Nate Summers
Founder and Chief Instructor, Dragon-Tiger  Internal Arts
Program Director, Wilderness Awareness School…

“Coaching at all levels was exceptional, out of this world.  Kindness, respect, and support combine with toughness, no-nonsense and discipline. The material for this class was mind-blowing, consciousness expanding, beautiful, challenging, hardcore, and vibrant.
The mindset and underlying philosophy of the class and approach were truly revolutionary, genius, cutting edge, and dynamic.  Three dimensional flow exercise using six degrees of freedom should be a part of everyone’s exercise repertoire.”

Christopher Fields…

“I very much enjoyed the FlowFit certification class. Coach Sonnon provided clear directions on what to do as well as explained why we performed movements from a physiological and psychological perspective.  His coaching methods greatly enhanced my understanding of movement and how it affects my health. I appreciate Coach Sonnon’s commitment to make his students the best fitness instructors in the industry.  I know too many people that have suffered injuries participating in other fitness programs that focus mainly on end results.  FlowFit and other fitness programs offered by RMAX teach students to be mindful of their body through movement and I am convinced that I, and those I help, will be injury free while improving health and overall ability to move.”

Reagan Pfifer …

“The FlowFit certification course filled a gap in my training that I didn’t even know that I had. It allows me to adapt not only my FlowFit training for every client, but the training has helped me to deconstruct my training in other modalities to be more flexible for every client regardless of age, injury or mobility restrictions.
The course teaches not only the fundamentals of human movement but also teaches instructors alternative methods on how to reach students in more efficient ways. In short, the skills I learned at the FlowFit level 1 certification course will change how I approach all movement modalities as well as fitness instruction in the future.
On a different note, the course structure itself was comprehensive and efficient and it was great to be able to have different interactions with different coaches.”