be my temple is all I am looking for. Though, I have as a main priority to increase my physical flow and movement along with increasing my strength, and for that main reason this kind of information, is the one that I really appreciate due to the caring philosophy that people like you Scott, whom have worked in their inner and outer physical development reaching excellents results and have the humility to share it with us, your people, your followers, leave with me with not just a new core strenght program but a real motivation, a real influence in my life that will help me, have new pieces of information to spread from end to end with in it and really execute all the benefits from a program like yours.

  523. by Romina Galea

    At the age of 16 I decided I needed to make a change. I was bullied and living in my own world cause I was fat and didn’t belong on the group. I’ve worked on my own for 16 years, and stubborn fat in my arms that coaches told me I can never get rid of if not by operation, I managed to get them full of muscle and now people comment on my arms :) Yes I’ve waited more than 10 years to achieve them but it was worth it. Now, there is still another thing they told me there is no chance of getting it lean on my own and that the lower part of my abs, but I will never lose hope. So it would be really helpful if I can use your help to help me achieve this and not prove to them that this was possible but prove to myself that nothing is unachievable. Flexibility is something that I feel I neglected quite abit and need to really work on it, cause I believe that as I age, flexibility is the key to having the healthiest and strongest ageless body. Thank you Scott for giving us opportunities like this.

  524. by Peter Roffel

    Dear Scott Sonnon,

    I’m very excited to write a comment YOU will read! This is a great chance for me to thank you for all you have done, and are doing, Tacfit commando transformed my live and goals. And all your free programs and video’s, just loved your Flow of the Week video’s. One of my greatest goals is to become an example and help other people have a better life by training physically. Flow is the way.

    With all my respect, Peter Roffel (FRANCE)

  525. by Brian

    Now that I am in my 40′s I appreciate how being fit will improve my dialy life

  526. I grew up in a physically unhealthy environment, eating food that was considered culturally normal. I have lost over 33% of my body weight by adapting the flow lifestyle of martial arts and yoga, and eating food that is closer to what I’m genetically designed to eat. However, I still have a karmic deposit of unwanted fat on my midsection from my previous life. At age 38 I feel like I’ve hit a plateau, and that my midsection should look amazing for the amount of training and discipline I am engaged in. I’m patiently looking for that tipping point.

  527. by Harish SaHaS

    I had been visualizing my dream physique (LEAN MUSCLE… STRONG ABS) for years now but never put consistent effort to get there…
    and when one gets into a habit of procrastinating things…it catches up in everything you do in life….So i think its very very important to have a Physical FLOW IN LIFE and with proper knowledge about your objective we can achieve any level of physicality and also be CONFIDENT in our minds.

  528. by Emiliano

    This kind of exercise are awesome, to improve health without hurting yourself and improving in a great way your performance. I love the Flow movement.

  529. by Travis Janeway

    Thanks you Scott,
    I’ve attacked fitness from almost every angle; bodybuilding, triathlons, powerlifting, crossFits and so on. Unfortunately, the body can only survives attacks and is not what it needed to thrive. An integrated fluid approach to movement seems to be what the mind and body crave for health and longevity. To that end, you have put out some great material that speaks to me!

  530. by Mathew Schwar

    I received the “gift” of a low back injury over a year ago. Please help. I need the flow. Thanks for the opportunity

  531. by Teodor

    I have your TACFIT Commando program and it kicks ass! It revolutionized the way I train and I have benefited from it greaterly in terms of strenght, joint mobility, recovery and overall health.

  532. I am in the field of helping others and haven’t been taking care of myself like I used to. I just turned 40 and had a kid. I have gained substantial belly weight for the first time and I am looking to make a change.

  533. by Andre

    I don’t believe mind and body are separated entities. Hence overcoming physical restraints, moving without thought and achieving balance within are important goals in my life.
    And I tend to shy away from ab-work. So there’s that.

    Flow Thyself!

  534. by Robert P.

    Looking for some Ab movements to add to my QiGong practice and my conditioning movements

  535. As an aging singer/voice instructor I find it very important to keep my breathing/abdominal muscles in shape. When I was younger they took care of themselves. Now in my 40s that is no longer the case, and I need to find effective ways to keep them strong for my professional activities.

  536. by Yanni

    I am kind of a living experiment of your Intu-Flow mobility exercises. I have been doing it daily for the past couple of years. Started from beginner, moved to Intermediate level, hoping to reach the grace of the Advanced program at some point. I am 37, back into university to get my degree. In stressful periods (exams, emotional stress, etc.) I revert to a routine of the 4 breathing exercises at the end of each level (breathing squats, lateral arm waves, dropping arm waves, spinal waves). Doing it throughout the day keeps me sane and functioning well under stress. My body stance and grace has improved immensely, my thoracic/lung capacity expanded. I feel smarter and I am 100% sure it is the improved mobility rewiring my motor brain plus the increased breathing capacity. I have a big head and it absolutely needed much more air/nutrients/mobility. I notice my body using the increased movement repertoire in every day activities, it is kind of fun to observe and satisfactory to know that the now unintentional, more sophisticated movement patterns count as more free exercise. It has been a major revelation as to how sedentary lifestyle is an absolute bane of modern living. I have been under 4 meds for anxiety/stress, currently dropping one of them. Realizing I can finally drop it, I feel empowered over my health, absolutely thrilled about the fact. I also have an unusual hormonal profile and I am very prone to fat deposition, which creates a vicious circle of hormonal disruption (T aromatization, I can actually feel it) then more fat deposition, etc. Looking forward to checking out your ab/core program. This has been a great opportunity to finally say: Many Thanks and God Bless

    Kind Regards,

  537. by Gabriele

    Hi,I’m a 53 old italian,i’m sorry for my poor english language,but I want say that Sonnon’s methods has changed my vision of training,strenght,endurance,flexibility and recovery (I had many injuries on my body
    and knees) and now I have discovered the CST family and I enjoied to can move its again!!! Thanks Scott!

  538. by Rolf Eriksen

    Increased physical flow is important to me for beeing able to partisipate in physical activities, to train, play and help and hopefully inspire others to fullfill their dreams of a healthy lifestyle as well. While the appearance of lean muscle mass and low fat is not the most important driver for my motivation I see it is regarded by public as one of the key attributes to health, alas you will gain trustworthy by applying it – the older one gets, the better

  539. by Ross Brooks

    I just turned 40 last November, and I have had weight problems since I was seven years old. In the last few years I’ve managed to drop the majority of the extra weight I’ve carried forever and get into a relatively healthy range for my size and age. I’m also in much better shape than I ever was as a teenager and young adult, but even in the last two years I’ve noticed that it has become more difficult to make myself stronger, I’ve become more prone to injuries, and I have a huge dissatisfaction that I’m 40 and I’ve never seen my abs. I have a four year old son for whom I want to set a great example of health – physically, mentally, and spiritually, and It took me until now to realize just how closely tied together all of these are. I want to rid myself of all my bad habits so that my son never has a chance to develop them.

  540. by lee savage

    “We encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated” Maya Angelo

    The tools for successful living in every aspect come from within, and if I am the tool box the this training is the key to using those tools. My life is no better or worse then the hundreds of people before me, however I am very different in the sence that I Understand how to use those tools. Flowfit will be my blueprints.

    Lee savage

  541. by Seth Canner

    As a nurse anesthetist in a busy operating room, a father or 5 boys, and brazilian jiu jitsu practioner and competitor, I experience a large amount of stress in my life. An exercise program that will attenuate the effects of stress, strengthen my core, improve my movement, and helps me shed belly fat sounds like the solution to many of my fitness goals. I can’t wait to use your programs and experience the results.

  542. by Andy

    Being flow fit is important to me because I know it will increase the chances that my wife and I can have our first child.
    Thanks for sharing you knowledge and wisdom.

  543. by Karl

    Hi Scott,

    I’ve been following you since about 2005 and think I own all your products finally. As a LEO and martial artist I have found all of your products useful to re-hab injuries, pre-hab to stop me getting injured, and tactical fitness which enables me to navigate the chaos of the LEO environment. As a bonus, I can do things now I could not do when I was much younger (and I thought fitter) and am able to teach my kids movement skills (not to mention keep up with them). As for Flow, I think Flowfit was the 2nd product I acquired ( or maybe Body-Flow). Learning Prasara flows and more importantly how to make my own flows has made my martial arts more ‘alive’ and has made me more ‘graceful’ in my every day activities. Thank you again for making your programs available at prices the average person can afford.


  544. by Vino K Chan

    I’ve been blessed with a strong body. It has lots of muscle, and twice as much fat. =) But my mind & heart are weak, from ptsd (sexual abuse at 7yrs, emotional abuse till i left home), bipolar, and for the past 10 yrs, and incredibly stressful marriage, that is thankfully ending soon, however, until it does, the stress has simply increased astronomically. I feel like, I have a storehouse of energy and strength in my body, that if i know how to access it, can help my mind and my heart somehow. I mean, it works the other way – a lot of emotional and mental stress weakens the body, so why can’t a strong body, strengthen the mind & heart? for whatever reason, my body hasn’t weakened, although there’s a history of diabetes & hypertension in my family, i’m overweight and 42yrs old, but no signs of diabetes & hypertension! Can you help me unlock the good stuff in my body, to help me strengthen the weak stuff and get rid of the unhealthy stuff? that’s what i’ve been looking for, and i’ve found it more in your work & writings than anywhere else.

    And Scott… thank you for everything you do.

    PS – my abusers were mostly women. i feel i have to say that, because female abusers get away with it and they shouldn’t!

  545. by Raul

    A over 43 guy with visceral belly fat above 32% and tight muscles if health hazard waiting to explode.

  546. by helen

    Hi, yes, having a flat tummy is great for the posture/balance and neurokinetic flow is definitely what makes everything else possible. i certainly notice the difference when i have flow and when i don’t. Be nice to have both at the same time, all the time :) h

  547. by Carlos A

    You’re a beast Mr. Sonnon, thanks for the free healthy guide!

  548. by Scott

    Increasing my flow is important because flow means consistent, smooth movement and range of motion which is important for my body and it’s many maladies (double shoulder impingement’s, thoracic issues, herniated lower discs in back, immobile ankle form fracture/torn ligament, meniscus injury….need I go on?). My grandfather used a walker, and a broken hip was the beginning of the end of his life and I want to remain very mobile and active forever.

    Improving lean muscle mass is important to me – especially now that my Tai Chi Sifu has made it clear he strongly prefers that I do not lift weights – as a 53 year old male, to fight the aging process and lend to my stability as well as because of multiple weight loss episodes of 20 pounds which have robbed some lean muscle mass.

    Releasing exercise resistant stored fat is important to me because the only area I store it in is my abdominal region and I have a family history of the same, particularly my father who was a portly man who carried only abdominal fat (Santa Claus like belly) and had 5 minor heart attacks before the big one. Having just turned 53, I have let myself go in the past 9 months, putting on 20 pounds and almost 4″ on my waist!

  549. by Brian

    I enjoy cycling through the kettlebell spetsnaz progressions and kettlebell powerformance too,would be good to work direct with the core though.

  550. by stefano

    I consider myself a very lucky person, I have pushed myself over my limits in many instances and I am conscious that i have entered the second half of my life sometime ago and priority are switching and for sure the six pack is not a top priority anymore from the aesthetic point of view; however most, if not all, my achievements in life have something to do with my passionate love for researching the true in the old Latin motto ” mens sana in corpore sano” having full awareness and consciousness of the relationship between mind and body.
    The Flow is the status where consciousness is not required anymore the symbiosis between your mind and your body is taken to another level, yes so good for sports, martial arts and above all, the key to turn your dreams into real things. Yes there are side effect like lean muscles and less fat around you but the internal energy you can get out of a good workout is the real winner and if you can get that energy within an affordable time you will be unstoppable. Now thinking of turning any movement into a ab-workout to reload internal energy as well is one of the real discover in this crazy busy world.

  551. by joel

    Reaching the half century mark training gets harder to do any edge to maintain maximum fitness is greatly appreciated.

  552. by Alain Bourgault

    My work depends on me keeping fit and strong. Learning Coach Scott’s system of staying, getting strong and developing core strength and flexibility is vital to me. I appreciate the time Coach has put into creating this system of training and supporting us to live better lives. Thanks!

  553. by ralph

    I began through searching for exercises and stretches that would bring relief to an injured shoulder. This led me to Scott Sonnon, IntuFlow and Tacfit. Since following the programs I have enjoyed a greater degree of physical awareness, mobility and strength, alongside a reduction in nagging injuries. Thank you Scott!

  554. by Dallas

    Achieving flow through movement is a way to manually override my learned reactions to stress, which my dad calls the never-ending battle of life. I choose to fight it by mastering myself and not others around me. The fat in my gut weighs on me physically and emotionally–like a storage tank of past failures and current worries, making me lethargic and prone to anger. By removing the blubber barrier and reducing stress, I will be better able to nurture my family instead of dealing with my own flaws.

  555. by Michael

    I’m a 50 year old who takes great care of both overall nutrition and functional fitness training and despite my own best practices I am still holding on to the love handles. Would love to let those go by trying on your newest fitness and training practices. Thanks for sharing the 10 minute ab routine!

  556. by Teresa Gibson

    As a personal trainer I have discovered the mindset of our society has evolved into quick fixes, pills, useless gadgets, and time restricted workouts lacking proper warm up or cool down components. The real focus for long term health should be correcting improper movement patterns, , core activation, joint mobility, and proper posture. Scott’s explicit and knowledgeable programs are an answer to our societies aging demise.

  557. by Rick Brock

    At the age of 63, with mid and lower back problems plus shoulder surgery, body flow movements have kept me moving and standing upright, though slightly bent. As a martial artist keeping my core strong is very important for my continued movement and overall health. I have used planks but they don’t address the continuous movement of the body in wrestling, martial arts and everyday life.

  558. by Andres

    Flow is important to stay mobile and to have enough energy for ‘life’ itself.

    It also essential for me as I want to improve as a martial artist.

  559. by Jon

    Look forward to giving it a shot!

  560. Hi Scott,
    I’m looking for an advanced fitness program for flexibility, strength, and physical body mastery. I’ve purchased almost all of your programs and these are the most advanced fitness programs I’ve encountered. I’m very interested in the one for abs and would love to be a beta tester who shows you my results. I’d also be more than willing to just purchase the whole thing right now so please send me the link.


  561. by Tim Kubit

    As a man who isn’t getting any younger (I’m 48), I really enjoy the TACFIT approach to healthy movement and recovery. There’s a wealth of good solid stuff under the hood that has given me much more benefit than just appearances.

