Over 20 years of growth, RMAX International has attracted an ever-increasing number of people from all walks of life, and 68 countries around the world. Each day, we co-create this community of "give support - get support", where all members actively participate in our collective evolution and individual empowerment, led by our health-first fitness flagships : TACFIT® and The Circular Strength Training System®. RMAX International evolved from this tribal "give and let give" mentality. 

Scott Sonnon was voted one of The Six Most Influential Martial Artists of the 21st Century by Black Belt Magazine. Men’s Fitness Magazine featured Scott amongst the World’s Top 25 trainers. 

Scott Sonnon’s world-famous Circular Strength Training® System was voted the 
#1 Best Fitness System by Cleo Magazine, and “Most Challenging Workout″ by the New York Post and TACFIT® was named “World's Smartest Workout″ by Men's Health Magazine!

Besides thousands of his students, Scott Sonnon has taught his courses to:

* US Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine

* US Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)

* US 3/160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR)

* New York Police Department NYPD Academy

*United States Marshals Service Basic Academy

*US Customs and Border Protection Advanced Training Center

* LOTAR Counter-Terrorism School, Mitkan Adam IDF, Israel

*Italian Gruppo Intervento Speciale (GIS) Training Academy

*Italian 1st Regiment Carabinieri "Tuscania" Special Forces Unit


Scott Sonnon's 22 minute "Furlough Fitness" instructional video includes 3 warmup mobility drills, 3 cooldown compensation drills, and 9 exercises. There are three levels to the workouts, which take 20 minutes (plus 3 minutes for warmup and 3 minutes for cooldown). It involves bodyweight only but covers full body functional fitness.

Perform all 3 exercises, from the Level you choose(30 repetitions total) within 60 seconds to get a point for completing that circuit in 1 minute; for a maximum of 20 points in 20 minutes. If you do not complete the circuit in under a minute, start over at the beginning of the next minute (without a point for that minute).

Warmup and cooldown drills are one minute each, 30 seconds per side for those which are sided.

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