How long are the workouts?

Primal 12 workouts are 12-15 minutes of timed training work, followed by 14-18 minutes of weighted and unweighted Clubbell Yoga flows. The entire training session (warm up, workout, weighted/unweighted flow) can be done in 40 minutes. We do recommend you warm up using the WarmUp Flow initially, then follow it with your workout, then your flows. 


What other training do you recommend to compliment Primal 12?

This depends on your fitness goals. At my studio, I offer Clubbell private sessions, Clubbell Yoga classes, TACFIT classes and FlowFit Classes weekly. These are the most well rounded programs on the market, in my opinion. My clients see the least amount of injury, the most amount of benefit and learn to move better. An ideal week for me would be: one day of TACFIT, two days of Clubbell Yoga and one day of FlowFit. I am a busy mom and business owner, and this training schedule fits my lifestyle. Take a look at your goals and your available time and make a schedule that works for you.

If I am a fitness or yoga instructor, Can I get certified in Primal 12?

Currently, we are growing our team of Certified Clubbell Yoga instructors through our 2 day Certification Courses ( in the US and abroad. , In the future those who have been actively teaching Clubbell Yoga for two years may qualify to become certified in Primal 12. However, if a Clubbell Yoga instructor is TACFIT certified, then and only then, they may be able to utilize the HIIT timing protocols presented in Primal 12. This is for safety of participants.

In other words:

Step 1: Practice on your own using Primal 12 and Clubbell Yoga DVDS.

Step 2: Get Clubbell Yoga certified at an upcoming seminar.

Step 3: Teach Clubbell Yoga classes regularly, and teach them well.

Step 4: Be ready for Primal 12 Certification in 2016.


Do I need to be good at Yoga to practice Primal 12?

No, this program is geared toward both novice yoga practitioners, and people with very little to no experience in Clubbells or yoga. With three levels of sophistication, it is truly for everybody. The workouts build up to more difficulty and the timing protocols allow you to process at a level appropriate for any level of fitness. People familiar with yoga and/or Clubbells will find this program different than many of the other RMAX products in that they exercises are very unique to Clubbell Yoga.

Where can I take a class and learn how to practice weighted Clubbell Yoga?

We have instructors in the US, and abroad. Our team continues to grow, so conduct a search in your area via our Instructor Locator page.


Is this program safe for young adults.

Yes, this program can be used with the 3 lb mini-Clubbells under direction of a Certified Clubbell Yoga Instructor, to train teenage athletes age 14-19.

If I am doing the 4 day wave, which intensity is primal 12 considered.

Primal 12 would be considered a Moderate or Low Intensity day. If you would like to ensure that you are doing just a Low Intensity day, then use the weighted and unweighted flow videos. If you would like to have a Moderate Intensity day, do a workout and a weighted/unweighted flow.

What if I am very experienced in heavy Clubbells? Are there any exercises that I can do with slightly heavier Clubbells?

If you are accustomed to Clubbell Yoga, and TACFIT, there are some conditioning exercises presented in the workout that you can use a 10 lb or heavier Clubbell. If you have minimal experience with Clubbells, I advise that you stay with the mini-Clubbells for this program.

The only exercises which experienced Clubbell practitioners could attempt with a 10 lb Clubbell after completing the entire program with mini-Clubbells are:

Front Swings level 3

3 Corner Balance level 3

Diagonal Squats level 2 and 3

Good Morning Torch Press level 2

Good Morning Torch Press from Wide Legged Straddle level 2

Big Wheel level 1

Swipes level 1,2,3

Yogi Lunges level 3

Squat and Twist level 2, 3

Yogi Squat to Flag, level 3

For your safety all other Clubbell Yoga exercises should be done with the mini-Clubbells.


What size Clubbell is needed for Primal 12?

You will need either two 3 lb Mini-Clubbells and/or two 5 lb Mini-Clubbells to perform all of the workouts and flows in Primal 12. You can purchase them at