  562. by Scott Tulleners

    I’m 44, and while I’m not in bad shape, I hope to fence competitive epee again in the next two years when my son is older. I have been staying in shape with the various tacfit programs, but I am always looking for new ways of maintaining my conditioning.

  563. by Kat

    Physically, this year has been the worse of any other since being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue 7 years ago, and now a thyroid issue. I’m 2 1/2stone over weight, tired, exhausted and in pain, a lot. I just want to be well – well, strong and healthy in body and mind, like I used to be. Having lost most of my 30′s to illness, at 41 it feels like the clock is ticking.

  564. by Mike

    I have Zdorovye, Intu Flow, ageless mobility, a few of your other programs and I enjoy seeing the evolution of the products. I like seeing what is changed and what stays the same. I like seeing the new or different complexity in the movements and the new challenges that they provide. But I just like learning new stuff. As to why movement is important to me? Well, I hate it when I make noise getting out of a chair.

  565. by PhilH

    At 65 years of age, working on the road as a wood refinisher, sometimes for months at a time, and living out of hotels, it has become increasingly difficult for me to maintain the conditioning I need to continue to work. I would welcome the opportunity to learn a system of health and strength maintenance that would prolong my ability to work as hard as I need to for as long as I need to. It would also be a help and inspiration to my wife of 40 years who is struggling with health challenges of her own. Thank you for this opportunity to take control of our health and fitness.

  566. by Alexa

    Conocí los programas de Scott entrenando Krav Maga con un grupo de personas fabulosas que me presentaron Tacfit. Me encantó, me hace sentir mucho mejor, más apta y en mejor estado. Quiero seguir aprendiendo técnicas que no dañen mi cuerpo y que lo fortalezcan.

  567. by john

    Movement is life. So if you want to live a great life you need to learn how to move freely. movement exercises are superior to concentrated muscle exercises.

  568. by Raul


  569. I believe improving physical flow, increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing body fat will translate into every aspect of life. When flow is achieved, or even strived for, it will help life balance out. We are creatures of habit, needing structure and discipline. Improving flow will require dedication, discipline and trust; all which are qualities that will transfer into everyday life. On a more personal note, increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing fat would also help me perform my job better and would help market my fitness business.

  570. by Al

    For me the most important reason is to increase my strength and flexibility to help with Jiu Jitsu. From there all of the benefits flow to the other areas of my life.

  571. I work a lot with stroke survivors and the core being fundamental to their stability and recovery am always interested in exercises that are effective in strengthening this area in quick time so they develop faster as they tire quickly, looking forward to it and already use a a lot of your exercises in your other training systems, many thanks Scott

  572. by K. Clark

    I am very active, feeling fit, and intend to stay this way for the rest of my life. The maintenance of our fitness and mobility are the keys to a good quality of life at any phase of our lives.

  573. by Ariel

    Being able to feel the results of flow, not only in my body but also in my way of thinking, as Coach Sonnon brilliantly put in his book Body Flow when he defined “fear reactivity”, I now became adept to flow in every aspect of my life, and the results are wonderful!!!

    I´m experimenting a more interesting view of the world, and the world is responding. Every single goal I put for myself is begining to open. Work dilligently, align, breath and move and the results will come!! Thank you Coach for such an amazing gift.

  574. by Vince Duong

    I love Scott Sonnon’s intelligently designed programs because his dynamic exercises are geared towards specificity and targets all sorts of muscles. His workouts are also 3 dimensional, so one can be efficient in all ranges of motion.

  575. I work a lot with stroke survivors and the core being fundamental to their stability and recovery am always interested in exercises that are effective in strengthening this area in quick time so they develop faster as they tire quickly, looking forward to it and already use a a lot of your exercises in your other training systems, many thanks Scott (sorry missed an e in email address)

  576. by Robin Price

    As I age, it seems harder to get rid of fat and keep fit. After slacking off due to injuries and ensuing laziness, it’s time to get back on the horse. I’ve used your programs in the past and had phenomenal results with keeping myself fit. At 58, I still compete in sword fighting tournaments (HEMA) and even grappling. Your adage that “fitness is a duty” has helped me get past many stumbling blocks and I need that flow back in my life!

  577. by Frank Adams

    Hi Scott,

    I am 65 and have been having right shoulder rotator cuff and left leg deep hip issues – seems like a classic upper and lower cross syndrome that would I like to correct. I would like to stay active into my later years and ensuring that my energies flow throughout my body is definitely the way to help that as well as my continuing chi kung/tai chi practice. I feel that working the core and correcting the posture will bring it all together.

    Thanks for taking the time and offering this to us.

  578. by David Kaiser

    I have found that practicing flow has become a lifesaving tool. As a Fire Department Lieutenant, I have found that repeated practice of FlowFit, not only sharpens my body, by increasing movement, increasing breath, and helping to injury proof my body, but achieving flow helps to sharpen my mind. Flow has thought me to remain calm in the challenging moments, of which there are many on the fire ground. This allows me to be more present in the moment, more aware, and this allows me to better serve others, and keep my crew and myself safe. Thank you.

  579. by Sujit

    I’m 51 now and I want to live for at least another 25-30 years being physically fit to enjoy all the good things in life (off course in moderation) and I don’t want to visit the doctor ever. So being lean, strong and agile is what I would like to be.

  580. by Leah Stevens

    I know I’m supposed to work out. I feel great when I do! But I don’t LIKE working out. I like dancing – because I enjoy it and love that you move (and stretch and strengthen) all your muscles in conjunction with one another. But there aren’t many dance dvds that really work you out completely. My husband turned me on to you – we NEVER agree on workouts, so I can’t tell you how many emails I deleted that he forwarded to me from you! hahaha (sorry!!) The first thing that caught my attention was actually your TED talk. I loved it!! Decided to hear more. Like I said, I’m a “new” fan, but I gotta say – if this is the program I’ve been longing for – I will so thrilled!!!! My husband handed me your intu-flow DVD yesterday, and I’m actually looking forward to working out today! (p.s. next time you go to Russia – take me with you!!!!! LOL I wanna train with you and practice my Russian too! hehehe) Thanks for this contest- but thanks even more for your generous heart!

  581. by Denise

    I was a dancer and gymnast when I was younger. Work and family (I have eight children) inevitably stepped in front of me when it came to dividing my time. At the age of nearly sixty, I am extremely active as a sports medicine provider. I recommend your programs to my athletes, but have failed to get on board myself. I am determined to reverse a few of those years and regain my former fitness. This would be a great place to start.

  582. by Anderson, gj

    Scott’s programs are great. Improving physical flow is fundamental to improving all movement. Everything you do involves movement and improvement will be greatly beneficial for everything I do. I am an avid adventure motorcyclist so improved movement or flow will be a great help in getting the bike (R1200GS) over the variety of obstacles I encounter. Improving lean muscle will help with this also because it is a big bike (almost 600 lbs.) so more strength from an improved lean muscle mass will be much appreciated. While the bike riding may be the most important, I still want to look good as well. Targeting exercise resistant stored fat will definitely improve my aesthetics.

  583. by Chris Rohr

    I am 54 and was in an an bike accident in my teens that damaged my pelvis and left hip. I have compensated for the injury for most of my life. I saw a recorded interview with Scott Soonon a few years ago and there was a statement that changed my view of fitness. To paraphrase, He said the best exercise program was the one you can commit to. Also it was important to find out what what you want to be fit for. A was introduced to into-flow and have used it to regain a lot of mobility. Last October I had my left hip and pelvis rebuilt and no longer have the rotational and range limitations. I have the club bell program and have used that to strengthen my core. I am excited about improving my ability to move and change my mind set from accommodating to mastery of movement.


  584. Pushing forward I have been able to remove 65lbs and finally can see my toes once more, it would be nice to touch them as well. I have gained a new incite on myself and have achieved a lot but I lack flexibility. As owner of past material, books, dvds, and other tools I know the quality and quality of content of Sonnon programs, I want this.

  585. As a rock climber and skier I have appreciated the concept of flow ever since discovering the work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi while working on my Master’s thesis. Now, as a fifty year old personal trainer and group exercise leader struggling to get his own business up and running, I find keeping in a state of physical flow is increasingly a challenge and finding time to live what I teach becomes more difficult. I respect Scott’s messages and online presence and would love to have more opportunity to learn from him and practice more of his methods.

  586. Improving my core is vital to be a good father, husband, provider, protector, and general person. I want to improve my flow to improve my life, prevent back pain, and become the best I can be.

  587. by Edmund Meinhardt

    I first began with TACFIT several years ago when recovering from surgery, and have enjoyed the program more and more as it has evolved. Movement, flow and Coach’s help with recovery breathing have helped me tremendously. I’m now trying to recover from a back injury but hope to see continued improvement with Coach Sonnon’s help.

  588. by Fernando Pereira

    Hi Scott,
    I’m a freediver so flow means everything to me… not only physically but also psychologically.
    Having to loose body fat has been a constant struggle in my life and I want to unlock my full potential in life and in the water! For that I need to eliminate this physical and mental burden (loosing the fat) and just focus on working my lean mass, my mobility and my full availability to life.
    Thanks for reading

  589. by Vince Duong (sorry didn't read the instructions carefully)

    I used to have high triglycerides until I bought rmax powered running and learned how to run properly. I am looking forward to purchasing clubbells in the future to build a strong and healthful body. I am attracted to the idea of flow in exercise and especially in combat because transitioning from different exercises and combat phases efficiently looks awesome to me. 3 dimensional workouts and dynamic exercises are geared towards specificity and targets all sorts of muscles. I am a martial artist who wants to be efficient in all ranges of motion because I want to be ready for what life throws at me.

  590. by Bradley Nickerson

    Personally I believe that aiming for FLOW as the primary objective in all of my physical endeavors has allowed me to separate from the external objective of reps, sets, weight etc. and turn my practice inward. By focusing on moving with absolute focus and intent with every move I make, it frees up the mind and allows it to focus on being present in the movement and recognizing that the only rep that counts is the one I am currently doing to the best of my ability. I also find that it helps me endure taxing workouts by allowing me to get past the “voice” trying to persuade me to stop and rest and instead keep charging through while maintaining excellent form and focus on my structure, movement and alignment to reap the greatest benefits from the exercise.

  591. by Ricky Tang

    To feel better
    To look better
    To do everyday activities without injury

  592. by Nate Summers

    Coach Sonnon’s work around flow, fitness, and lifestyle have helped me recover from a severe car accident 2 years ago, and have helped achieve the best shape of my life. In addition, I have tons of energy and can be an active father of two girls as I turn 40 this year. Here’s to flow!

    Nate Summers, founder Dragon-Tiger Internal Arts, survival-skills instructor and mentor at Wilderness Awareness School

  593. Increasing Physical Flow in my life is important to me because I believe the body IS the subconscious mind. They are one thing. As the body becomes stronger,more mobile, flexible, expressive,confident and free flowing, it impacts the mind to become the same. Ultimately we are all here to co-create and we can create the ful-filling lives we want by honoring all of our facilities in balance and harmony. Increasing lean-muscle mass and releasing exercise-resistant stored fat is really important to me because doing so will open up a modeling opportunity I am aiming for that will provide me the capital I need to give my small business more momentum.

  594. by Leslie

    Scott, I am 45 years old, I have had 4 children. My core is much to be desired. I began Martial arts training at the age of 30. I was never very athletic or agile growing up. It was the best thing I did for myself. Martial arts is a big part of my life and helps to define who I am as an individual. Over the past 15 years I moved from a white belt to owning my own TKD school. I am not the most talented Martial artist, but I love to teach! And I love to make a difference in the lives of my students, it is very humbling.Unfortunately, My training has not had a consistent instructor and through out my journey, I have missed out on training. This core work out is not about having the six pack ab look, but more about being physically fit. I am looking forward to putting time aside for me, to strengthen my core… Looking for all the benefits, good posture, strong back and Abs. As I apply it to my tkd career, stronger kicks a Stronger core will help me in producing power in my techniques, give me better balance…It can only help. Thanks for all you do to support good health, nutrition and exercise around the world.

  595. by Will H.

    A long-time student of Coach’s methods (please release more of the golden oldies from the archives!) through my interest in martial arts, achieving flow has been something that I’ve incorporated throughout my entire life — like a river it flows in and out of all of my activities and I approach it through many avenues. These days the focal manifestation where I am learning the most from it is in my work as a musician. When it comes to approaching flow through the doorway of a physical practice, however, Scott will always be king in my books. The science of Sonnon’s approach is a golden key towards unlocking a deeper understanding of fitness, martial arts, movement and -of course- life.

    “Enjoyment appears at the boundary between boredom and anxiety, when the challenges are just balanced with the person’s capacity to act.”
    ― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow

    “The river is everywhere.”
    ― Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

    “Be water, my friend.”
    ― Bruce Lee

  596. by Brad M

    The work I have seen you put out so far is fantastic. I’m sure this will be great also.

  597. by Geri Testini

    I’m about to leave Italy, the country where I grew up and stayed till now that I’m 32, and try a new adventure in the country where I was born, and where now lives my mother, Mexico. I’ve never lived there, just visited on vacations. While I’m sure it will be an adventure, I’m also sure that it’ll be also a a tough experience. Thus, I must be and feel physically prepared. I’ve been suffering from patella syndrom and bicep tendinitis for a couple of years now, avoiding physical excercise to overcome the pain. But now I feel that training could bring me more benefits than just not doing anything in order to avoid pain. I started training Brazilian jiu jistu and doing some functional training, with my coaches who trained for Tacfit with Alberto (Gallazzi), I believe. Thanks in advance for your time.

  598. by angelo

    Hello Scott! I have been following you from Italy from 2 years by using the main social channels. You are giving so much to all your fellows, meaningful sentences, pivotal teachings, really useful drills, tips. You are a mentor to me and I really hope to get to know you one day, attending one of your certifications in Italy. You daily give me inputs, I’m seriously working on the right outputs :) Thanks master Scott :)

  599. by John Hodges

    I’m a husband and father with two young children, and I have been a martial artist for almost 26 years. Health issues for me (broken fibula, ulcerative colitis, and severe sinus problems) and my wife (type 2 diabetes) held us back from enjoying life for years, and the freedom we’ve both gained by truly taking control of our diet and our physical conditioning is amazing. As we’ve lost weight, everyone around us sees the difference, but it’s the change in attitude and stress that I’m most proud of. I don’t ever want my wife and I to be afraid to live life again.

  600. I found you on Tedx and was totally moved by your story as it is somewhat similar to mine and the clients I try to serve as a yoga therapist. Your authenticity moved me to search for you that I may learn & offer the intuitive freedom of body and soul to others.
    I desperately desire that freedom in my body that intuflow and tacfit offer in the way of strength, agility, freedom from pain-even as a yoga instructor your specialty appears to be what I have searched for all these years.

