Scott Sonnon, noted expert on the art of movement and science of flow, brings you his “4.0” evolution in consolidating the library of martial art conditioning that he has amassed over the lifetime he has dedicated to his discipline.


  • Effortless Power

  • Rapid Recovery

  • Smooth Performance

  • Enhanced Energy

  • Pain Freedom

  • Injury Prevention

  • Improved Adaptation

  • Increased Sensitivity and Awareness



No buzz words. No hype.
Just the hard facts.

The discipline of Tactical Gymnastics has over 10,000 logged hours of active practice and application in just the past 10 years. Much more than that in study and exploration.


“Hello my friend,

I’d like to speak candidly, without any hype or statistics. Just you and I - for a moment - before you come inside and check out what I’ve created for you.

If you’re a first-timer, and you don’t know who I am, allow me to introduce myself as a student of flow. By “flow” I don’t mean the kind of ethereal, nebulous kind of energy that people in the healing disciplines discuss. I’m not disrespecting them, or you if you’re from them; just stating that I’m not going to be sharing with you anything about any unseen forces. By flow, I’m referring to the concrete, quantifiable science of pain-free, effortless quality of movement.

My job is serving those who serve us and protecting those who protect us. It’s my honor to do this job. And in the process of doing this work, I’ve had the privilege of studying with great masters around the world.

I’ve spent the past 30 years exploring different movement modalities, the past 20 years studying them exhaustively, and the past 10 years refining my coaching skills to share the library of movement I’ve learned from around the world.

I’ve tested this out on myself first. I’ve put it under the most difficult trials possible, placing myself in one combat sport after another - at an international championship level - to debug all the problems and plug all the gaps. And the data that I’ve received from my personal application, as well as the ongoing feedback I receive from the agencies I consult, has forced me to evolve my coaching to the point of publishing Tactical Gymnastics.

TACGYM, I can say without reservation, is the pinnacle of my career in consolidating the principles and concepts of the science of flow into concrete, easy to follow, simple to progress building blocks of movement.

I cannot promise you that you’ll become an overnight snake eater, or Musashi in a month. I cannot guarantee you that you’ll be able to levitate, throw fireballs, or teleport either. No hype. No buzz. No BS: 

  • You will increase your ability to express power while decreasing how much effort required to do so.
  • You will recover much more rapidly from sudden changes in movement, accidents, collisions, destabilizations, and forced translations.
  • You will be smoother in everything that you do, all your exercise, recreation and even job-related activities will be done with greater suppleness and grace.
  • You will feel much more energy throughout your body, and throughout your day, and that will have a dramatic impact upon your mood, attitude and perspective.
  • You will reduce and eliminate acute and chronic pains that may be riddling you, leading to improved quality of life.
  • You will prevent injuries from happening, and lessen those severe injuries which may occur, as your connect tissue strength, joints, and response time improves.
  • You will be able to navigate obstacles and challenges with ease and imagination as your body learns to adapt to new physical skills at an accelerated rate.
  • You will become keenly sensitive to movement, position and force / tension, as your bodily awareness improves.
  • Of course, this will improve your strength, cardio, flexibility, agility, endurance, stamina, et cetera... No doubt. But many things will do that. Very few disciplines also offer the above.

I look forward to reading about your incredible journey. It’s an honor to have you here, and I look forward to you joining our team. Come on inside, brothers and sisters. Let’s get started!

Scott Sonnon
Chief Operations Officer
RMAX International

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