  601. by Ryan Wallis

    I can sum it all up in three words: my daughter, Charlotte. Now, some background. I met Charlotte when she was 2 and have been her daddy now for nearly two years and they have been the best two years of my life. Unfortunately, I am getting to the point in my life where I need to be more physically up to that task of taking care of her and being healthy for her. Everything I do, I do for her, and your flows look like the perfect compliment to getting me healthy for the long haul, so I can be a daddy for a very long time.

  602. by Ian

    As an older guy being able to stay fit, and engage in exercise programs which increase your fluidity, improve your flow, muscular and myo-fascial health, and are novel and challenging really enhances my life and enjoyment of life.
    Scott Sonnons programs are both exciting innovative, functional and fun, long may he continue his cutting edge work!

  603. by Ed Kruzel

    I have been active in health, sports and the fighting arts practically my entire life; I have more than 30yrs in Law Enforcement. A few years ago I met Scott holding a seminar for TACFIT Instructors. It was some of the most grueling workouts of my life and one of extreme pride receiving that certification. Scott’s program(s) are for life, a better life and lifestyle.

  604. by Helena

    10 years ago I weighed 250 pounds and was not healthy and not happy. When I got my child I decided I wanted to be healthier, and lost 100 pounds. I found that weightloss alone does not automatically make you fit and healthy when I suffered for years with sciatica pain. I am recovering from that and have found that movement is the most important thing we can do for our bodies, and that being able to move pain free is not something to take for granted and I want to work on being able to do that for the rest of my life.

  605. by anesh

    Since i am in a desk job, most of my waking hours i am sitting on a chair which has hampered my ability to move freely, being a former martial-artist i have lost my flexibility and agility that i used to have while i was young. By increasing physical flow , i will be able to free my chronically hardened hips and move freely like before and improve my martial-arts game. Also a free flowing body contributes to a free flowing mind which again contributes to overall well-being

  606. by James Sanders

    Keep doing what you are doing Coach. You’re not just changing lives for the better. You’re saving lives, including mine. OSS

  607. by Alex

    My friend showed me some of your videos about 10 years ago, and I have been fitting your techniques in to my routine since then. When I do the exercises you recommend, I feel stronger, but most any exercise can make me stronger. The difference with your stuff is that I feel safer and more secure – after doing your workouts I notice I am able to extend deeper in to movement and maintain correct alignment. Your exertion, discomfort, and technique scoring system keeps me focused on good technique even as I work towards exhaustion. Later, when I am working (my job requires a good deal of physical activity), I notice that it is easier for me to maintain good form even when I’m getting tired at the end of a long day of a long week.

  608. by hegu

    Human was made to move and to live his life outdoors. To flow is to live. I’m happy to realize that and try to incorporate movement, flow, real food and exercise into my life. To live happy live and look forward to every morning. Wish I had a opportunity to do Tacfit with a group of people who think the same, but in my country there are not a lot of them. Till then, I will do it my self and I will enjoy every minute of it! take care

  609. Scott,
    I am 57 years old and recovering from back surgery. I have alot of your programs including Kb Spetnatz,Mass assault, Tacfit . I have benefited as well as my clients from each of these programs. I need to get my abs stronger then they are now in order to protect my back. The success I have had with your other programs lead me to believe that this AB program will benefit my greatly. Thank you in advance
    Dave Knapp

  610. by Giuseppe

    If you want to tackle a challenge with yourself this is the best way, you do not have to think about your form, but about the benefits that are greater each repetition, each routine. It ‘s the right way to take care of ourselves, we devote our time to our soul because we will appreciate the result obtained by respecting who we are and who we will be. When the body responds positively to our stimuli, our minds will reach a dimension that will help us to face any difficulties of everyday life, there will be a mutual aid between mind and body. A vawe of positive energy will flow throught our what are you waiting to start!!!!!

  611. by Kyle

    Thank you Mr. Sonnon for all the programs you have put out. I can not tell you how immensely they have helped me in my day to day life. I’m a father of a toddler with another one on the way. So taking care of my little one and my pregnant wife takes most of my free time along with long hours at work. I do not have hardly any free time to work out so the format and intensity of your workouts suite my lifestyle and injuries I have perfectly.

  612. by Julian

    The whole of my working life Has been spent in sedentary, desk bound jobs, so I know how it feels to have restricted movement, and have suffered numerous physical complaints ranging from lower back pain to fibrosis and calcification of the shoulder as a consequence. As I approach the age of 40 I have finally taken the courage to say I’ve had enough and have quit the desk job to allow for the continued growth of myself as an individual by challenging myself in new ways. I want to learn this system not only for myself, but to be proficient enough so as I can pass on the skills to family, friends and countless others who have suffered the same symptoms of the office lifestyle I have done, and to spread the word that there is an effective solution out there to counter the ailments that are unfortunately all too common within our society, and prove to people that you don’t have to look like a superhero from a movie to be fit and healthy, you just have to train smarter, not harder

  613. Confidence is my first and most important reason that I’m doing this, creating a self-inspiring image that I can show. Because I feel that my Physical appearances is connected to my Emotional problems.
    Then this is also my Stress reliever releasing all my bad emotions thru a sweaty run while feeling relaxed as the wind runs thru my face.
    Then lastly my Health I’ve been working out brisk walking once or twice a week a year after my accident I had a bimalleolar ankle fracture in my right foot. I just feel that this work out is the next step I need to take I don’t want any tours or promos I just want to be Inspired like what you are doing in facebook everyday and be a renewed Man like you eating Healthy, Sharing and Living Life to the fullest. Thank you for reading this and your time, Mr. Scott Sonnon Yours Truly, Jason

  614. by Srihari

    I took your advice on eating well and lost 6 kilos. But I still don’t feel strong after loosing excess weight and the my low self esteem stems from my poor body image. I feel, your 6 flow program is the best way I can regain my confidence and a better body image mentally as well as physically.

  615. by Roxanne Sailors

    As I have gotten older, I am finding my recurring back problems and birthing trauma has left my lower abs mostly slack. It takes a lot for me to constantly remember to keep my tummy tucked to support my back. I would love to have a comprehensive ab makeover that will keep my posture and my physique in check with ease!

  616. by Karen

    My reasons for increasing flow, improving lean muscle mass, and releasing exercise resistant stored fat are: to be more fully engaged in life, all aspects of life. to have a better mind, body spirit connection and flow with my purpose for being here now. To fully light up to who I am, and flick on the light switches in those on my path I am privileged to touch.To awaken and align with who I really am here and now, be that spark that engages others to do the same, while flowing with and through this body, I was given for free,to the best of my ability. Actually getting more out of it than I ever imagined! The only limitations I have on this body are self-induced. time to breakthrough and flow!

  617. by Brendan Boyle

    The connection of body and mind requires a flexible and strong body to accompany a flexible and strong mind. When I get exercise that pushed by body through a range of motion, I am more likely to react in a strong manner to mental and emotional challenges. I find yoga to be a great method, but I am always interested in the ideas of Coach Sonnon!

  618. by Emil

    I’ve been unable to workout for 5 years due to sickness. On top of that, I don’t have an hour to do exercise. But i could find 10 minutes. If i could fix one thing about my fitness, it would be my core. After that, other areas may follow.

  619. by jp

    As I age am becoming stiffer and less flexible. To effortlessly move without stiffness or pain would help to reduce some of the stress in life, and make meditation more relaxing and enjoyable. Yes, to flowing ease of movement.
    Bless you.

  620. by Peter G.

    I tried the lot and got nothing, I’m always on the go so need relaxed physical flow.
    Increased muscle mass will give strength to supporting my frame and will mean I can improve my game.
    That stubborn resistant fat just wants to stay, no other workout has made it go away !!

  621. by jamie

    I work in a tactical environment and have always trained to be the best I can within it, then I learnt I was doing it all wrong and discovered that it was movement that I needed to train. I have been doing this with the tacfit programmes, King of clubs been the one which serves me and my needs the quickest as it connects everything into my core freeing my shoulders. So I am very excited about seeing the free core specific workout and the programme which follows that.

  622. by CS

    To strengthen myself for life.

  623. After having been through physical trauma and storing emotional trauma, it has wreaked havoc on my body. I’ve realized from this, that I would benefit healing my body via exercise, mastering it and then using it to help improve the lives of others. Much as you do. Following a righteous path to help others heal themselves and get more in touch with their bodies.

  624. by Terry

    I’m thrilled to have found Scott’s programs, and recently took possession of the Intu-Flow program, his books and the Ageless Mobility program. There is so much content, intelligent body movement and knowledge – it’s wonderful. I am over 50 and battling a minor health issue which I am not thrilled about or accustom to. I am hoping to embark on some nutritional information through these programs, and would love Scott’s insight into nutrition as the foundation of our health. We all know it starts there – if we could only all just realize that!! Looking forward to some more great information and learning. Thanks for what you do.

  625. by Bruce

    …as to why…
    I am just now coming out from under 3 years of being laid up on the couch because of an original back injury followed by multiple other injuries, most the result of poor general health. I’ve been doing a self managed, mostly due to financial reasons, rehab program for the last 2 years. I’m currently focusing on strength building and weight loss at this point but I’m looking for something to do long term, that can be done anywhere, to maintain my hard gotten fitness gains (not there yet but it’s coming). I’m interested in your material because from what I’m seeing it seems to address whole body, soul, and spirit unit combined in dealing with general health.

  626. by Becky

    Quality! We all strive for quality in our relationships, our food, our cars….everything!!! A healthy body ensures that we get to make the most out of all of these things that make life so much fun!!! Why not enhance our lives with a flexible, strong body and be encouraging role models for others?? It is a no brainer!!!

  627. by Gregg Kuljian

    Flow: Blood flows. Breath flows. Ideas flow. I too suffered from fatigue over the last fifteen years. Even as an active person I have struggled to find answers to recover and feel well. Flow is the word that comes to mind when I think of how we should be living, contrasted with how we have learned to not live properly over the last century.

  628. by Fionn

    I am 66 years old and enjoy volunteering, working for free, for a charity. Most of it is physical exercise in the great outdoors of Sussex in the UK. I want to be doing this in 10, 15, 20? years time. Having a stable flexible core that holds everything else together will make it possible. And I will not become a burden and liability to others.

  629. by Carlo Bruno

    I think it is important for me to regain physical flow whilst building lean muscle and burning exercise resistant fat as at 38 years and following others methods have left me with a negative feeling and injuries. Recently I have put on 14kg after a work injury and not even a knee specialist knows what is causing me pain and my knee to lock up at times. Even trying bike riding which so many mention does produce pain after 2 days. I am ready for a change so I may enjoy the freedom and happiness of life as you do whilst undertaking your programs.

  630. by Chan

    I’ve suffered from lower back and knee pain due to my work and lack of physical fitness. With TACFIT I’ve noticed increased mobility, flexibility and strength and a reduction in my back and knee pain. I am very interested in additional core work to strengthen my lower back. I do this because I have a sedentary job that requires occasional explosive movement and strength. I’m an older dad and want to be healthy and able to move as long as I’m in their lives. Thanks, Scott!

  631. by Son Sebastian

    Hi Scott

    Thank you for the inspiration.. to become more Vital, Conscious, Appealing…etc etc.
    Wish you all the Best!

    Best regards

  632. by Roberta

    I turned 51 in december 2013 but still feel like a 21 yrs young and look years younger some people say :-) I am active in yoga pilates and many other movement routines, i love intuflow which i purchased a while back as well as the clubbell training which i introduced in my studio about 2 yrs ago as well as suspension and anti gravity training … i love fitness for functionality and for keeping healthy … people live much longer nowadays and if we look after our only body we have we can sustain a healthy life till the end :-)

  633. by Leon

    Send the videos over bud, cheers.

  634. From Be Breathed to Flow Fit to Forward Pressure, Coach Sonnon’s Flow routines consistently deliver a great total body work out that stimulates optimal body composition while improving posture, grace, and overall functional fitness. I am appreciate the high quality instruction and impressive results Coach Sonnon’s programs deliver. A huge return for the time invested. Thank you Coach Sonnon and RMAX Team

  635. by Brian Foster

    At 55 years old, I am reaping the results of multiple decades-long desk work, and the accompanying physical decline. I am overweight, lower back problems starting from gymnastics and dance as a youth are chronic, and I have been diagnosed diabetic. I realize that motion, flow will assist me in realigning my body into a more natural posture, and core strengthening will reduce the stresses of working in a chair, as well as minimize and delay any progression of lower back degeneration. Increasing lean mass will not only help me burn off excess fat, but also change my posture, as well as bolster my back. The improved posture, lowered fat, increased testosterone, and increased strength and mobility all combine in what will be a huge boost to my self-image and confidence. I am currently helping my 85 year old mother to move to assisted living. I see myself, and wonder if I will be as healthy and vital as her in 30 years. If I am to be, I must take the time to help myself now.

  636. by Shinichi J Yamamoto

    I believe flow is of utmost importance. Energy is flow, where energy stagnates illness arises. In the body or any system if form and function, body and it’s performance, or appearance and functionability in this sense one without the other is not a working pair. While it is possible to have one without the other when both work together can the greatest potential be used. Rmax and Coach Sonnon are leaders in this field and I recommend any and all of their products!

  637. Flowing motion frees our energies to harmonize with the universal energy that we are a part of. This for me remains the most important thing when creating physical flow. Harmonized bodies can synchronize their minds easier with positive feelings and this in turn creates healthy bodies with less fat and more conditioned functional muscles for everyday living. So Creatively Open, Teaching Teachers, Sustaining Our Needs, Negating Oppressive Neanderthals also Freeing Lives Out of Willingness to Flow with Intent Through movement = SCOTT SONNON & FLOWFIT:)

  638. by Ken Bolland

    It is important to me to increase lean muscle mass for two main reasons: a DEXA scan showed some bone loss, and my chiropractor says “often people do very well as they age until they break a bone, and then they stop moving and go downhill very fast”, and increasing muscle mass and doing heavy weight-bearing exercise is the best way to maintain bone; and muscle holds the pool of amino acids that your immune system needs. Also, of course, everything is easier if you’re strong.

  639. by Ola Fredenlund

    Because I love movement :) Throughout my childhood I practiced all kinds of sport, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, you-name-it. At 18, I came down with chronic fatigue Syndrome, and I have struggled with it for the last 3 years. My body and posture is suffering the consequences of depression and too many days in bed, but now I am recovering, and I’m longing to return to the activities of my youth :)

  640. by SERGIO

    Feel and move young again

  641. by Georgios

    I have been fit and i have been unfit, i have had a six pack for brief amounts of time and i have been happy with my exercise programs as well as unhappy. I have yet to find a way to bring more stability into these three pillars and maintain a level of fitness, lean-ness and being content with exercise and if I can find it, I can influence people in a better path than I already do.

  642. by Stu

    Looking forward to tying this out

  643. by Rick Wilson

    Why increasing physical flow in my life, improving lean-muscle mass and releasing exercise-resistant stored fat is important to me is a very easy question. I retired to do most of the care for two young grandchildren. They are young and I have to be here until they aren’t. It’s that simple.

  644. by Joshua

    Being a father of two children that are growing ever so fast, with a full time job, and a wife that is suffering from Crohn’s that has prevented her from work, I have minimum time to get a fast and effective workout out in. Running here and running there, I squeeze my workouts in at home using calisthenics, flow, and Kettlebells. Having a program that is designed to cover all the basis and has proven results will put me in a position to be a great role model for my children. It would serve my wife well having a husband who is healthy, stress free, and have the ability to move well.

  645. As a new grandfather approaching my fifties, I’m interested in doing everything that I can to increase my productivity and longevity. Although I’ve been involved in martial art training for a couple of decades, I’ve never been athletic or seriously fit. I’m working hard to change that, both for myself, and to be an example for my students, children, and now grandchildren. I am meditating, improving my diet, losing weight, getting stronger, and increasing mobility. I’m hoping that your new program will help me increase my “core intelligence” and help me reach towards my physical potential.

  646. by Carlitolobo

    Through the process of inquiry, physicists have reached fundamental insights about reality that reflect the ancient wisdom held in meditations of different spiritual paths. The use of flow in physical meditation is ancient, and when we apply modern science of health and fitness, we align ancient practices with our advanced modern understanding. This alignment of scientific exploration with the roots of ancient wisdom is the reason why Scott Sonnon’s system of flow and fitness is invaluable to our modern society; one that is oversaturated with “health misinformation.” With correct practice, we can link the past and the future, as well as mind, body, soul, and myofacia.

  647. by Natalie

    After years of illness, poor nutrition and over training i’m so happy to have found Tacfit, CST and all the other programs to follow. They have made a massive difference to me and showed me that it is possible to train smartly and that through regaining mobility that i can in fact be injury and pain free. I’m eternally grateful! :)

  648. by Mike G

    The mental, physical and spiritual are all interconnected. Change one for better or for worse, and it changes the other. The physical is the simplest of all three to change, yet has the most easily noticeable impact on the other two. Increasing physical flow leads to increased mental and spiritual flow. Increased lean muscle mass and reduced fat are icing on the cake. Pushing the age of 40 with less free time, more commitments and more stress than ever in my life, these benefits could not be more important.

  649. by Thibaud

    I’ve watched your TEDx conférence, you are great.
    Have you heard about Kinomichi and Masamichi Noro?

  650. by Raymond Green

    Scott, I am so glad to have you in my life because you always offer so much value. I imagine your closest friends are extremely fortunate to count you in their circle. You are free in your giving and I can see it has immense value.

    The flow is lacking in my life and I’d like to start somewhere small, like the belly. I would simply LOVE a quick routine (10 minutes seems pretty quick) that keeps my core not only strong, but looks it, too. Approaching 50 and I’m just learning how to give…freely. So, other than continuing to promote you and your company, is there anything I can do for you?


  651. by Joanne Jaglowski

    Being retired from classical ballet and having had my first child, I am embarking on a new journey. I hope to find the healthy balance necessary to meet the physical demands of teaching dance, assisting yoga, and keeping up with a toddler. I need to care of myself and feel confident about the example I am setting to my students and child. I look forward to the wealth of expertise and knowledge Mr. Sonnon has to share.

  652. by jonny


    Since I have started practicing tactfit my life has been more remarkable due to becoming stronger after performing this exercises. I will learn everything I need to be a great man for others who need me. Society this kind of community to grow stronger, Flow stronger. There is only space that separates us, other than that we have ttechnology so we can flow.

  653. by Carole

    Dear Flow Team,
    From all the training routines, methods, recovery techniques and yoga routines I have tried over the years, the Flowfit & Prasara Yoga combo, still gets me ready for injury free hard work, more then anything else, every time. I can’t wait to learn what you have developed in the last year!

  654. by aaron

    Cant wait to try it out

  655. by John

    57 year old bike mechanic. I am on my feet all day and need to improve my core so I can complete my work. I also have 3 children still at home, so having more energy at the end of the day would offer me the opportunity to engage with my kids rather than just lounge in the lazy “old’ boy. Thanks for all you do.

  656. by Miro

    I don’t need 3-5 sentences, i need only three words:my baby boy.
    Thanks for everything coach!!!

  657. After years of training (or should i say over training) I’ve had my share of injuries trying to achieve my fitness goals. so over the last year or so I’ve been looking at other methods, focusing outside the typical lift heavy, run hard approach. in this search I stumbled across your tac-fit and then onto the “Flow Fit” methods. I’ve learned a lot over the last few months and am looking forward to learning more. striving to get better every day. To me fitness isn’t all about looks, it’s equal parts strength, mobility/ flexibility and endurance.

  658. by Kenny Burner

    At 63 years old, keeping fit is an absolute necessity to give good quality of life. Scott is a genius when it comes to program design and communication skills. He also gives back to his neighbors in the broadest sense. I would be honored to receive instruction from him, and vow to pass on whatever I learn for the greater good. Kenny Burner

  659. by Matthew

    I sit in front of a computer for most of the day so when I go to exercise I like it to be free flowing to loosen myself up and to engage my entire body. It is a great way to offset those many hours being in a seated position. I feel that it almost increases my focus as well knowing that I do not need to sacrifice my body in order to accomplish the work that I otherwise enjoy doing! I’ve successfully used many of your programs and am looking forward to integrating this into my routine. Thanks!

  660. by Adam Kantelas

    Thank you Coach. I’m sure I’ll love this program. Thank you as well for your other free programs that have provided so much progress for me and my clients.

    All of Coach Sonnon’s programs are truly complete programs in and of themselves, his programs accomplish the goals he sets forth, and I haven’t been disappointed yet by him. This is saying a lot, from my personal perspective in the fitness industry.

    Thanks again Coach. Keep being you/you’re awesome, -Adam Kantelas

  661. by vonda

    I fell & broke my right wrist 3 months ago while walking home from work. This was devastating to me because I’m right-handed. I couldn’t drive & could barely feed myself. On top of that, the ER doctors told me not to move my hand or wrist, (I had broken both bones & they had trouble getting them back in place), so I had to wait a month for surgery. My daughter, Chanon, has been working out with Mark at Wildman Athletica & thought your ‘FlowFit’ program would be great for me & for regaining the use of my hand. It fit in perfectly with the exercises the doctor gave me. She bought the book & keeps me up to date with your links. It seems to be working because only 2 months after surgery I have 60% range of motion back & just today was ‘graduated’ to using weights to re-build the strength in my hand & arm. I enjoy the workouts because I can do them at home by myself. I look forward to doing even more of the program & to getting more of me ‘fit’.

  662. by Dan Cabrera

    I have been fighting the battle of aging since passing my physical prime 25 years ago. Coach Sonnen’s creativity makes the fight winnable with innovative, technical, inspired programming, field tested and proven in professional and home gyms. My great fortune was to discover his work before I was past the point of no return. I am in your debt.

  663. by Josh Van Maren

    Teaching your muscles to build and work together in an optimal way is essential to long term stability and health. I practice FlowFit to keep me in touch with my kinesthetic side, and to optimize health in the other aspects of my life. Keeping joints fit and ready helps to prevent injuries, as well as create an ease of movement and of transitions, making movement an life in general a more graceful en-devour. Using this exercise as a meditation helps to connect the head, or sense of “I” to the rest of the body, fulfilling the personal need to connect to ones physical self in a more complete and inclusive way. Exploring this spiritual dimension of ones physicality, by going into the flow, feeling the transitions between contraction and relaxation, as well as fine tuning the edges of a muscle or muscle groups capability, heightens the senses and puts one into sync with the essential essence that we call “Life”.

    I can’t thank Scott & Team enough for what they do!

  664. by james watson

    I am a 39 year old gardener, with a wife and child to support. If my back got injured I would be out of work.
    Being ‘in flow ‘and tacfit gets me through the tough jobs and intuflow keeps me able to do it all again the next day. They are my insurance policy and the best whole body/ whole mind training program I have seen. Thanks Scott!

  665. by Dan

    Since suffering a back injury about 7 months ago, I am always looking increase abdominal strength without putting my back at risk. I enjoy all the flows you post on facebook. It’s amazing how much better I feel in just 15-20 minutes a day.

  666. by Arthur Bak

    I have been training using TACFIT programs for a few years now and it has changed my life! I was always storing a lot of tension in my muscles and fascia. So much that the more I trained the more pain I experienced. Since I started training with the TACFIT programs it got a lot better, I’m working on the last tension areas in my hips and but :-)
    So exercising and making my body strong, lean and flexible is very important to me. I’m looking foreword to doing you’re abs routine!

  667. Much like you, I am constantly traveling, and have seen my fitness deteriorate over the last year due to stress. Considering that I often go into particularly high stress environments, I need more of an all-encompassing regimen that I can take with, which can help alleviate the high levels of fear and stress. Further, a regimen that improves my movement and function could prove invaluable in such volatile environments.

  668. by Jennifer Somers

    Tacfit has changed the way I face the gym. Before Tacfit I used to go to the gym bored and not knowing what to do. Now I rock it! Love every minute of it and there are days I need to make the decision of going home to look after my kids or I could easily spend a few hours just practising. I’ve got club bells also and have become obsessed about them. i love everything about Tacfit! Thank you!

  669. by Mike J

    Coach develops some great programs. Been doing intu flow and Z health…love it.

  670. by Guy

    My current training program consist of some kettlebell work, front squats and deadlifts, plus pullups and some monkey type natural swings on the PU bar. While I’m seeing some results there two things missing from my training. The first is structure and the second is ground work, yep just moving my body. And it is Scott Sonnon and his six degree flow that I feel will give me that and possibly lead me to my ultimate goal, reversing the damage that poor posture has done to my neck and ultimately remove the Osteophyte that now occupies C6/7.

  671. After becoming a TACFIT instructor at the age of 40, I have seen the importance of “Flow” in my body. Traditional fitness and strength routines were progressively tightening and stiffening my body. Tacfit and Clubbell Athletics has almost reversed the aging process.
    FLOW is far more important than muscle size as you age.
    Scott and the Rmax team are slowly fixing this broken fitness industry worldwide.
    Get your Flow on folks!

  672. by Nick Winters

    Training to increase physical flow has the same effect on my spirit and intellect, making me more spontaneous, more natural, and able to identify and seize opportunities and enjoy more satisfying interactions with other people. Together with improving lean muscle mass this is enabling me to move closer to the life I aspire to, with fewer limitations. Releasing exercise-resistant stored fat is very symbolic for me – I’ve acquired it over periods of unhealthy living driven by choice and circumstance. Releasing it is a sign that I am taking responsibility for getting on a better path and succeeding.

    This is a great page – there are so many great sentiments expressed here. Thanks

  673. by PARIS

    Hi, another testimony from France, Europe. CST has been a revolution for me. I discover numbers of new drills through Scott researches. Strenght, mobility, stretching, breathing….from russian, indian, chinese…exercices detailed in very useful programs. Thanks.

  674. by Tom

    I had the privilege to learn from you in Capri and you’ve opened up a new world for me,
    reshaping my concepts of training and fitness.. Looking forward for this new gem of yours.

    Thanks Scott, for me Coach number 1!

  675. by Dan

    I’m a freak for TacFit &/or R.O.P.E. but I’ve still got that greater omentum “brown” fat thing going on. I thought the next step was going to have to be bodybuilding to get my upper body proportionate to my waistline, and at 53 without any “juice” that wasn’t going to be easy to do.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what Scott’s got going on here.

  676. by Janelle Rider

    Although in the past I have always worked out and lifted the typical light weights to maintain my weight I am no expert in athleticism and not one on physical fitness. Since the birth of my youngest son 5.5 years ago, my life took a different turn and my focus was on him and his health. It was hard for me to understand and let go of my old ways of living, working, working out and just functioning on the whole. I fought to do what I felt I had to but nothing worked and this year I found Cody Storey via The daily burn and at first I was hesitant and this was a new way of working out. I stopped tried the old and came right back to Cody. In less than 1 month in I saw changes…. real, hard changes of my old self coming back and my body retaking it’s shape. I have since been trying to know everything about what TACFIT, clubbells and so on. I have ordered my mini clubbells and just looking to advance myself further into TACFIT. I would absolutely love to receive this workout and this is one area I am now so desperately trying to take back also. Hope you pick me to receive this awesome workout! Mad respect to Scott Sonnon, Alberto and the rest and all of the Legion!

  677. by steve rogers

    Thanks for all you do Scott. The older I get the more in tune with my body I wan to get. Its the substance, the quality, the mindfulness you put in that will lead you to a long, happy and healthy life. Its the shedding of the superficial BS that is holding you down.

  678. by Anders Bodving

    The reason this is important to me is that I am trying to combine a desk job, raising a family, helping my wife with her training and health issues.
    Without a solid core it will be much harder to build a strong and healthy body, and having a job, 2 kids and a social life time is a rare commodity.
    Finally I hope to spread some of the wisdom to my co-workers so they to can benefit from a strong and healthy core.

  679. As a martial art student and teacher, who takes his practice seriously, having a flexible flowing physique is the foundation of my art. As a student, increasing my awareness to flow dynamically in any situation, helps me understand martial arts better and progress faster. As a teacher, I need to be an example to my students, always demanding more from myself then from my students.

  680. by Nick

    Hey Scott, I’m a TACFIT Instructor since 2012. My mom said something that really hurt. She said no-one would want to train with someone who has a beer belly. Thing is, I don’t really have a beer belly. I have a bit of stubborn belly fat. But anything I say won’t remove the image of a lazy beer drinker.
    That seems like a really bad motivator to want to lose that belly fat, though.
    Why I want to increase flow in my life, is so that I can act in my life with less juddering and self-doubt, and more action that flows from my values, and what I want to contribute.

  681. by Scott Eason

    My health is important to me but at present my addiction to sugar and processed food is starting to beat me again. I was once very overweight and went about my weight loss and fitness improvement in a haphazard way yet still achieved a weight loss of nearly 100 pounds but without any muscle gain I ended up being skinny. Since then I have tried and failed to build muscle without fat gain. That weight is creeping back on. This is important to me because I trust the author and need guidance and direction to give me better health, better fitness and more confidence in my appearance. It’s everything to me.

  682. by Cao De Marte

    Love the Coach’s integration of movement with workouts. This should be great!

  683. by Kevin Campbell

    Having a career in the parcel services has proven to lock me into movement patterns that are less than optimal and the constant stress of lifting packages over a long period of time constantly puts my back in danger of being injured, but thanks to many of your techniques such as. The power chamber I am able to stay protected. However, just being protected is not enough. I want to thrive, be lean and healthy as well as manage the stress that my profession brings to me on a daily basis.

  684. by Charlie

    A strong core is meant to be a good thing for ensuring back health, and rippled belly would be great for youthful self-image. I have a reputation at work for being rather eccentric — I do Warrior Wellness daily at the boring morning meeting, and yoga in the afternoon meeting. I’ve always liked Scott’s programs, so I’d like to add core-strength routine in there too!

  685. by Matt

    In my early 40s, I started 3 things pretty late in life: Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and most importantly having a family. My wife and I have our second son due in September, 2 years apart from our first. While, improving mobility and increasing lean body mass while decreasing body fat will no doubt be helpful in allowing me to advance and improve in weightlifting and gymnastics at a relatively advanced age, more importantly, doing so will help me to remain active for years to come with two little boys to wrestle and play sports with. 10 years from now, I don’t want to have to tell my sons I cannot play a game of football with them because I am too old, fat, and immobile. 20 years ago, I trained for my own vanity, now I do it to be around for a long time as an active husband and dad.

  686. by Livingston

    Coach Sonnon,

    Thank you for your continued generosity. I really appreciate the opportunity to bring my training and health to the next level. What better privilege than to be a growing, positive influence on family, friends and the extended community around me. Thank you for being such an example.


  687. by Wally

    After being fit when I was young I went through about 12 years of sickness not know what was wrong with me until I tryed to join a game of football with the kids i almost had a heart attack. It was a wake up call. Had a chat with some friends and they recommend I have a look at Scott Sonnons workouts and pick one I can do. It was perfect with my busy life style it fitted right in and I never turned back I feel fitter than ever and scott Sonnons flow, muscle building , tracfit commando, dietary information have transformed my life. My 12 year old autistic son has even started doing it with me and it has changed his life as well. Thank you scott for sharing your knowledge with clear and well instructed videos, books,and courses for all to follow along and keep fit

  688. by Crystal Hamilton

    People in my family have been waiting around for years for me to get fat. Since I am the only one who has never been obese (obesity is a strong genetic trait), It has never been easy, but,I have proven thus far that a lifestyle of exercise and diet can overcome any genetic predisposition. However, at 53 years of age, It is become extremely difficult to maintain my “normal” level of fitness and physique. How awesome would it be to take my fitness to a whole new level and be even more of an inspiration to my family (and others) at this age, and show that you can still be healthy, lean, strong, fit and beautiful even if your genetics don’t want you to!

  689. by Jill

    I’m a very active 51 year old woman who has always been a little overweight, but still fit. I’m on my feet a lot juggling various jobs in the adventure education field. I love yoga, running, weight training, climbing, kayaking, swimming, biking…I want to do it all! But I need some organization to my fitness routine and the 6 flow may be the answer!

  690. by Schwarz

    We are all part of the same primal energy, feel the flow, be the flow and you’ll get to the source of allmighty!
    No matter your handicaps, no matter your troubles, no matter the scorn you had, no matter how difficult is the proof, follow the bright star of will and you’ll get to the target!
    Be brave, face yourself and follow the road traced by the master. Thank you Scott for lightning the way to many of us!

  691. by mario

    ok…i accept the challenge!

    And anyway if i follow you from so much time is because i’m sure i always receive back the very best for any single penny i spend!


  692. by Sammy

    Finding the ability to flow in all areas of life are important in truly integrating every aspect of health; mind, body and spirit. My body is my instrument to fulfill my purpose, and so it’s my joyful responsibility to do everything I can to be at my healthiest. This way, I can inspire others to do the same. I’m signed up for my first weekend workshop through RMAX and I’m eager to learn more about it. Scott, I really loved your Tedx talk. Thanks for sharing all you’ve learned.

  693. by Johannes Rantala

    I work as a security guard in an medical emergency center in finland and my job there is to ensure that our personell can continue saving lifes without the risk of physical violence or other types of abuse/disturbances. The job takes it’s toll on the body and mind and I need to be physically and mentally fit to perform my duties in a safest possible way for all people involved. My boss recommended your material and I’ve studied some and loving it! Your focus on the nervous system and career longevity are the main reasons I’d love to learn more. I wan’t to continue my job for as long as it is possible and train myself further and further. With a strong and healthy body comes a strong and healthy mind. Sorry for my not-so-good English and greetings from Finland!

  694. by Joseph Solano

    The core muscles are as important to the upper and lower body as the neck is to the head. A strong core integrates lower body power with upper body strength to produce maximum body fitness throughout. Everything flows top to bottom, bottom to top through the core. My health goals are to be lean, fit and strong with balance and quickness. A strong core is paramount if I’m to achieve my goals.

  695. by Jonathan Chow

    As a martial artist, an electrical technician and all around outdoorsy kinda guy, it’s super important for me to be in good shape to lead the kind of life I want to live.
    I’ve had a host of injuries that often get in the way. In particular I’ve had a lot of trouble with my knees so staying lean, having strong joints and being flexible is not an option for me, it’s a necessity. These types of exercises lighten life’s burdens, literally :P As someone with the attention span of a gnat, discipline and focus are things I need to work on constantly and increasing my flow and striving for a better body and mind have helped me overcome many obstacles that otherwise would have stopped me.

  696. by Michael Biddle

    hi Scott look forward to this great abs give away program. You give so much away, so once again, thank-you. As for the extras “secret package” you offer I’ve had so much for free from you over the last 2? years I think someone else might be more in need and ask you find that person. Again thanks for this one. Have a great day!

  697. by Jeremy Day

    I have utilized several of Scott’s programs in the past, and by following his lead, I have managed to rehabilitate my shoulder to the point that it no longer causes me the pain it once did. The idea of flow within movement was one that appealed immediately to me, as I had begun to seize-up having lifted weights for years, followed by a desk bound job which saw me become sedentary. I now look to Scott’s beautifully crafted, easy-to-follow exercise program’s as my go-to option when looking to either lose weight, increase muscle mass, or improve my mobility. The idea of topping-up my knowledge with this latest RMAX product, and taking the fight to my waistline is one I would relish.

  698. by Juan Carlos Orozco

    Dear Coach Sonnon:

    I have a life in martial arts, and the injuries and pain of that have decrease, with the practice of flow mobility, I discover a new world and a new body, running this type of flow on the martial arts technics, have open new paradigms and a new perceptual feeling in the opponent. I don’t have to tell you that I increase the strength and stamina, with your programs.

    Respectfully: Juan Carlos Orozco (Mexico city)

  699. by Fred

    I served 15 years in the army, played rugby and took up pancrace a year ago. At 44, my lower back is hurting from arthrirtis and I’ve put on some weight (which doesn’t help !). I discovered Scott Sonnon’s work throught intu flow on you tube and it greatly improved my life and health. I really need to strengthen my core and shed those extra kilos, so I think this workout is the perfect way to do it.
    Keep up your great work coach !

  700. by Ivan Escalante

    After having following Coach Sonnon since TacFit and have bought various programs as products, I believe that his teachings regarding the physical flow has had an effect on my body thoroughly and it gives you back the freedom to move however you want your body by preventing injuries when doing wrong motions/movements. Mobility is important as it is the foundation of our health; if no movement is possible by our bodies, then forget having a lean-mass body or simply a healthy body. By being able to have a chiseled body, it can help you boost your confidence in all areas of your life and can be motivational to others and share this knowledge of how this unconventional method can make it possible to regain the physical flow without using conventional methods.

  701. by Claude Chaumette

    At 53 the joint stiffness and signs of aging are every day more present. In order to have a good quality of life it’s important to stay healthy and the flow program along with a good diet is a great way to preserve youth and be able to enjoy life actively. It’s great to have the strength and fitness necessary to keep up with younger generations

  702. by keith

    I would like to be able to release the tension in my body. It would allow for me to help keep up with two young children. It would also help with both physical and mental stress.

  703. by Wayne OB

    As someone approaching the dreaded 50, I’m looking for a ‘smarter’ way of getting fitness & movement back, primarily to keep up with my two active boys.

  704. by John Q.

    I took a Prasara intro course a couple of years ago in my hometown and was amazed by how much better I was able to get around on and off the mat and by how my body seemed “connected” in movement in a way that it hadn’t before, more integrated as far as the core with legs, arms, etc. My hip and shoulder complaints have gradually lessened as I’ve kept up some of the movement I learned in the Prasara class and then later as I have worked through the beginnings of one of the TacFit programs. I am excited to keep up the work and to keep feeling more at home in my body, and this core program looks really fun! Thanks, Coach Sonnon, for sharing everything you do with all of us. — JW

  705. by Marty

    I started off with your Ageless Mobility workout and continued with your Intuflo a few years ago. I have since benefited with increased energy, strength, mobility and flexibility. Your program gets at the very essence of movement. The movements help center my mind and body. I have continued with my trainer, in practicing CST flows, yoga and clubbells. All these program require a strong core. This is the area that requires constant work. I think that your program, along with proper nutrition, is all that is necessary to gain a healthful and peaceful life, and a strong core.

  706. by Larry

    I want to maintain my quality of life in old age. To achieve this I need to be fit. Your programs are helping me to achieve this goal.

  707. by Jacque Rose

    Coming back from long term illness, I have been working on the basics, good water and lots of it, good whole foods, and good mindset. I am now much more in flow with what works, and what does not, and I’ve just about written the manual for the care and feeding of me! Now, I’m finally at the point where I can start the physical. I know that my body needs the basics and when I watch a club bell yoga flow, my body almost leans into the video. Being in flow, for me, means starting with the basics and building on good, solid foundations with no shortcuts or gimmicks. Step by step, working with my body, so that the next step up is challenging, but not painful or harmful. I’m looking forward to seeing club bell yoga in Australia!

  708. by Nira

    I’m a lucky 60-year old who has never had a serious illness or injury. I keep myself reasonably fit but I know there’s more to come from me, both physically and, more importantly, spiritually. I genuinely feel I should not win this great ‘prize’ as there are far more deserving people leaving comments. Honestly, the free ab routine will do just fine.

  709. by mike w.

    50 years old, fit and healthy, pushing through childhood challenges involving gut health and it’s concomitant psychological aspects–you can’t think optimally if you can’t digest food properly. getting better all the time and always trying to set a positive, inspiring example to my family, fellow firefighters and search-and-rescue partners, as well as the man on the street. everything is life is in flow, thanks for making fitness flow as it should. mw

  710. by Jeff

    I am a first responder and over 40. I need to be in great physical condition and prepared to respond to incidents at a moments notice. I train hard and engage in endurance events, but my career is largely sedentary. I have noticed it is my core and trunk that suffers the most due to the numerous hours of sitting with gear on even though I train regularly. Some individuals in my gym have shown me TacFit and I am preparing to begin TacFit Warrior in the hopes to change this and increase my mobility.

  711. by Paul

    Scott you are an Inspiration not only to myself by my entire friends and family. We need role models like yourself, who shows the discipline and dedication, through ones. mind, spirit, and body.
    I always strife to be better, but always meet new challenges on the way. its the challenges that makes us better.
    Thank for your techniques….. very sound and effective.
    Looking forward to seeing you in London. One day

  712. by JD

    I really enjoy your approach to training and have benefited from many of your programs. I think flow will enhance every movement I do and can positively influence the way I do it.
    Your training has helped me rehab my body, joints and range of motion. Not only do I have less pain, I enjoy the training.
    Furthermore, I’m optimistic that the psychological component to this approach can better enhance other aspects of life. Thank you for the opportunity to improve in mind, body and spirit. Respect and gratitude. -JD

  713. by Nico

    The sports I do, squash and rock climbing, especially require coordination between upper and lower body. Any routine that strengthen this and is not
    boring and leaves room for customization, I will try. The original flow exercise videos do this and are very good. This promises to do the same and more, so
    if I can get my hands on it – great !

  714. by Andrew

    Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states are all governed by FLow! The more in Flow you are the better these states of being become! I believe the Flow model can allow to achieve this balance by becoming more connected to you bodies sense of flow! When you are in the flow you can assist others to enhance their flow!!!

  715. by Matt Richards

    I need flow to strengthen my body’s muscle and mind, to help my body perform at its optimum and stay fit and young. Be water my friend, Mr Lee said.

  716. by Troy Jones

    I have followed you for quite some time and very much appreciate your humility. I would love to own all of your products and feel they would help me a great deal. I grew up a fat kid and have struggled with my weight my whole life, I feel like I need something different and this is it! I need recovery-focused training. Thanks for all you do!

  717. by Jacopo

    I’m 40. I train myself 3 times a week, 30 minutes session. I like training early in the morning when others are sleeping.
    Why? ’cause it keeps me lean, I move like a panther, I don’t have aches or pain.
    I test my biological age and I score 17.
    Be in flow is like someone had stop the time.
    More time, more energy.
    And I’m only 40…

  718. by Cameron

    Taking ownership of one’s own physical and mental health is one of the most important steps to laying the foundation for someone to go forth and enact positive change in the world for other people. Aesthetic and performance based considerations may get people started on the journey to taking control of their health, but I’ve found that considerations of *service* ultimately add many more layers of meaning to the performance of a daily physical flow. I’d like to develop a greater understanding of the principles associated with developing one of the most prized aspects of the human physique in pop culture, so that I can give people a proven and tangible aesthetic objective to work towards while putting more of my energy into cultivating a spirit of movement community.

  719. by Luca

    I want to live longer and better

  720. As a teacher/trainer, I find myself heavily focused on mental development and, as a father/husband, focused on spiritual/emotional development. All of this “psyche” work is valuable for my students and community, but I recognize the need to maintain the “soma” of my physical presence in order for everything in my life to work. Most people consider me thin, but I’m perpetually fighting that padding around my middle to maintain/increase my functional strength, in all six-degrees of freedom, and doing it in the smallest effective increments (like IntuFlow and FlowFit sessions) so that I can maintain a daily dose of intentional movement — in spite of my natural tendency!

    Thanks for doing all you do and supporting those of us who are helping to serve others in various capacities!

  721. by Tenoch

    I know that increasing flow in my life would help me make wiser decisions in all that I do. It would not only benefit me but my family because then I would be able to handle stressful situations in a more productive way. As far as gaining lean muscle mass and releasing old habitual patterns (fat), it would greatly improve my energy levels to keep up with life itself, to have the motivation to experience new things, take on fears that I have yet to master, and just an overall sense well being. The more people there are with this sense of well being the more peaceful, loving, and productive this world would be. And it starts with us. Thank you.

  722. by Reed Flom

    I have been serving in the United States Navy for the last 12 years, 8 of which I have been a Master at Arms (Military police). Maintaining good physical strength and a strong core is an important part of my job. There are no warning when people act foolish and there is no excuse for not being ready. I’m looking forward to trying your methods.

  723. by Tiffani

    Flow is important to me because where the mind goes, the body will follow. I’ve recently started meditating. I’ve always been into fitness, but seem to get sick or injured because I push too hard. I finally realize how important it is to connect to fitness through the mind and a more gentle way of moving… everythng working in harmony.

  724. by Luke Bradford

    By developing flow, I feel myself recovering better from intense training sessions, allowing me to consistently train hard without breaking down, which allows me to improve my strength. In addition, I feel the flow and graceful movements working their way into my strength technique, improving my strength even further. As a strength and conditioning coach of college athletes, I am on the pursuit of something greater than myself, and it is how I carry and display my strength, resilience, grace, and flow that will allow me to inspire others to pursue the same noble path. Thank you for all your help in the process!

  725. by Adam Wood

    Adding “Flow” into my life is a vital component to the next step of my health. Training and “working out” is not enough to fulfill my need for movement. Flow is incorporated into all that we do and can be used to improve our vitality at any moment. It allows us to live in the moment. To clear ourselves of the constant strain life tends to bear on us.

  726. by Chris

    Movement is life and better movement will help better life, not just for me but for those around me as well.

  727. by Coley

    Hi Coach,
    I’ve been doing FlowFit for many years. It definitely helped me prep for the TacFit certification. I’m 61 and training for a GoRuck challenge.

  728. by Christian Bonnett

    During my adolescent years I took my health for granted before I finally realised that I am not indestructible. Thankfully, I’m still a young man, and as I have no way of knowing what (if any), ailments may be hereditary on my fathers side, I no longer gamble with my health. Through Tacfit and Martial Arts I focus on keeping functionally fit, whilst trying to develop a deeper understanding of who I am, and I do this not just for myself, but for my family, and in order to be the best role model I can be for the young people in my care.

    Thank you Scott, for all your help.

  729. by mike woody

    thanks, always enjoy your work

  730. by Andrew Gallion

    I am coming back from hip surgery and need something like this to improve my movement patterns to prevent further problems once cleared by my PT. I want to get back to fighting and moving well. I have done TACFIT in the past and know what kind of quality a Sonnon product brings.

  731. by chris

    Hi Scott.

    I like to take care of my body. When I feel good in my body, I feel good in my head and it gives the energy to face any challenge in my life.
    Flow is, for me, a discipline (diet, exercise) that guides through life. It improves my well being.

    Thank you,


  732. by colleen

    55, three back surgery”s, nerve damage. really need a good ab program so I can work out with less pain

  733. by patrick

    Thank you Scott for you and your Gifts….Selah

  734. by Mark

    I used to work out to improve the way I looked, and my son used to say that I looked like a superhero. As I’ve reached my 40’s, I now workout to improve how I feel (i.e. flow/mobility). My son (now 9) asked why I no longer have a 6-pack and it hurt, a lot. I refuse to let age be an excuse. SixDegreeFlow looks like the answer I’ve been hoping for where I can work out to improve both how I look, move and feel.

  735. by Terry

    I’m in that forties crowd, late forties to be exact. I find it very fitting that Coach Sonnon consistently produces fitness routines that are ageless and timeless. Keep ‘em coming, Coach. We “old” folks can continue to benefit from a fellow forties crowd guy!

  736. by Leon

    Improving lean muscle mass and losing exercise resistant fat are the foundations of my daily exercise routines, but I have found that even with dedication my ideal body shape eludes me. What is the missing key here? Perhaps Couch Sonnon has the answer. Certainly the concept of optimising physical flow should be the goal of all living beings — perhaps here too Couch Sonnon has the key that will open this horizon. I am more than happy to follow him in this pursuit, should he wish to guide me along the path to these transformatory ideals!

  737. by Tim

    Scott’s programs mean to me: Low viscosity strength. Recoverable motion. Stress free movement.

  738. by Yernan

    I was an obese kid until 11 years of age until volleyball came to my life. I played in school/college during 8 years. Therein, I develop and obsession for the best training methods available. During an Aikido practice, I torn a ligament in my back. I decided to examine Scott Sonnon’s methods since the overcompensation develop by the injury were profound, both physically and emotionally. I became very amaze about how the flow health technologies and how these are serving me today to be a healthy athlete. Being in flow has being a life transforming experience to me. Many of my physical and emotional burdens of the past are being left behind. With respect to having a lean six-pack, let just be just honest and direct, “I want it”. I’d being working on getting it for many years now, but unsuccessful. My parents even say that it’s just a mark of your previous obesity. I still believe is doable, even at my forties.

  739. by Kanwar

    Thanks for such generosity.
    Regards Kanwar

  740. by paul quirk

    i was fortunate to have coach sonnon’s special forces no equipment based training videos before I “blew up” my previous PC. I was able to recall the warm up sections and used them to great effect when recovering from a back injury. I am very interested in the 10 minute a day ab routine and cannot wait to get started.

  741. by Michelle

    I admire all the knowledge Scott has acquired regarding the body and movement. Improving core strength increases stability. Stability is important in Life. Removing the resistant layer around the core and building core strength has been a challenge for me. I would like to release that “baggage” so movement and physical flow can begin to translate to all areas of my life.

  742. by thomas - beozzi

    wow…..Excited to receive this interesting article. MR SONNON …….Thanks

  743. by Ruth Westcott

    Integrating from Multiple Personality Disorder from sexual abuse is a tremendous very long term achievement, which I completed in March 2013. Besides years of therapy, this involved getting sober in 1990 age 26, treatment for eating disorder in 91, and a lot of 12 step meetings. I needed legal help when I was tailed by private investigators for ten years by my abusive family, moving 30 times. I sued them, settling out of court, and using the money to buy a mobile home in the middle of the bush. I quit smoking, took up xc skiing and hiking, learned how to fish and grow as much food as possible. I went to drivers ed, got my license. Learned how to renovate. I got out of debt. Lost 35 pounds eating very low carb. I found out what I like.

    Although i thought I was done ten years before, I didn’t finish integrating though, until there was a flood in my town in 2013, because I hadn’t dealt with the flood I was in around 1969, where I was being abused. didn’t even remember that until 44 years later. I went to a treatment centre that knows about trauma to finally deal with it. It was so helpful. I finally took responsibility for my safety, all of the time. I finally realized that all of the trauma I’d dealt with happened not to other personalities, but to me. I finally faced that there was nothing I could have done then. My grief was a crucible for the acceptance that what I must do now is teach. I finally grew up, but I wasn’t ready for the anxiety I would feel, and I fell into serious depression.

    I’m clawing my way out of that without SSRI meds now, age 50, using mindfulness, a journal, “post-integration” counselling. I found a healer to help me balance immune system, adrenals, thyroid, insulin, leptin, sex hormones, and I’m on 5htp for serotonin. I got my 23 and me done, to find several genetic mutations that affect mental health, and am beginning amy yasko’s protocol.

    I have a financial plan that means age 60 I will have escaped poverty, if not before. I teach this in my work as a peer support worker, an advocate for people with disabilities, and an anti-poverty activist. I was recently asked to be a practitioner at a Native Healing Lodge where we share our gratitude and intentions, celebrate co-creation with Spirit.

    After searching, I found my birth family, and to my astonishment discovered that on the Irish side they live to be 100! I intend to be healthier for the next 50 years, so I can be of service to more folks who like me found that mainstream medicine and psychiatry and social work could not help. I humbly submit my story for your consideration to be coached. Thankyou. Namaste. Ruthie.

  744. by Christopher Sunderlin

    I’m extremely out of shape and increasing my physical flow, improving lean-muscle mass and releasing
    exercise-resistant stored fat would benefit me a lot because it would probably make my lower back feel a
    lot better (oh and make me look better in the process). The other thing is I am growing a massive beard and I hear physical health and a good diet
    helps for a better beard!

  745. by Chris

    Movement is life and better movement is better life. Thank you for teaching us better ways to live and move so we can be an example for others.

  746. by Dominic TAVITA

    Following a recent holiday to some theme parks, it was upsetting to me to not be able to jump or fit on some of the rides, with the help of my awesome tacfit instructor in Australia Melbourne Brinn, Tacfit has giving me the mobility and strength to continue on a path of healthier happier lifestyle, due to a recent injury on acquired through tacfit but work related I’ve taken a few steps backwards which is upsetting, but I am still determined to grow and become healthier. I want to see my kids grow up and most importantly I want to be able to be active in their lives. Through flow and mobility I am reaching that goal, only one more hurdle to learn and that is achieving a flat stomach. What ever that outcome I’m a big fan and believer and thank SCOTT for passing on his knowledge which has allowed my Coach to grow and teach and build a happier centre & people.

  747. by Fernando Cardoso

    Hi Scott,
    I know your work from russian martial arts and over the years I watched the evolution and flow of your work in real fitness and I evolved with it. After many years of specific interests as self defense, muscle mass and being strong and functional, and sometimes just doing new stuff, I learned from your own progression in life that mind and body flow comes from gathering all our past experience in all kinds of training and keep feeling fresh to still learn and share more. That´s why we are in this world…to learn and share. That´s why I enjoy so much your teachings. Today I feel that a strong body with flow and functional movement is not just to show but a right by nature and a gift, that we don´t have to struggle so much for…just enjoy and do it…that´s flow.

  748. by mike c

    I have been doing one of your 16 minute flows every Saturday morning. It keeps me limber and in shape. Thank you for all the great programs.

  749. by Sharath Somasundaram

    I moved from Malaysia to Canada 4 years ago at the age of 38. Started a family at that time as well. Moving to a new environment, starting a new family, new job and now going back to school to complete my MBA is not only taxing mentally but physically as well. I workout at least 3 to 5 times a week but it does not seem enough. I know my issues are minor compared to what you and Noah Galloway have and is still going through but I learnt a long time ago that sometimes, a helping hand is the only edge a person needs to tip the scales. I have been impressed by your TACFIT workout thus far and hope to be able to continue my journey into the TACFIT world. Thank you.



  750. by Chris Wagner

    In my opinion, body,mind and soul are linked together to build the human being and they are all influenced by one another. If you see a purpose in your life , you want yourself to be in the best possible condition. Excercising and Eating the right way are the most important things to develop your body, and will influence the other areas of your human being as well. That’s why you should not only work out, but work out the right way.

  751. by Ed Barrow

    I have practiced the time tested Chinese martial arts of Shao-lin Chuan, Tai Chi Chuan, Hsin-I Chuan and Bagua Zhang. The one thing these arts have in common is their commitment to complex flowing patterns. I have found that they have tremendous benefit for lower body and core strength, relaxation and internal composure. Flow and internal conditioning create a stasis in the body that is hard to upset by disease. The balance that comes from working mind, body and spirit simultaneously brings the body to perfect health.

  752. by Sharon

    I am 45 and have lived with fibromyalgia for the past 9 years. I know how important it is to stay active, but when all types of exercise, even gentle like walking and yoga,
    make the pain worse it has become easier over the years to be sedentary. That has now caused muscle weakness and loss of general fitness, making even simple tasks difficult. Scott’s program is allowing me to start moving again without the pain. My osteopath is very impressed and is recommending it to some of her other clients.
    Thank you

  753. Life is motion. Improving physical flow and body composition is important to me because I want to live better, longer. I want full function and optimal health for me so I can be my best for my family and friends.

  754. by Jon Vick

    I am a 39 year old husband, father of 2, full time college student, and for the summer roofer. To say that my life is a little hectic right now, would be an understatement. As I grow older I realize my fitness goals are changing, what worked for me in the past seems outdated and insufficient. With my lifestyle as it is at the moment I have allowed my training to suffer, mainly because I don’t have the time to study up on a new approach. I have always had the best results when coached as opposed to going it alone. I believe that this would be a fantastic opportunity to learn a new way to view fitness. I have looked a lot at your stuff before but had little idea how to stitch it altogether into a cohesive training program and been a struggling student and unable to afford purchasing your programs. So I have had to continue using what I know even though I know it isn’t the best fit for me anymore. I would love to get a copy of your new program. Thank you for the chance to win.

  755. by Chris

    I want to learn to feel and move young again.

  756. by Gannon

    Abs how, please? Thank you.

  757. by peter Harrison

    6 degrees of movement underlies the courses i have experienced , tactical gymnastics and ageless mobility , and apply the concept of flow to the experience and pleasure of movement as coordinated effort . The outcome is a release of daily tensions supported by an elasticity of muscle , primed for life demands of active life .Breathing is the metronomic conductor of this exhilerating pleasure. Thanks Scott for a path to psychic, somatic satisfaction – health. Peter

  758. by Aethon

    I have worked manual handling/ labouring jobs for 17 years, while working on a drill rig i had chronic back pain, a physio gave me a set of core exercises to do and 3 weeks later I was back out moving 100 kg drill rods around. Can’t remember the exercises I was given but I know when my core is strong my back is strong.

  759. by Jeremy Radawiec

    I have recently used the TacFit First Alarm Firefighter program to successfully get me through Fire Academy. Not only did TacFit get me into the best shape I’ve ever been in allowing me to peruse my goal of being a full time firefighter (currently a volunteer firefighter), it has helped me to take control of the long struggle of being overweight since childhood. This has been a journey that requires strong body, mind, and spirit. I still have a deposit of fat around my mid section that needs to go. This free Ab program and hopefully your new flow program will be the extra push I need. Thank-You.

  760. To me, flow means uninhibited natural movement. But it requires a healthy body and a mind that demands of the body. Humans have become lazy and we’ve lost touch with what nature designed for us. I refuse to fall into that spiral of dis-ease as I grow older. I have a small body are business, and I feel I set an example of healthy living for my customers, so anything that I can learn and use to better myself and share with my customers is a good thing.

  761. by Tanya Lemke

    I just have to jump back in and say how inspiring all these comments have been! Kudos to you all!

  762. by Olivier

    I am currently completing your Primal Stress program , and I definitely saw the benefits within a short period of time.
    I recover quickly , my flexibility has never been as good and I of course have more strength ; thank you !
    I am still continuing Primal Stress and would wish , if possible , to add to the routine you already virtually teach me ,
    more exercices to encrease the benefits I feel every day thanks to you.

  763. by Craig

    I’ve had my share of health issues over the years and have used TacFit to increase and maintain my strength, flexibility and lean muscle. I’m anxious to supplement my routine with your ab routines!

  764. by Chris

    I need to keep fit as I’m turning 45 this year and have 2 young kids to keep up with. I’ve been working out for over 25 years, primarily lifting weights. The past few years, I’ve been working to improve my cardio, flexibility, core strength, and durability. I’ve ordered a bunch of Rmax products and really enjoyed Mass Assault; although it was hard as hell. I look forward to more of this products to help me continue to improve my overall fitness level.

  765. by Giuseppe De Caria

    Physical flow, improving lean-muscle mass and realeasing exercise-resistant fat serves three purposes in my life. So I can pick myself up every time I fall (which is often). Inspire and comfort others that they can do the same. And so that on my final fall and breath these two words can leave my lips, Thank you.

  766. by Shaun Campbell

    Dear Scott, I find this technique that you have developed and the timing of me seeing this to be quite a coincidence. I’ve been doing a breathing meditation called “The 7 breaths of Eternal Life”. I’ve discover that by using breath, one can heal oneself of many aliments. Anxiety, depression, self-doubt etc.. Breath, breaths life into our self conscious minds and heals us from within. Also, I’ve seen the connection that breathing has on my my body and my flow. When my breathing is controlled and shaped properly, i find a deep connection with my physical body. I’ve always been very interested in sports, and movements of the body but what I’ve discovered is that by concentrating on the breath, which gives us life, my physical being becomes stronger through association. I would love to see what you have come up with this time Scott , as I believe this would greatly complement the continued spiritual growth and development and physical awareness I have gained from just breathing! Thanks again Scott. I really enjoy your philosophy and programs.

  767. by Nadeem S.

    I have happily experimented with different routines for fitness with varying levels of success. At this age, I would like to continue to improve my functional strength and understanding for myself and in service to the loved ones around me.

  768. by Michel Guerette

    Bientot 57 ans ,je travaille physiquement de 60 70 heures semaines, intu flow m’aide a travailler sans douleur ou raideur mais je commence a avoir le profil de omer simpson,surtout que je passe facilemnt 10 heures par semaine en voiture. donc une routine de 10 minutes efficace? je veux bien essayer.

  769. by Roy

    Really lookingforward to the release.

  770. by Theresa

    Three years ago I got married, changed jobs and moved to be with my Marine. My new job requires a lot of travel and I am gone most weeks at least 3-5 days. Gone were the daily workouts with my co-worker, nights of playing softball/volleyball and horseback riding. Now I do what I can in a hotel room — but it isn’t nearly enough. I am back on a TENS unit for my back and I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I have tried to emulate some of the videos but I need to start with baby steps I think

  771. by Michael

    At age 66, core strength, flexibility and “flow” are not just flattering. They are vital to my well being. Coach Sonnon’s programs deliver!

  772. by Enjoli

    One of my main focus’s throughout this year has been about improving my body, spirit, & mind. For looks & also oneness with myself. What I appreciate most about Scott is how he’s taught me true functional body movement for “go muscles” & proper breathing. With Scott It’s all about flow and the workouts are always refreshing, intense, and hella’ satisfying!

  773. by jess

    abs? by scott sonnon?! i want some of that :) Cant wait to get advise from the best in the industry !!

  774. I am 58 years old. Iam about 30 lbs. overweight. I am a blackbelt and have always been active. I have 2 new grandbabies. It would mean the world to me to get my energy back and be around for them a long time.

  775. by Andy

    I love your other programs. I have used TACFIT and Kettlebell Spetsnaz to regain strength and conditioning and improve mobility after 31 years on active duty. You are always giving and I very much respect that.

  776. by Ryan

    Years of 18 hour days in the office had made me successful, but they also made me soft. I saw in the mirror a pale, puffy costume of a man – the eyes were mine, but nothing else was. Afraid of the impact my premature death would have on my family, I began to work to chip away at the layers of complacency that had built up over the previous decade and bring my inner essence to the surface. The long journey toward becoming healthier has brought a clarity to my life that has made me a better man.

  777. by Mick Keely

    I’m a self-employed locksmith, so I have a hectic, uneven schedule. I’m working to lose a little weight, but mostly to build more core strength. I often need to bend and stretch to reach awkward positions to perform my job. It sounds like your program may be what I need to tighten up my weak areas.

  778. by Victor DiSanto

    Organisms thrive though interaction, not isolation.
    We thrive though movment not stagnation.
    Interact, move, flow, strengthen and thrive.

  779. by Josie Wilcox

    Scott! I’m a D1 track and field runner and every little bit of lean muscle mass counts! I have big goals and as you know, as you get better and better, improvement gets harder. I strive for discipline and excellence in all areas of my life in the same way that I see you doing. In this way, I only want to learn from someone whose attributes I admire and want to match. Thanks!

  780. by Kelly

    As a construction worker entering my 5th decade of living, it is vital for me to increase my flow, regain lost muscle mass and flexibility
    My chosen career depends upon my mobility and strength and i am seeing the costs of these diminishing attributes. i know the increase
    of these attributes would help increase the well being of life.Thank-you

  781. by Michael

    I been following Coach Sonnon for many years. I have bought and used his products. But the last several years I ended up with some health issues. I gained 40lbs. So since last year I got healthy enough to start exercising again and I have since lost 38lbs. I kind off hit a brick wall lately since I want to lose another 10-14lbs. My body is finally getting some definition but I still have a belly bulge. I am anxious to see what Coach Sonnon has up his sleeve since I bet it will work.

  782. by Victor DiSanto

    Organisms thrive and survive through interaction, not isolation.
    We thrive and survive though movment not stagnation.
    Interact, move, flow, thrive and survive.

  783. by Walter

    I remember thinking to myself that I would never be one of those people that suffered from “office hunch” but now I see my posture and weaker abdominals have contributed to those type of issues like a self fulfilling prophecy. Nothing proves this better than when you see a current picture of yourself. I would take the knowledge and use it as soon as I receive it. I have never been disappointed by any products I have purchased so I have full confidence that this is something that will not only work but it is also something that everyone needs. I cannot use any excuse as I only have myself to blame and I would like to change that with your program.

  784. by paul m

    I am very confused about abs exercises. Various ‘experts’ give conflicting info. I know if i can get my abs working properly that my movement and also flow would improve. this would inspire me with greater motivation for exercise. And improve my health no doubt. Thanks!

  785. by Carl

    The flow of movement brings your fitness and well being together. After reaching a peak in training, several times, during six decades of various competitive endeavors
    and sliding back down to a baseline of mediocrity. I have realized that movement is a key to a long and healthy lifestyle that we all pursue but some never achieve. Keep
    moving and get the life flowing through your body. Thank you Coach Sonnon, for helping us live a better life and see results.

  786. by Kimbo S

    I’m in my 60′s and would like to see if I can get rid of my small belly. I presently do over 3,000+ ab repetitions of various types every week, and that does not seem to do it.

  787. by Kate Ward

    As I get older I am becoming more and more aware of how everything in life flows and connects and how vital it is to leading the best life I can.
    The benefits of working on how my body functions have a flow on effect. They improve my mental capabilities as well as my emotional being.
    This inturn flows into the way I feel about myself and the way I treat others.
    It makes me a more happy, resilient and compassionate person and, again, this flows into how people respond to and perceive me, bringing more and more wonderful experiences into my life and wonderful people to enjoy those experiences with.
    Increasing physical flow in my life is important as it allows me to be the best version of me that I can be.

  788. by JD

    I will turn 30 soon and my already battered metabolism will plunge unless I take action. I have started a slow and progressive change in my eating habits away fromm sugar and simple carbs, I want to integrate muscle flow as the physical channel to my renewed energy and alertness levels.

  789. by Jess


    This has been a trying year and a half for me financially and it surely reflects in my cortisol-ridden stomach. I’ve read a lot of materials about how dangerous it is to have excessive belly fat and how that can affect long term health. I’d like a resource that will help me combat this so that I can overcome my stress, finally get a strong core and feel better all around to make more progress and gains with my fitness and life in general. Thank you, Coach.

  790. by Ritu sharma

    hope your programme helps me , will wt for it .

  791. by James

    I have been following Scott’s work for years, and hope one day to attend one of his TacFit seminars. He is a year older than me, so I’m hoping one day to catch up to the type of condition he has displayed over the last few years. Please if you could, do more martial arts download programs in the near future.

  792. USMC veteran and have been battling chronic back, knee, hip, shoulder pain for the last 13 years, as a result of this my joint mobility has decreased and caused muscular imbalances within my frame from this extra weight gain was the result despite continued effort to maintain a healthy weight along with a healthy lifestyle. I have taken the Paleo life style to heart within the last year and have increased my joint mobility functions via yoga and flow fit workouts and have felt good enough to tackle crossfit workouts a few times per week but the stubbornness of the mid gut muffin top area can be really disheartening especially when I try so hard to remedy this…sometimes I am at a loss at what else I can do…so can this program help me?

  793. by Delia Cruz

    When I was 44, after raising my four daughters, I began Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jui Jitsu. Now 52 because of injuries and a fall, my back and hips have been a problem. After yrs of going to orthopedic doctors, physical therapists and a chiropractor, I am looking for something that can help. I am also hopeful that your programs could help three of my four daughter who have joint problems due to Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Thyroid imbalances or Celiac’s disease.

  794. by mike

    I’ve always been an active guy; either wrestling or powerlifting, etc. As happens with everyone, life and lifestyle take it’s toll. I’m now 36 and carrying a few extra pounds and have a few aches that have crept up on me. Keeping up with the kiddos now is a little bit more of a task. I look forward to losing some of the tire and getting back into the flow of my younger days!!

  795. by Jan Downs

    I have used my body hard, from youth softball and soccer to martial arts and military service. I used being physical as a way to make up for my rough,lonely and awkward childhood and prove that I was tough enough and strong enough to take anything the world could dish out. And I am that strong and tough and brave. My body daily reminds me of each youthful triumph and folly with aches, pains, crunches and creaks. Now it is time to move forward, caring for my body rather than grinding it down, to become pain free, graceful and resilient in my movement and serve as an example that the second half of life does not have to be a decline in capacity. I want to live powerfully.

  796. by Will Urlacher

    Flow is important in my day to day life because it can help with the stress of having 2 jobs and owning a small business. The best is when i can share the knowledge you give use with the family and help them aswell. They always love that “hey this really works” and they feel better so it makes it all worth it

    Thanks coach

  797. by Trisha

    I have given, or put my life on hold for my little, beautiful, amazing strong little sister who lost her fight(and she fought hard) with breast cancer. Did not want to miss any of her breathing moments. During this I also have tried to maintain healthy boundaries with my son who is a herion addict, and lost(never tried) to gain custody of his son! The GROOVIEST little guy I know! I have lost myself in the process, and I am struggling to get myself back. You BEAUTIFUL words of finding the love of your life….your wife are amazing. It is what we all dream of!

  798. by Peter

    I recently turned 60, and thanks to your work, and my own sweat, I am making great strides in recovering from chronic injuries and now enjoy a level of health I haven’t known for 30 + years! As a doctor of chiropractic, I also serve as an example to my patients of this healthy lifestyle-recovering flow and taking the next steps to deepening my martial arts, my movement patterns and further improving my quality of life i important to me as a healer, a husband and father. Thanks you Coach for all you do!

  799. by Paul Steele

    Having just turned 60 years old and a retired Air Force member, my joints and abs are not in the best sharp they once were. Having reviewed and used other TACFIT programs I feel that your Flow training and Abs training are just what I need to get my joint mobility, flexibility and core strength back so I can be 60 year young and enjoy all the activities that an active life has to offer.

  800. by Mark Hauck

    I have been following your path since the original “Grappler’s Toolbox” in VHS and have enjoyed watching your growth since the old bearded ponytail days. I have enjoyed following and benefited from your learning path. After serving for 25 years as a LEO in Central PA I have either dodged most of the injuries/aches/pains of that vocation, mostly due to many of your insights. I am now retired ,but I still teach LEO related classes occasionally. I often point younger or still serving officers to your material especially when it comes to flow and flow state.

  801. by Christine

    Hi Scott,

    Approaching 50, complete change in my life, moved across the country, left the constant achieving corporate world for a more relaxed, less stressful life …Now I work on ships…:) Spent the last 2 years, just chilling , relaxing, yoga and trying to decompress and not achieve anything but stay happy and healthy. I realize now that is is good to achieve things if they are for the right reason and the right achievements for yourself. Want to flow back into fitness, strength, endurance, mobility, stability so first and foremost can be happy and healthy, Secondly so I can start to train again for Masters Track. Need the flow foundation before I can start sprinting and throwing again. Longterm goal: World Masters Track and Field Championships- Perth Australia, 2016

    Thanks Scott

  802. by Rudi

    I have been doing your Intu-flow program. I expected it to help me with my flexibility, I was surprised how much it has helped me tone-up! Thanks!

  803. by Don Ferguson

    The health of my core affects everything that encounter daily. Love hearing about you giving us access to your next evolution in movement. Thank you for your generosity.

  804. by Evan Paradiso

    I believe that increased and improved physical flow will help unlock the mental flow I need to make the needed life changes. I have big obstacles ahead of me in order to live a more authentic life. My mental upbringing has locked me into “wrong” thinking patterns that are very hard to break. I believe that movement can be the key to unlocking me and unleashing the greatness inside that I so desperately want to let out.

  805. by jon

    flow in my life would increase range of motion in problem areas I’ve had problems with for a long time. Along with increased mobility the danger of injury would be greatly reduced allowing me to exercise freely and with more confidence. Thank you

  806. by Michael Norton

    To me, CST in general has reawakened a flow that I had lost. If ya remember me, I’m the guy who wrote a PM on facebook about Aspergers and well… a lot of stuff. I wish I could say that losing a bunch of excess fat would change my life, but when it comes right down to it, CST has allowed me to “vent” stresses and while not completely taking away anxieties and whatnot, it has been a major factor in managing stress. I’m not sure if it’s the lymphatic system moving, the neurological factors, or even just in general having something im good at, but CST has made a DRASTIC improvement in my quality of living. The emotional/philosophical guidance you always give I have always enjoyed, in part because you have helped me so much, and part because I always thought I was alone in the love-to-train/hate-to-fight mentality. maybe I am, but anyways, I humbly request that you please do not give me the free program, there are many more deserving than I (plus, I would feel like im stealing from you. it’s a weird personal moral code, I just would feel bad accepting it from ya. I’ll save up and buy it when I get the chance.) I just wanted to say thank you!
    Much Respect, Brother! :)

  807. by Shawn

    Over the past 3 years of using the Tacfit Commando, I am still a 46 year old ‘recruit’. Many people may look at that as a failure, but I’m a 46 year old recruit who hasn’t been to the chiropractor or back doctor in those same three years. I am inspired by you and thankful for your instruction. Now to take it to the next level. Dig Deep!

  808. by Indy

    As a future Doctor of Chiropractic, I am a firm believer in the age old adage, “Physician, Heal thyself”. I believe that one should be a living example of what one preaches. Following the Tacfit protocols has enabled me to not only change my own body, but to help others. I have a little ways to go to my own goals yet, and I would love to see what else Coach is hiding ‘behind the curtain’. I cannot wait to get into practice and offer Flow to all my patients as an incredible asset to their own self health care.

  809. by Rick D'Arconte

    At 40yrs old, I’m in the best physical health I’ve ever been in since starting FlowFit and Primal Fitness last year. Flow has equipped me with an innate knowledge and appreciation of the beauty, power, and efficiency of natural movement. Being lean is a benefit but does not define who I am – if it inspires others to work then I’m happy. Ultimately, it’s not about me, it’s about helping others to realize their potential and achieve their goals.

  810. by Ann

    I’m a cancer survivor who needs help rebuilding my abdominal strength after 2 surgeries, chemo, and several back issues. HELP!!

  811. by Lauri Arumae

    10 years ago, about at age 25, my body was so aching from combat sports and powerlifting that I couldn’t even sleep without painkillers and muscle relaxants. That’s when I started searching the Internet about alternative ways to train, and ran into a program called ‘Body-Flow’ by some guy named Scott Sonnon… This would prove to be a beginning of a journey that has completely changed the way I move and feel in my body. I’d still like to continue on that road!
    PS thanks, Scott!


  812. by Czarek

    I was bullied when I was a kid. I want to feel no fear. I am an example for my two sons.

  813. by John Stafford

    Reading through the other posts I have realised, to my surprise, that I am not alone in a group of men that in reaching their late 40′s (I’m 47) with young kids that are re-evaluating their lives and priorities. I have always considered myself a relatively active and healthy person but with the passage of time, and the introduction of Krav Maga, my body has been been sending signals that I need to “pick up my game, or be left behind”. The desire to “pick up my game” and be around to enjoy quality time with my family as well as be a positive role model to them has seen me immerse myself in Tacfit and clubbells. For the past 6 months under the expert tutelage of Brinn Lupton @ KMC, Point Cook, Australia I have been reaping the benefits of this wonderful system that has seen chronic tendon issues clear up where medical treatment has failed, 9kg of fat melt away and a new found energy that has been missing for at least 10 years develop. However, one thing still remains and that is the “Stafford Family paunch” that all our menfolk are cursed with! I am hoping to end this curse with your Abdominal tightening routine that will bring this area in line with the rest of my rapidly changing physique. Cheers Scott

  814. by tyler

    Ive been following your work since i was 16, you have taught me what no one else could which is how to actually use my body and flow with life. Most people today are not aware how amazing the human body is instead they are hosts of disease and pain. Your work doesn’t just get people in shape it awakens them to their true potential.

  815. by Steve

    I’m grateful for your work in giving us these programs

  816. by James Clark

    have engaged a mentor to assist with my personal and business aspirations whiich encompasses the idea of being in flow and creating the outcomes whilst equipping me with the tools to move through the fears and challenges which will arise.

    This is the opportunity put the final piece of the puzzle together – the physical, however, I see this clearly as a part of the whole as your ideas and systems represent a holistic physical, emotional / mental approach.

    Finally, the circle is complete!

  817. by Holly Sturm

    I am a 50 year old nurse-paramedic that desperately needs the flow of Tacfit, not only to help with the increasing age related changes I am experiencing (hormonal, unable to shed weight despite diet, and increased recovery time) but also to allow me to be as physically healthy as possible for the sake of my patients. I am extremely top and belly heavy, therefore gravity is not my friend. I am seeking a balance between providing the best care I can to my patients, while pursuing my RN, BSN, and NP education goals, raising healthy children, maintaining my home and continuing to provide love and support for my wonderful husband, a lieutenant for a local PD. I want to be able to give back and inspire my family, friends, patients, and frankly, any and/or everyone who would receive, the revolution of health that is Tacfit. Thank you for the consideration and opportunity, Holly Sturm

  818. by Skylar

    I currently work in an outdated feed mill, at a University, where a lot of labor done by machines in modern mills is done manually. The reason strength and flow are so important in my day to day is because my job requires me to lift, pull, push, climb, and maneuver, often under a fairly heavy load, for at least 8 hours a day. To put it simply, I need to work on these things regularly so that I can perform my job well and without injury.

  819. by James C

    I need increased physical flow to my life because I travel almost 100% for my work. Eating on the road is tough, but exercising is even tougher. I want to be able to be fit and looking fit when I’m home off the road. I know there are limits/hurdles to eating right while traveling, but any type of exercise plan that acknowledges this is on my radar.–especially when it comes to abs..really? SIGN ME UP!

  820. by Morgan Thomas

    Everyone has a story of why this has or could changed their life. I appreciate the mental aspect of your program and your willingness to do the “right” thing. I think this is an important part of being a better person both physically and in your overall life. This is what is important to me,

  821. by Dee

    Hi Scott,

    I’ve been overweight my entire life. I’ve been ignored, overlooked and underestimated. Until recently, I didn’t realize it was possible for someone like me to lose weight. I thought a lot of things weren’t realistic goals for me, but I’m becoming aware of how wrong I was.

    I’ve begun the process of making some huge changes and your work and words have been a major part of that. So many of us appreciate your generosity. I’d love to receive these programs and continue my course to becoming stronger.

  822. by ervin

    I have been using the tacfit commando, and very happy with the results

  823. by Luke

    As a 34 yr old Husband and doting Father of 3 I want to not just be the fun dad that climbs trees and runs and jumps all over the place with them but to also help educate them on the marvels of movement that the human body is capable of and in doing so instill a love of Flow and overall health and fitness that they can then pass on to their kids. As and career Firefighter I need to possess a high level of true functional fitness and real world strength. In searching for a method that encompasses the above AND injury proofs me at the same time is in my mind the Holy Grail of training. Your work thus far and I have no doubt in the future continue to be this Holy Grail, it offers me many more avenues of Fun training that I can do for myself and my career but can also scale down and have a good ‘play’ with the rest of my family . Thank you.

  824. by Gigi Jones

    I’ve shared some of Scott’s inspirational Facebook posts with my 8th grade students. Now I’m ready to find inspiration to improve my own fitness following his fantastic teaching.

  825. by Bob

    I’ve met Scott Sonnon in person at a workshop in Las Vegas. He is a wonderful person and the real deal when it comes to fitness coaches. From Scott’s coaching i want to get back into good health by believing i can get there and doing the hard work to make it happen. Scott’s products deliver on both fronts. I am getting my dietary habits in shape and using Scott’s DVDs and workshops working on my overall fitness as well. thank you Scott.

  826. by George

    I believe in the methodologies provided by Coach Sonnon and have been saving and forwarding his posts to my kids. Approaching 60 in a few months and need to improve my core strength for everyday life whether it is sitting at a computer for work, doing yard work, moving my 20 somthings to new locations, or chasing grandkids. Thanks for all you do and your generosity in sharing your story and gifts with me.

  827. by Quidor Schuyler

    I believe that life-long strength and vitality are not only possible but are aspects of life that we must strive for with diligence and patience. Increasing physical flow is important for bringing the body into a state of balance where the mind finds clarity and the soul finds purpose. The development of lean-muscle mass is a sign of increasing physical and, to a degree, mental strength. Releasing exercise-resistant fat is important for bringing the body into balance in such a way that there is no excess and all components contribute to the body’s functionality. I see this as an opportunity to become acquainted with the fundamentals of life-long movement and to guide others towards the same.

  828. by Jean Ford

    Hi Scott,

    I’m a young female adult who is looking for ways to improve her flow and health. Total body strength is important, and the core is especially important.
    I want to know how to optimize the strength of my core, and keep a tight abdominal section in spite of the stressful rigors of today’s modern lifestyle.
    I’ve currently been working with your Intu-Flow program, and your philosophy and approach to health has really inspired and influenced me to change my
    way of thinking and doing in regards to mobility and fitness, as well as in other aspects of my life. I am excited to see what your newest fitness package can offer! :)

  829. by Nick

    Hi, Scott
    i would like to be a part of this program, as the core strength is absolutely critical for my daily bjj training. i am quite sure that i shall get better results with your new ab routine!


  830. by Steve

    Flow with the go !

  831. by irkk

    Really like the tacfit programs and look forward for this new one!

  832. by Eddie Guerra

    Physical flow leads to mental flow, then emotional flow, and eventually spiritual flow. Of course you can achieve flow from inside to outside, meditation, contemplation, etc. but I’m a mover, I love to move, the outside approach of physicality as a way to achieve a glimpse of transcendence has always been my cup of fat burning tea. The six pack and purging of stored emotions a.k.a. fat is just a wonderful side effect.

  833. by paul f

    Scott is definitely nature’s movement gift to the world.
    He has changed my life over and over and I am looking forward to his next expression.
    thx Scott! :p

  834. by Rob

    My daughter of sixteen has her sixpack; curious if a father of fiftysix can match her. Flow from strenght; it all starts with the core.
    Thx Scott, for sharing and setting an example.

  835. by Noddy

    I have tried several of your programs before. The one I have kept on using is the Bars program. I would like to expand the movements a bit.

  836. by mike

    Approaching 60 and looking for ways to loosen up and fix core and hip stiffness caused by 40 years of desk work.

  837. by Josh

    The RMAX products have been a beautiful journey of discovery for me. I still discover more mobility, and strength, and discipline as I delve deeper. I’m grateful for the support to a longer, better life. :)

  838. by Laura

    I love TacFit, your books, your Yoga instruction, Flow Fit, Clubbell instruction, Kettlebell instruction, I love your approach to exercise – the whole mind body connection. Unfortunately a persistent knee injury is preventing me from training much right now. But I still want that tight fit body, get rid of excess fat and see those muscles. For me a sixpack would be a personal victory.

  839. by Mohsin

    I’m 23 , 220 pounds and never played any sports except for trying to do martial arts at around when 15 years old where doing forceful stretching left my joints in constant pain.i know it’s a wonderful feeling when adrenaline is released in your body while doing exercise.since i am a medical student , i spend most of my time studying sitting on a chair.if I’m lean and can get rid of my exercise resistant fat i can ones again feel the that joy of exercising without feeling pain in my joint especially knee and ankle and i would have less chances of getting injured as it happened before.i would love to feel good about my body. Mohsin

  840. by JL

    As someone young with moderate back pain, increasing physical flow and the strength of my core is important to me to help release some of the the tension of that area, move fluids and strengthen my body. Flow in my life in general is important since I like to keep my energy flowing by practicing Qi Gong. Practicing a program designed to optimize physical flow would help me to boost my confidence and transform my body/mind to be able to flow with the challenges that I face throughout my life, keeping me strong so that I can remain grounded and not be swept away.

  841. by Ryan M

    Ever since Warrior Wellness I’ve felt invincible, looking forward to the next evolution.

  842. by Sarah Willett

    Hi Scott,
    I want to be able to know my body CAN, be ready to tip balance forward and bend when I need, reach higher and squat in perfect form better and better both physically with increased flow and mentally connected to new proprioception awareness. Lean muscle mass is a goal for me to work towards with increasing my endurance and re-defining my bodies abilities, accessing new strength and mico successes so that I consistently build on a foundation of modeling a healthy active parent, an engaged employee and participant in our community. I’m looking forward to having a core that is strong and sharing your new program with my husband so he too will know he ‘CAN’.
    Thank you

  843. by Sarah Willett

    Hi Scott,
    I want to be able to know my body CAN, be ready to tip balance forward and bend when I need, reach higher and squat in perfect form better and better both physically with increased flow and mentally connected to new proprioception awareness. Lean muscle mass is a goal for me to work towards with increasing my endurance and re-defining my bodies abilities, accessing new strength and mico successes so that I consistently build on a foundation of modeling a healthy active parent, an engaged employee and participant in our community. I’m looking forward to having a core that is strong and sharing your new program with my husband so he too will know he ‘CAN’.
    Thank you

  844. by Gwen Pullman

    Hi Scott
    Thanks for the offer of the free abs program and a chance to win the jack-pot workout program.
    I am 46 now and had been pretty active/athletic up to about 6 months ago when I’ve been experiencing a decline in joint/tendon health along with string of injuries. I’ve been practicing karate for about 6 years prior to the injuries. I’m positive that Increasing my physical flow will restore my body to optimal health and get me back to living a healthy active lifestyle physically and emotionally. Releasing exercise resistant fat is important to me because it would give me a new lease on life. It may seem shallow but I do fixate intermittently all day long on my unsightly gut. I could imagine a intense sense of freedom would be felt to finally rid myself of that oppressive large giggly hijacker.

  845. by Per Nyberg

    Flow, to me, is the ability to make everything in life move as I would like it to. And when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING, not just the physical part. I feel that all is tied together, if one part flows, it´s easier to make the other parts of life work well also. But you have to start somewhere and the physical part is often the easiest,if one can gain flow there the other things will hopefully follow. And if they don´t, with a healthy and fit physical body it´s easier to work towards flow in those parts that don´t flow as easily.

  846. by cameron taylor

    thank you scott for the offer of your abs program.

    your tacfit system, clubbells, flowfit have made such a positive impact in my life.

    the way in which you impart information to the masses, is wonderful, your generosity is humbling.

    “the abs resist rotation” that has given me a lot to chew on and looking forward to exploring it further.

    thank you.

  847. by George

    I have been following Scott Sonnon’s programs for about 3 years now, and I have come to learn how the mind and body need to be connected to achieve our goals. I When I have proper flow in my life, everything is easier, almost effortless. My intention is to continue to have more flow in my life through mobility and strength exercises. My wife has used the exercises in her therapy business as well to help people release emotional trauma that keeps them stuck in the past. Thank you Scott for the excellent products.

  848. As an organic farmer I value the ease of good movement for doing the work on the land. The mental stress in the high season is also managed better when the body can cope with the physical stress. Hopefully this can also be a good example for the (younger) people that I’m working with. Additionally it greatly improves the taijutsu of the martial art that I’m training in.

  849. by Bevan

    Pretty simple really… as the years go by, I feel my body starting to fight against me and what I want to achieve, and I want to win that fight. I don’t want to be an ‘excuses’ person claiming “I’m too old, too busy, too tired, plagued by injury etc etc”. I want to be the person that says “I got in, gave it my all, and reaped the benefits”.

  850. by Derron Ferreira